Thursday 23 November 2023


Beverley Lyons 
EDINBURGH IT worker Trudy McCabe wanted to experience life again after splitting with her husband so she entered Netflix blockbuster Squid Game: The Challenge. 
Trudy, 47, who is mum to 16 year old singer Danny McCabe from Scots boyband Just The Brave and his 18 year old brother Ben, joined 455 other contestants to battle it out for a prize of $4.56 million (£3.6 million) on the show. 
Trudy, who is number 427 on the series, said: “I couldn’t tell anyone I was doing it and when I eventually told my family they thought I was crazy. My sons were so proud of me and are still excited in case I’ve won. The winner doesn’t get any prize money until around thirty days after it is shown on TV."
Although she can’t say how far she got in the competition yet, Trudy says she  deliberately stayed out of the limelight as part of her tactic on the gruelling programme. 
Unlike some contestants who have complained about the show’s harsh filming conditions,  Trudy says she loved every minute of the experience.  
She explained: “I recently split with my husband after twenty seven years of marriage and was looking for something to challenge me and allow me to experience life again. 
As soon as I heard they were looking for contestants, I filmed a one minute video that night, and started training myself up for it.”
Trudy, who went swimming with sharks and ran a 5k every day to get herself geared up for the show, said taking part was mentally and physically exhausting. 

But she wanted to prove that a 47 year old woman could be just as fit as the younger ones in the show. 
She said: “I might be getting a bit older but physically I could outdo most people in there. 
Age is just a number and it’s mind over matter. Mentally you need to stimulate yourself because life gets a bit monotonous and you’ve got to live it.”
Fans can now watch the first five episodes with games like Red Light Green Light and cookie cutting being played for real. 
Instead of being killed, contestants are squibbed ie shot with black ink cartridges to signify they are out of the game. 
Trudy said: “I made some really good lifelong friends on the show and it was really sad and emotional when someone got shot. We’ve remained in touch and I plan to see some of them in Canada next year.”
Players were given stacked high bunk beds to sleep in and their diet was so meagre that many lost weight or went to bed hungry.  Trudy’s trousers began to fall down during filming. 
She said: “I tried to be strategic about where I slept. I didn’t chose the bottom or top bunk cause I thought one of the guards might come in during the night and take us out the game. I also picked a block near the toilet because we didn’t have time in the mornings to get showered properly once the music woke us up.”
She added: ”Food was horrendous - porridge everyday and it was not cooked properly, more like slime. I’d force others to eat it because it would give them a bit of energy.  We had small tins with rice and dry chicken in them.  I felt sorry for the big guys because I was starving. I lost a lot of weight and I thought my tracksuit bottoms would fall down at one point.”
For Red Light Green Light, the first game in the show, Trudy admitted it was so cold she couldn’t feel her hands or feet. 
She explained: “It was really cold. It was in January and there was a lot of waiting about.  
When they got squibbed or inked they did verification checks and that took time. 
At one point I was standing still and snot was running out of my nose and I couldn’t wait to wipe it.  
“I couldn’t feel my feet and hands and my shoe came off and I didn’t even know. A really big guy fell on top of me as I was running with just seconds to spare, and I thought I can’t go back to Scotland and tell the boys I didn’t pass the first game.”
“It was everything I thought it would be, the most physical and mental thing I did in my life. I was sleep deprived, didn’t know what day it was and living on rations but afterwards I felt I could get through anything.”
It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to win all that money and I would definitely do it again. I loved every second of it.

Tuesday 24 October 2023


HAVE you ever been ghosted because if you have, IRN-BRU wants to hear from you in time for Halloween…

Scotland’s dating scene is being haunted by the spread of ghosting with two thirds of Scots having experienced the phenomenon, according to new research by Scotland’s other national drink and  there's no better time than October to vanquish this horror.
To rid the nation's ghosts,’s favourite fizz has summoned Dan Harry, star of BBC Three’s landmark gay dating show 'I KISSED A BOY', as their very own 'Ghost Bru-ster' to host the ultimate Bru-themed dating night - and for the first time ever, only those who have been on the receiving end of someone cutting off all contact with no explanation are invited.
The term 'ghosting' is relatively new in the dating world - and refers to a potential relationship ending when someone stops replying to messages without giving the other person any warning for doing so and disappears. 
Dan Harry said: "Heartache shouldn't haunt anyone's Halloween so I'm reaching out to spirited singles who have been ghosted to guide them to resurrect their love lives. Together with IRN-BRU we want to hear your ghost(ed) stories to get the chance to exorcise those dating demons and maybe even find a kindred spirit.
“I’ll be on hand to pair up potential matches, helping to banish any would-be ghosts this Halloween.”
A spooky study by IRN-BRU shows two thirds of the nation's Gen Zs reporting the supernatural experience while looking for love, with 16-percent being ghosted more than three times in the last year. Something which might also cause a fright is 58% owning up to ghosting someone, for reasons as ridiculous as getting the ick from long nails, noisy eating or overusing emojis.
The research found that while 59% of Gen Z are frequent users of dating apps, a whopping 94% voiced they’re eager to swap swiping for real life link-ups but 48% are spooked at the thought of asking someone on a date IRL, so IRN-BRU’s Ghost BRU-ster is here to take away the awkwardness and help give offline encounters a go. 
Bringing a BRU-nique twist to Halloween, IRN-BRU is teaming up with Glasgow’s El Perro Negro to host the ultimate halloween party for ghosted daters. The restaurant will be transformed into an enchanting dating night like no other, with tricks and treats, including an IRN-BRU inspired menu and cocktail selection.  IRN-BRU pulled pork sliders will be served up alongside veggie deep fried haggis with BRU sauce and Ghost BRU-ster Dan will also be on hand to play cupid in an enchanting venue which will be fizzing with eerie surprises.
Dan wants to hear the nation's spookiest 'ghosting' stories. Anyone who shares a tale of how their potential new boo suddenly left them on read could be lucky enough to receive an invitation for them and their pal to attend IRN-BRU's Ghost BRU-sters event on Halloween night.
Kenny Nicholson, Head of Brand at IRN-BRU said: “We know ghosting is a big red flag for young people and that finding that spellbinding match can feel a little like the graveyard shift. So this Halloween, our Ghost BRU-ster event is on hand to turn the hunt for that special someone from a chiller into a thriller.”
To share ghost(ed) stories, singletons should visit IRN-BRU’s Instagram or TikTok channels.

Friday 20 October 2023


A group of holidaymakers at a Scots country club couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a ‘headless horseman’ during an evening walk.
Tommy Gillan and his friends were staying in the on-site RV Park at the luxury Ingliston estate and country club in Bishopton when they decided to go for an after dinner stroll.
They were in the middle of filming some of the surrounding countryside to show their family before they were stopped in their tracks by a figure on horseback.
And they had to do a double take when the mysterious figure began cantering then galloping towards them on a dark horse.
Tommy from Glasgow, who was still visibly shocked after the incident, said: “My pals and I decided to take an early weekend break in Ingliston and were just enjoying the outdoor scenery.
We couldn’t actually believe it when we heard hooves then saw what looked to be a headless figure on a horse. It kind of came out of nowhere.
We didn’t know if we’d had too much to drink. One of my pals, Sharon, was freaking out when she saw it and shouted out ‘it’s got nae heid’. I was just running in the other direction by that point.”
He added: “I’m really not sure what we saw - the body on the horse was dressed in a black outfit, with a cape and the horse seemed bigger than normal. We tried to film it but to be honest we were all a bit shaken.”
The group managed to get a video of the ‘headless horseman’ as it came towards them.
Staff at the venue, which hosts a Christmas party with telly star Mark Wright on December 2 refused to comment though one insider said: “Ingliston House was built in 1846 on the old Greenock Road and the area has a history of some spooky going ons. With October and Halloween celebrations coming including their Masquerade Ball on October 28 theres definitely something in the air.”

Thursday 7 September 2023


FLEURS de Villes, the world-renowned floral show behind international blockbuster exhibitions in cities including Sydney, New York, Chicago, Miami and Toronto, has announced the fifteen Edinburgh florists who will star in the UK premiere - in Edinburgh - of its major new exhibition; Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE, along with the fifteen countries being celebrated. They are:

Scotland X KDM Event Styling & Floral Design 

Canada X Petals Flowers

United States X Flowers by Kerry

Australia X Sugarbush Flower Studio

Holland X Nikki’s Fleurs

France X Papaver

Madagascar X Flowers by Minty

China X Simpsons Florist

Japan X Quate & Co

Türkiye X Feather Grass Florals

Peru X Charmed Floristree

Argentina X Flowers for All Occasions

South Africa X Ribbons & Rose

Nepal X Petals by the Shore

India X Gillytree Studio


In a coup for the city, and for Scotland, the experiential flower show sensation – known as the “floral disrupters” of the floral world – has announced Edinburgh as the host city for the UK premiere of VOYAGE, which opens this month. Theshowbizlion.Com has seen a preview of the show and it’s something else. 

Now, fifteen of Edinburgh’s stars of the flower world, each of whom have been paired with an iconic country, will be bringing the exhibition’s theme of travel to life in an unmissable globe-spanning floral spectacle. 

This major new show will be staged at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for ten days, opening to the public on Friday the 15th of September and running until Sunday the 24th of September, 2023.

The fifteen Edinburgh florist extraordinaires will take inspiration from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s awe-inspiring botanical collections, with each talented florist creating fresh floral mannequins celebrating the cultures, people and heritage of the country they have been partnered with. 


Visitors will be taken on a fresh floral journey of discovery to experience the vibrant bazaars of Türkiye, marvel at a floral Lone Piper from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, catch a glimpse of a captivating geisha from Kyoto, Japan, and many more displays at this feast of cultural storytelling - bringing the world to Scotland through flowers like never before.


Set within the magnificent grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; one of the finest botanic gardens in the world, and located just a mile from the city centre, Fleurs de Villes VOYAGEwill be staged inside a beautiful marquee at the heart of the Edinburgh Garden. 

Visitors can admire a striking floral Tesla Model Y before entering the marquee to experience Fleurs de Villes’ signature famous floral mannequins, watch floral demonstrations, and enjoy refreshments from the Moët & Chandon Impérial Champagne and Glenmorangie whisky bars. 


The exhibition continues in the adjacent historic Inverleith House where visitors can ‘voyage’ through rainforest, safari and Paris-inspired rooms bursting with blooms, and stop by the Edinburgh Gin ‘filled with wonder’ room to sample a floral gin cocktail. Book here:


Enhancing the VOYAGE experience further, visitors can participate in botanical-themed workshops (full schedule here) where they can make floral crowns, tablescapes and bouquets with top local florists, create a Van Gogh-inspired masterpiece, enter a thrilling world of flora and fiction with renowned author of The Fair Botanists, Sara Sheridan, enjoy a sensory scent experience with Scotland’s first fragrance house, or indulge in a botanical gin tasting. Workshops can be purchased as an ‘add-on’ experience when booking VOYAGE exhibition tickets at


Karen Marshall, Co-founder of Fleurs de Villes said:


We are thrilled to be bringing the UK premiere of VOYAGE to Edinburgh. The iconic Royal Botanic Garden is the perfect stage to showcase Edinburgh’s world-class floral talent, and to bring the global cultural storytelling of VOYAGE to life in flowers like never before through these fifteen Edinburgh florists and fifteen countries. We have been so inspired by the stories shared by fans, florists, and partners in every city Fleurs de Villes has visited across the globe these last few years, and cannot wait to welcome visitors to Edinburgh for what will be a truly unmissable experience.”


Kari Coghill, Director of Innovation Projects at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, added:


“As admirers of Fleurs de Villes, we are excited to be able to work together to host VOYAGE at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This beautiful showcase of floral artistry and craftsmanship is a natural fit for the Garden, and we can’t wait for visitors to experience these stunning displays at Inverleith House, located at the heart of the Edinburgh Garden and our magnificent Living Collections.”


Tickets to Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE are on sale now and can be purchased at


Tickets are priced at £22.50 for adults, £18.50 for seniors and RBGE members, and £10.50 for ages 4-17. A family discount (2 adults & 2 kids) is priced at £55. 


The Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE global tour will travel through the US, Canada and UK in 2023, stopping in cities including Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Boston and New York.


Friday 1 September 2023


CELTIC Football Club’s former Managing Director Fergus McCann joined the opening night cast of the original and inimitable The Celtic Story in Glasgow alongside former player and manager Neil Lennon and fellow Celtic legends Murdo MacLeod, Tosh McKinlay and Tom Boyd. 

Last night’s show - which marked the first in a three-week run at the SEC Armadillo - was held in support of Celtic FC Foundation. 

Theshowbizlion.Com joined Fergus, Neil and Murdo backstage. X ex Celtic Captain, Tom Boyd said: “This show just epitomises how Celtic was started.  It takes us through all the generations, highlights the emotions that come with so many things and proves that we are much bigger than a football club.  An absolutely astonishing show.”

Tosh McKinlay added: “This took me right back to my grandad’s days when he said no one could lace Jimmy McGrory’s boots, which they talked about in the show tonight, so that was absolutely fantastic. It took us right through the years, right through our years – an amazing show”.

Starring the likes of Martin Quinn, David Mackay and Kathleen McDermott, the large-scale theatre production - which charts the unique history of Celtic Football Club through the eyes of an Irish immigrant family in living in Glasgow - was also a smash hit with fans, who took to their feet to give the cast an emotional standing ovation. 

One Celtic fan said: When you are at a show called the Celtic story, it’s hard not to think of your own Celtic Story. Every time one of those games happened or one of these moments happened it was with people you loved or people who are not here anymore, so it’s a really emotional and uplifting show.”

The Celtic Story - being produced by Regular Music and Bublico in partnership with Celtic FC - was first performed at The Pavilion Theatre by Wildcat Theatre Company in 1988 and was the very first play of its kind about a football club. 

Originally commissioned by Celtic to commemorate the Club’s Centenary Season, it was a smash hit with Celtic fans. Since then, there have been three hugely successful revivals of the production, with the last run of the show taking place over twenty years ago. 

This latest - and long overdue - revival, adapted and directed by Martin McCormack with Martin McCardie exec producing, has been updated to reflect the changing times and evolving history of the Club while still capturing the unwavering passion and commitment of the fans.  

Featuring a brand new song, Celtic Did It First, penned by songwriter Ciaran McEneny and Ken McCluskey - of Bluebells fame – which is set to become a new anthem for the Club, The Celtic Story is a funny, moving and completely gripping, it promises to be an unforgettable night at the theatre. 

Tickets are on sale now for The Celtic Story which runs from September 1 to September 16 at SEC Armadillo, Glasgow from

Wednesday 16 August 2023


SOHO House have now confirmed they will open their first venue in Scotland with Soho House Glasgow expected to open in Glasgow next year.

Located just off George Square, Soho House Glasgow will have various spaces for members to eat, drink and socialise across four floors including a roof terrace.

The redevelopment of the former Glasgow Parish Council Chambers and Collectors Hall form part of the Love Loan urban regeneration project which is taking shape in Glasgow’s city centre.


Soho House & Co CEO Andrew Carnie said: “From its renowned School of Art to its rich architectural heritage and the city’s lively music scene, Glasgow has a creative energy which makes it an exciting choice for our first Scottish location. Over the last year, we’ve been building a diverse and creative community of members in Glasgow with Cities Without Houses and can now confirm that we’re bringing a Soho House to the city. We couldn’t be more humbled by the warm reaction we’ve received so far.”


Glasgow-based creatives who are interested in joining Soho House’s existing community in the city can apply for Cities Without Houses membership – giving access to local events hosted by Soho House as well as entry to Soho House locations globally when they travel.


The announcement comes as Soho House hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate the House coming to the city with CWH members from Glasgow and Edinburgh and the local creative community on the roof of The Schoolhouse building in Glasgow’s southside, which is home to the Indestructible Language installation by artist Mary Ellen Carroll. 

Commissioned for COP26 in 2021, the artwork consists of a series of eight-foot-high red neon characters which illuminate Glasgow’s skyline.

Theshowbizlion.Com had the pleasure of attending the event to catch up with Scotland’s creative talent including Jean Johansson, Sanjeev Kohli, Martin Compston and Gerard Butler. 

Conversations we’re as sparkling as the champagne and cocktails on offer and there was a definite buzz on the air. 

We can’t wait to tell you more as the venue is launched properly next year. 

Friday 11 August 2023


BESTSELLING Scots author Sophie Gravia reckons Mark Wright would make a ‘mighty fine’ romantic lead in any potential future production based on her racy books.
The Scots nurse, who has become Amazon’s number one author and has had major interest from production companies about the filming of her novels, including A Glasgow Kiss, met Mark at a ladies day in Ingliston Estate and Country Club in Bishopton near Glasgow.
After enjoying her afternoon tea at the venue which also welcomes Denise Van Outen for a Discolicious lunch on August 27, the two talents met up backstage and posed together for a picture.
Sophie told fans who are desperate for an adaptation of her book of her meeting with the former TOWIE star : “I can't be the only one thinking @wrighty_ would play a mighty fine Tom Adams?
“Had THE BEST day @inglistoncountryclub for ladies day! The most stunning venue and only 20mins from the city centre.
“Mark was unbelievable and the full place was buzzing!”
#aglasgowkiss #whathappensindubai #meetmeinmilan #sophiegravia #markwright #inglistoncountryclub #ladiesday #party #glasgow #scotland

Fans of the author were quick to add their own thoughts about her new casting.
One said: “ Sugar Daddy right there.”
Another added: “ Pleaseee let this be a teaser of a film or series!!!”
And a third replied: “ Well..... there's a thought.”
But a fourth added: “No please don't ruin his image in my head.”
Sophie’s debut novel, A Glasgow Kiss, published in December 2020, quickly became a word-of-mouth global sensation, reaching the number one spot on Amazon and surpassing the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Gray.

Following the tremendous success of her first book, Sophie released What Happens in Dubai, in August 2022 which also soared to the top of the charts and her latest Meet Me In Milan has reached the number one top spot again in pre orders ahead of August 17.