Thursday 23 May 2019


Scots Indian restaurant The Dhabba is offering customers more thrills with their grills as they celebrate National Barbecue Week with some strange fruits.
The North Indian restaurant which boasts an outside pavement area for the sunnier months often uses a tandoor for its food. The bell shaped oven traditionally made of clay fires with wood or charcoal can reach temperatures of 480 degrees Celsius (900 Fahrenheit).
For National BBQ Week which takes place from May 27 until June 2 diners will be able to enjoy a platter of tandoori fruits alongside favourites like tandoori lamb, chicken, monkfish and vegetables.
Phaldari Seekh combines unusual fruits like lychee, pink guava, mango, loquat, papaya, jackfruits and gooseberries with a hint of spicy marinade. It’s healthy and substantial dish that gives you a real taste of Asia.
Dhabba owner Navdeep Basi said of the dish: “We always strive to offer something a little different here at Dhabba. Our customers have always enjoyed our tandoori dishes and this is definitely the season for them. The marinade of our Phaldari Seekh is a hint spicy but the fruits are mostly sweet which is quite contrasting. Each bite is a different taste because of the number of fruits in them.”
The £11.95 dessert platter will be available during National BBQ week only.