Saturday 14 May 2016


ALTERED IMAGES and Gregory's Girl star Clare Grogan claims she has been asked not to dance by her daughter.
The singer laughed: "I was at my daughters school disco the other week and got asked to leave the dance floor for embarrassing mum dancing. I don't go clubbing much and rarely get the chance to do it. My poor daughter couldn't take it any more, genuinely."
Clare who rose to musical fame with hits like Happy Birthday sings jazz in her new film which is being promoted at Cannes.
The Scots talent, who is attending The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice lunch in Glasgow's Hilton hotel tomorrow, features in Delirium with Timothy West and plays the jazz musician wife of a composer.
She said: "I play a singer in it although I don't sing very much on screen. I'm singing a song written for me. I really love the opportunity to unravel and it wasn't too much of a challenge. I'm quite good at unravelling. It's quite nice to do meaty full on drama. There's a full orchestra with an amazing choir and world renowned cello players."
Clare might have starred in the art house flick with Timothy West but says they never got a chance to act together. She said: "We don't have a scene together. If we had a chance to be in a film together it would have been great. He has such an amazing body of work and it's very hard not to have respect for that."
Clare, who lives in London, can't wait to come back to Scotland tomorrow.
She said: "I'm coming up for a lovely event for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice trust. Karen Dunbar said I have to go and she'll be there too. It's just a such an amazing service they provide. Who wouldn't want to support it. Anyone who has been through watching a loved one's illness will understand how important it is to have the right support."

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