Friday, 12 June 2020


KT Tunstall, Wet Wet Wet, Luke La Volpe, Be Charlotte, Fatherson and Hunter and The Bear are just some of the musicians supporting grassroots music venues this week. 
The Xcerts, Hue & Cry, HoneybloodAnchor LaneKerri Watt, Seil Lien, Declan Welsh, The Jellyman’s Daughter and Bow Anderson also join host Vic Galloway to perform across three virtual stages on Friday June 19. 
 Streamed on livefrom.eventsthe festival will be raising money to support Scotland's vital grassroots music venues facing closure due to Covid-19.
Luke La Volpe, who has already organised 2 successful fundraising events for Music Venue Trust’s #saveourvenues campaign said, “It’s an absolute surprise and honour to be invited to be a Patron for the Music Venue Trust. When I looked at who else they have as patrons I was in shock. The past few weeks have been difficult for absolutely everyone on the planet and I was thinking of ways I could do something positive and all I really have to do that with is music. When I came across the MVT and found out what they do for Grassroots venues it was a no brainer to put something together to help them and spread awareness. 
Every artist starts off in these grassroots venues, including all the other MVT patrons, however big they've got, and without them you have no music business. I’m glad to be part of such a great initiative and will do my bit to ensure that the venues survive and can have us all back playing in front of people before too long.”
 Stina Tweeddale aka. Honeyblood added, “I honestly don’t know where I would be without the grassroots venue touring circuit in the UK. Not only as an artist but as a music lover, these places are the building blocks of the musical community. A venue is so much more than a room where gigs take place - it’s walls soak up every show that goes on within it, creating a history of live music right before our eyes and ears.”
Save Our Scottish Venues kicks off at 8pm on Thursday 18 June with an exclusive set from Fran Healy (Travis) free to view at The main festival starts at 8pm on Friday 19 June with 3 stages of music and chat. Line-up and ticket details here:
    Tickets are on sale now from 

Tuesday, 9 June 2020


SCOTS actor John  Barrowman ended up having to go to hospital with his mum after she had a bad fall at home during isolation. 
The 53 year old Tochwood and Doctor Who actor from Mount Vernon now lives in Palm Springs with his actor husband Scott Gill.    
The two men ended up in accident and emergency after John’s mum Marion who also lives in Palm Springs at a £500,000 home gifted to her by John with her husband John senior had to be rushed there for treatment. 
John said of his mum who celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary two weeks ago: “My mother had a fall resulting in a fractured pelvis. We had to deal with it today so our social distancing went out the window but we wore masks and lots of sanitizer and alcohol spray. 

“We took her to the hospital. We got her x rayed and obviously we didn’t go in with her. My dad went in with her because only one person was allowed but the doctors who did her hip operation said she’s just going to need bed rest for a couple of weeks and then she is going to be able to get up again. She was in a lot of pain.
He added: “Mum is resting now and comfortable and my dad has put on his chef’s hat and his nurses outfit. It’s a sight to see but they are both doing well. We made sure of it.

He urged fans to send messages to her on his Instagram adding: “If you want to leave them a message go ahead and I will make sure they see it. It would really boost her spirits.”
After Trisha Goddard, Emily Attack and Keith Lemon sent their well wishes, John admitted: “I’m shattered.” And that he was going to have a really big cocktail.

Monday, 1 June 2020


Beverley Lyons 
A Scots family were missing music festivals so much during isolation that they decided to hold their own in their garden. 
Rebecca Geddes, 20, from Invergordon and her mum Lynne Laird, 41,  and stepdad Alexander Laird, 39, took a week to plan and build their festival site at home. 
As well as all the virtual top acts, Rebecca, a nursery practitioner, Alexander, a painter and Lynne a careworker, even had their own fairground complete with washing whirligig merry go round, a Slam shed blaring out the latest tunes, snack bar selling big baps  and a firework display consisting of a sparkler to end the event. 
Their hilarious footage of the T in The Garden festival even shows them queuing up for passes and having their bags checked before camping out in the garden. 
Rebecca said: “My stepdad has gone to a festival every year since he was 16 and it would be a shame to miss out a year due to events being cancelled. Everyone was needing to have a bit of a laugh!”
The family had planned to attend a range of events including Belladrum this year as well as Party at the Palace (not cancelled just yet), Peat and Diesel Irish tour, Hunter and the Bear, Skippinish, Westlife, and Davy and Sam Cowan. 

Rebecca said: “We thought up the idea last weekend and building started on Friday. We were lucky that we had scaffolding, tents, gazebo, portaloo and a saw to cut a hole in the shed. The next door neighbours saw it all from their garden and windows. Entry was free for us as long as you had fun. 
We had Peat and Diesel headlining on the pyramid stage, Davy Cowan and Sam in the Arch Inn and Flynn in the Slam shed. We had a nice clean toilet, campsite, burger van, stall, and shows.”
We never expected it to go viral but are really happy that it did. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2020


THEIR famous dads might have taken centre stage as Begbie and Renton in Trainspotting, but Ava Carlyle and Esther Mcgregor are hoping to steal some of the spotlight with their own creative endeavours. 
While the world has been in lockdown, Robert Carlyle’s daughter Ava who turns 18 in July and Ewan McGregor’s daughter Esther, 18, have been making music in their respective homes. 
Ava has been heavily protected from the public eye by her parents but was seen attending TRNSMT music festival in Glasgow with her Once Upon A Time actor father last year. 
This month she showcased her vocals for the very first time on YouTube as she sang her own emotionally fuelled acoustic rendition of Labrinth’s song Jealous. 
Blonde Ava, who sat in her garden surrounded by trees and flowers to record the accompanying video looked comfortable as she strummed her guitar to the tune.
She told her subscribers: “Hope you like it.”
Her dad Robert who was also in a band when he was sixteen and most recently sang the blues in film California Solo, was clearly delighted by the positive response that Ava received. 
He later wrote on his Twitter account: “Many thanks for all your lovely messages about Ava C.. she wants to thank you all and is absolutely "chuffed" to bits!”
Ava followed up her debut with another video of her singing Already Gone by Sleeping At Last, which also received rave reviews. 
Esther, on the other hand, has previously written a song about her actor dad Ewan’s relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 
This time round however, she opted for a more subtle approach with her music by going under the pseudonym of French Thyme with her musician friend Leo Major and their French house song Fraise, Framboise.  
Esther said of her new project: “We had so much fun making it and are psyched to finally release it. And keep your eyes and ears out, cause we may release an album this summer. 
Ewan, who was the singing candelabra Lumiere in Beauty and The Beast and also sang in Moulin Rouge, has previously referred to Esther’s music as ‘brilliant’.   

Esther who is offering to make bespoke clothes for fashionistas during lockdown  also featured in a brand new short film Assumptions this month which sees her smoking heavily, applying make up in the mirror and crying as she is thrown into emotional turmoil. 

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record

Tuesday, 19 May 2020


JUDY Murray claims she was once detained by Israeli security after they thought she was carrying a bomb into the country. 
Tennis coach Judy who is mum to tennis champions Andy and Jamie revealed the chaos she caused during an early trip to Israel when she and other tennis players were passing through Tel Aviv airport. 
Judy, who travelled to Eilat for the Fed cup with the British team in 2012, revealed: “On the first away trip to Israel we were passing through Tel Aviv airport and were detained by security in Israel at the airport and I thought what could it be? And it was our Pass The Bomb the board game.”
Judy who has always encouraged her teams to play board games as a way of building camaraderie was horrified when she realised the gravity of the situation.  
She added: “The timer is like a little hand grenade  bomb and of course it was picked up on the screens and it just cost us so much time. It was a funny memory from the first trip.”
Leon Smith who is now the Davis Cup captain added: “It was me who suggested we brought the game.”

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Daily Record

Tuesday, 12 May 2020


Beverley Lyons 

A Scots couple were so disappointed when their wedding was cancelled as a result of Covid 19 restrictions, that they held their own ceremony complete with celebrant, fascinators, confetti and sixty guests with champagne on Zoom.
Diane Ward, 56, a driving instructor and her engineering buyer fiancé Graham Ferrier, 55, from Carnoustie were due to get married at 29 Private Members Club on Glasgow on Sunday May 10 until coronavirus rules stopped them in their tracks. 
The couple had chosen the special date specifically because it marked seven years since they first met so they were keen not to lose the sense of occasion - and made an alternative wedding celebration with their wedding planner, humanist minister and guests  on Zoom. 
Wendy, who even had to cancel her hen night in Tenerife on March 20, was determined not to let the virus spoil their big day. 
She said: “We’d sorted out our wedding banns in February and crossed all the ts and dotted the is. We couldn’t wait to celebrate with all our friends and family at 29 because we’d been on dates there and some great nights out. We realised around the start of April that the physical wedding was going to be cancelled so we set about making an alternative plan to celebrate our big day with our nearest and dearest. 
“We invited people to join us on a Zoom link at 2:45pm for 3pm on Sunday and were able to have twenty one different households on with an average of three people per household. 
Funnily enough, I had ordered two dresses for my wedding initially - one was slightly bigger than the other - and I ended up wearing that one due to my lockdown eating habits!”
“We asked everyone to get dressed up and couldn’t believe it when some, including Graham’s mum ended up wearing a fascinator. It was quite funny because some of them had dresses on with slippers or trainers underneath.”

We had guests join us from Paisley, Prestwick, Dundee and Carnoustie and after we all said hello fifteen minutes before the ceremony, we took them out with us to the garden.”
The couple had been sent some hanging basket floral arrangements from 29 and Graham’s sister and brother in law, and they also had a bottle of fizz ready for after their vows. 
Graham, who wore his kilt for the actual  ceremony, said: “It took a while to get my mum and dad who are in their eighties onto Zoom but we did a trial run with them ahead of Sunday. There was a bit of snow on the ground when we went into the garden but it soon became sunny. We set the laptop on the table beside the shed and our humanist celebrant Susan Douglas-Scott got us to read our vows. We weren’t able to meet her seven days before the wedding to pick up the official banns due to social distancing so we had a holding ceremony of promise in the meantime until we can do it in the flesh. We promised we’d marry next year and plan to have a proper legal ceremony in 29 on June 20 2021
“My brother played Bruno Mars Marry You online and Diane’s four year old granddaughter Scarlett was our flower girl. She was able to wear her dress for the ceremony and loved dancing around her own garden with her pretty dress and shoes on. We popped open our  bottle of champagne after the vows were taken and everyone toasted us from their respective homes. Our neighbour from next door even popped a confetti tube over us from a safe social distance.”
The celebrations took an hour in total and Diane joked: “Because of the Zoom limit of forty minutes we were on a bit of a timer but we managed to have a honeymoon later that night away in the back bedroom.”
Louize Hollywood, wedding manager for Lynnet Leisure who helped the couple ahead of their physical wedding: “It was lovely to be able to witness the online ceremony on these strange times. The couple booked to have their wedding with us in 2019 and contacted me when things had to change. I work closely with humanist celebrant Susan Douglas-Scott who offered to do an online promise ceremony with them and we transferred the physical date until next year. It was lovely to see the guests all have their full outfits on. We muted ourselves online while Susan read our the vows for the ceremony and then whooped as soon as they kissed.”

Diane and Graham Wedding List

Virtual invites by email 

Bride and Groom outfits - Kirk and wedding dress

Guests - wedding attire including fascinators

Flower girl danced around her garden

Humanist celebrant conducted forty minute promise ceremony 

Exchange vows

Flowers from brother in law and twenty nine

Confetti popped by neighbour

Photography on Zoom

Food - Guest Nibbles on their own homes 

Drink - Champagne glass virtual toast

Wedding song - Bruno Mars Marry Me 

Honeymoon - night away in back bedroom 

From Scotland with Love

Tuesday, 5 May 2020


EX Rangers striker John Macdonald has been working twelve hour shifts as an NHS driver and porter to help those on the frontline. 
John who played between 1978 and 1986 before moving to Barnsley, made 230 appearances for Rangers, scoring 77 goals, and won the 1981 Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup in 1982 and 1984. 
He spoke exclusively to about his work ensuring that doctors get to see patients in need and revealed that it was more frightening working on the frontline than it ever was playing at a big Rangers game. 
John who has been working from 12 midday until 12 midnight on Tuesdays from the Queen Elizabeth hospital to cover closed doctor surgeries as well as portering during other days said: “I’ve been driving  essential doctors to people’s houses.  I’m just an out of hours driver for Greater Glasgow and Clyde for NHS 24. They tell us who to go and see and I drive the doctors around to people’s houses after they have called NHS 24.”
“It is scary and more frightening than playing in any Rangers game, You don’t know what could happen. With Rangers you always knew that if you got beaten, you’d come out the next week and win again. If this hits you badly you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. That’s the bad thing about it.”
John has been acting as a porter and driver for NHS 24 for the last twenty years but he says his hours have increased as a result of the virus.  
He said: “We have a fleet of cars for the NHS and buses taking patients who are at risk as well. We are covering twenty four seven and they have sites during the day for people to be checked too.  It’s the first job I could get. I was working for a medical company and then doctors took it on and now it’s run by NHS 24.”
He’s also been given some protective gear. 
He said: “It’s changed dramatically. The gear I’ve got on is stricter now. You’ve got to get kitted out for your safety and patients as well. They don’t know if they have it so we can’t take chances. We have a bit of everything - a mask, gown, gloves like the doctors who have glasses too if it’s a serious case. People might not mention the virus in their call and doctors then have to decide themselves.  It’s frightening. The doctors go into houses and are coming into the car to sit beside you as well. He’s hoping I’ve not got it and I’m hoping he’s not. I’ve been saying a wee prayer. I usually go to church on a Sunday but we had a wee service on the  internet instead.”
John who has three grown up children hasn’t been able to see his grandkids during the outbreak. 
He said: “We’ve has to stay away in case. My youngest  daughter  sits on the desk at the Queen Elizabeth booking patients who come in so we are very involved with this. I’ve just been going day by day. My niece had symptoms of it so they are all isolation. I’ve not had symptoms but I might have it and my body might be immune or it might not be as bad. If you have it bad you will soon know about it.”
John who still plays in some legends games said working as a porter and driver sometimes reminds him of his old dressing room days. He explained: “Its all about the banter. I make the banter. Everywhere I go to I think I’m still in a dressing room and give people a bit of stick. I play in some of old crocs games now and we were meant to be playing in June at Shotts but I don’t think that is happening now. Its great to play games with people who were my heroes when even I finished playing. I can’t wait to play again.”

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Daily Record 

Friday, 24 April 2020


TRNSMT festival has been cancelled. The can reveal that organisers have pulled the plug on this years festival after the First Minister’s comments on April 23.
 A statement reads: “We are absolutely gutted to announce that due to the comments made by the First Minister of Scotland during the daily briefing on 23rd April, TRNSMT will be unable to go ahead as planned in July 2020.

We did not want to take this step but it is unavoidable. The health and safety of our fans, artists, staff and community will always be our top priority.

We are now working hard with all the artist teams to try to get the 2021 line-up as close to this year’s as we can and will be able to update on this fully over the next two weeks. We’d like to thank the artist teams for their hard work in helping us to try and achieve this.

This 2021 line-up announcement will be made soon and you will be able to either hold on to your ticket and carry it over to next year's festival in order to secure your place well in advance or request a refund. Your ticket provider will be in touch so look out for an email coming from them soon. Please only get in touch with them if you haven’t been contacted after 14 days as they are very busy at this time.

We can confirm that next year’s festival will take place on the weekend of 9-11th July 2021.

Finally, TRNSMT would not be the amazing festival that it is, without YOU – our amazing audience so we thank you for your support.

Stay at home, practice social distancing and stay safe.

We will be back next year to celebrate like never before – see you all then!

Love, TRNSMT x”

Wednesday, 11 March 2020


TOM Hanks and his wife Rita have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. 
The Hollywood star whose daughter studied at St Andrews and is known for checking into hotels under the name of Harry Lauder revealed he had the infection in an Instagram post on Thursday morning, 
Forrest Gump star Hanks wrote: “Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.
Well, now. What to do next? The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?
We’ll keep the world posted and updated.
Take care of yourselves! 

Saturday, 7 March 2020


STRICTLY dancer AJ Pritchard cant wait to visit Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo again for his headline AJ Live show - and revealed he used to come here for dance competitions. 
In an exclusive interview with new Scots podcast Vip Trip: “I remember performing at the Marriott hotel in Glasgow for  BATD dance association. I also went to Lossiemouth to teach to dance schools. I never came here on holiday as a child but I was always competing from the age of twelve.”
AJ promises a real spectacle with big dance numbers, pyrotechnics, and even a bit of drumming he’s picked up recently. 
He told Scottish podcast Vip Trip  “It’s fast paced. You won’t smell the sweat but you could get a whiff of Spicebomb by Victor Ralph or a bit of Chanel Allure on the night.”
AJ who drove a McLaren on the streets of Glasgow when he was here for Strictly is bringing his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen with him tonight (Saturday March 7) to the SEC Armadillo. 
He said: “We actually met on my dance tour last year, a whole year ago. 
“We travel a lot so its good to have someone who understands the scenario you’re in. She is so nice 
She said ‘I dont know who you are. I said I’m just a dancer on your tour. Her mum knew but it shows what a genuine and nice person she is. I’d go to the stage door after every show she’d  make sure everyone gets a photo.”
He can’t wait to show off all the hard work he’s been doing with his twenty strong crew and cast consisting of thirteen dancers. 
He said: “In Strictly you don’t always have enough time. This show has all my notes from the years. Its more of a dance show, with the feeling of a concert.”

Tuesday, 3 March 2020


Beverley Lyons 
DREAMMAKER charity boss Les Hoey MBE couldn’t believe it when his girlfriend of 38 years asked to marry him. 
Scots charity head Les, 58, who has helped to make thousands of dreams of critically ill children come true admits he was so shocked he burst out laughing when his girlfriend Mandy Cunningham proposed to him yesterday. 
Les, who was heartbroken when his son Darren Hoey was found dead in Edinburgh last year, admits he realised life was too short following the tragedy. 
He said: “It’s been thirty eight years Mandy and I have been going out and it’s just been one of those things we’ve left.”
Mandy, 57, a nurse, had returned home from night shift yesterday morning and decided to take advantage of the date - February 29 - a leap year when it is tradition for women to propose to their partners. 
Wishaw based Les said: “Mandy went to work last night and came in from the night shift with a What’s On Tv magazine which has the words ‘Marry Me’ on the front cover. It was in relation to a shock proposal from Coronation Street. Mandy waved the magazine in my face and said ‘Marry Me’ and I burst out laughing. O didn’t know what she was on about snd then it clicked. We’ve always thought about it with Darren dying because life is too short. I said yes and then Mandy went to bed because she’d been working all night. I’m really happy and can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record. 
From Scotland with Love - 

Sunday, 1 March 2020


THE  Glasgow Indian restaurant that was the first in the U.K. to go totally nut free has just come up with a brand new vegan paneer cheese.
The Dhabba restaurant in the city’s Candleriggs has always led the way in trendsetting North Indian cuisine and was keen to provide its vegan customers with a taste of their famous homemade paneer cheese.
The eaterie, which already had an extensive vegan choice, as well as its chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian dishes, has just relaunched it’s vegan menu to give even more choice to its dairy and egg free  customers.
It’s new menu features paneer handmade from soy milk (not tofu) to give a traditional taste with all the benefits.
There are currently three vegan paneer main dishes on offer - Paneer Shimla -  with peppers and onions, Palak Paneer
- a robust preparation of paneer and spinach leaves, and  Paneer Makhani Masala - a vegan cottage cheese in a tomato- based rich, creamy sauce.
All the paneer dishes are £12.95 and join other vegan delights like Subzi Tak-a-Tak with Indian squash, bitter gourd, cauliflower, aubergines and okra, Bharwan Aloo- Roasted potato stuffed with chopped vegetables and Khumb Gajar Mutter- A medley of mushrooms, carrots and green peas in a medium sauce of browned onions, tomato and ginger.
Dhabba owner Navdeep Basi said: “At Dhabba we have always taken pride in offering quality dishes whilst pushing the boundaries of Indian cuisine. The ancient art of Paneer making is something our chefs are very skilled at and we thought it would be good to create something special for our vegan customers.
We have a totally bespoke vegan menu on offer for them which now joins our other chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian menus. We have a large range of gluten free dishes and are totally nut free. It’s been interesting and flattering to see other restaurants around the globe following our lead. We hope to set the trend with our soy milk based vegan paneer once again.”

From Scotland with Love

Thursday, 27 February 2020


Beverley Lyons 
A Scots teenager with brain cancer couldn’t believe  it when she was invited to the NTA’s as a guest of David Walliams and his team.
Thirteen year old Ellie Beattie went to London first class on the train, was chauffeur driven by limousine around London and was invited to the show as a VIP.
Ellie also received a personal message from David Walliams as well as video messages from Bradley Walsh and Ant and Dec on the trip, which was organised by Les Hoey MBE Dreammaker Charity. 
It was a real boost for the teenager who has been battling illness since she was seven when she first suffered from bad leg pains then headaches.
Ellie, who was taken into hospital in September 2017 and finally diagnosed with stage four metastatic pineo blastoma brain disease and leptomeningeal disease in May 2018, has had 32 doses of chemotherapy. 
Her mum Elaine said: “Ellie has been ill since she was seven and she’s really been put through the mill. She has had Bell’s palsy on her face, terrible headaches and lost her memory as the disease has spread. It’s been awful and she even ended up in a wheelchair after her chemotherapy. Her treatment finished in March 2019 when doctors had to cut it short because chemo nearly killed her. We are in a watch and wish situation now and she gets reassessed every three months. The disease is currently sleeping but it will get active again.”

Ellie, whose schooling has been interrupted by her illness, couldn’t believe it when Angela Cook from Les Hoey Dreammaker Charity got in touch to say she’d been invited down to the glitzy bash. 
She said: “It was amazing. I love David Walliams and have his book and couldn’t believe it when I got the random invite to the NTA’s. My mum had been talking to Les and the team about me and they invited me.  I got picked up by limo to go to the awards and when I was at the hotel I was gifted Gucci socks and given my note from David Walliams along with his book The Beast of Buckingham Palace. It said: ”Dearest Ellie I want you to know that I am thinking about you and sending you all my love.” He was too busy on the night hosting to say hello but I also got a video from Bradley Walsh as I’m a big fan of The Chase and he’s invited me down to the studios as his guest. Ant and  Dec also sent me a secret video  message too.”

Ellie was given VIP seats to the left of the stage where she and her mum could see the celebs up close as they went to pick up their awards. 
Elaine said: “We were on an aisle seat and we could see them coming down to go on the stage and shout down to them. When Tom Jones went by I said ‘What’s new pussy cat’ and he replied ‘Woah Woah Woah’.
Ellie reckons the whole experience made her forget about her illness for the evening. She said:  “The worst bit of my illness was being stuck in hospital  for months on end and this definitely made me feel happier than I have been.”
Les Hoey said: “This is the reason the charity was started. When these kids go to events like these they are the celebs.”

Monday, 24 February 2020


Beverley Lyons 
STRICTLY star Saffron Barker has given her seal of approval to Scots Love Island contestant Paige Turley. 
YouTuber and dance contestant Saffron is currently in Aberdeen for the live Strictly tour and comes to Glasgow’s SSE Hydro this weekend. 
Speaking about Love Island, she said “I think Connaugh is beautiful, and Callum looks good too.  I’m not going to lie. I like Paige though, I really like Paige. I’ve liked Paige from day dot. No one likes Paige. I loved her from the minute she came in.“
Saffron reckons that Paige had a bad reception because of her constant name dropping  that she was Lewis Capaldi’s ex, but she blames show producers for making her mention him so much. 
She said: I feel like just because she’s Lewis Capaldi’s ex that nobody liked her but the thing is it’s a producer show and she’s going to get told that she has  to say that 1000 times. I really like her as well. I think her and Finn are cute although I’m not being funny I could never date a guy with a foot fetish. I honestly have no idea as to how that girl is doing that, honestly no idea at all because I really just could not. Paige is so chill and she has personality.”
Saffron’s costars have been loving their time  in Aberdeen. 
Dancer Neil Jones and judge Craig Revel Horwood also donned kilts for their first night. 
Neil said: “I have a surprise costume for you Aberdeen.” as fans teased if he was a true Scotsman. 
Katya Jones also had a tour of local hotspots including St Machars Cathedral, Aberdeen University, Kings college, Seaton Park and the Brig of Balgownie. She said: “Aberdeen is gorgeous.”
Cath Tyldesley enjoyed a breakfast fry up with two portions of black pudding ahead of her double shows yesterday and also put on a Scots accent ahead of her appearance. Sounding like Lorraine Kelly she said: “You know where we are don’t you. We’re in Aberdeen and I'm absolutely loving Aberdeen. 
Promising a show full of sparkle glitter and campiness she said: “We want you to cheer your socks off. Come on Aberdeen don’t let us down. Your auntie Cath loves you.”
As dancer Karen Hauer showed off some of her stretches on a tartan carpet, Dancer AJ Pritchard also embraces the city. As he sang along to the tune of Summer Holiday how we he admitted he was going to feel cold with the temperature at minus three.
The Strictly stars hit Glasgow on Saturday and Sunday. 

Thursday, 20 February 2020


WE all went bananas at The Glee Club in Glasgow as they served up a slice of comedy gold at their eagerly awaited first birthday bash. An edible pair of The Big Yin’s ‘big banana boots’ took centre stage at the popular comedy club’s celebratory show.  

And Tv and radio star Ashley Storrie proved to be the real icing on the cake as she had the audience in stitches with her witty and down to earth humour, 

As they split their sides, guests were able ‘to fill their boots’ with slices of the eye catching life-size birthday cake which was created by award-winning Scottish cake designer 3D cakes. Handcrafted from toffee sponge and airbrushed to depict detail, the comedy cake was the brainchild of The Glee team who voted Billy Connelly’s famous fruity bootiestheir favourite Scottish comedy icon.

 A stellar line-up of other Scottish comics entertained the crowd throughout the evening, including the award winning Mark Nelson, the hilarious Christopher KCand up and coming stars Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Shona Lawson. 

Even the hecklers were entertaining - with a special mention going to troublesome OAP Elizabeth. 

Freshly made food, drinks and a lively after party ensured that a fun-filled evening was had by all to mark the one year milestone.

 Since opening its doors in early 2019, The Glee Club Glasgow has welcomed a raft of top comedians to its stage, including Sean Lock, Joel Dommett, Larry Dean, Janey Godley, Suzi Ruffell, Tom Stade, Fern Brady, Rosie Jones, Gary Meikle and Des Clarke. In addition to its popular weekend shows, the club has hosted a series of sell-out events such as book tours, drag shows and a hugely successful series of Christmas and Hogmanay comedy nights.

To further fly the flag for Glasgow’s thriving creative and entertainment industries, The Glee Club partnered with leading Scottish festivals throughout the year to deliver a series of unmissable events including Celtic Connections, Glasgow Film Festival and Glasgow Comedy Festival.

Glee founder Mark Tughan commented: “Billy Connolly has some pretty big boots to fill in terms of Scottish comedy, so what better way to celebrate our first year in the city than by paying tribute to him with our wonderfully banana’s cake! 

 We opened the club to showcase and support stand-up comedy in the city and we are thrilled that our first year has been such a success. Glaswegians are known for their humour, so the top notch acts that the club has attracted and sold out shows really is testament to this. 

 Our team is incredibly excited to bring more must-see shows to the city and fly the flag for Scottish comedy’

 The Glee Club Glasgow’s 400 seater interior, boasts theatre-style with great views to the round Glee stage, plus excellent lighting, acoustics and atmosphere. An extensive menu of delicious freshly made food and a great quality drinks offering enables guests to enjoy both an evening of entertainment and dining experience under one roof.


Prices: Friday night tickets £11 / students £8 / ticket + food £20, Saturday night tickets £17 / students £8 / ticket + pizza + drink £27


The Glee Club box office: 0871 472 0400 /

Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Beverley Lyons HOLLYWOOD star Kirk Douglas waved his $75,000 plus fee after agreeing to speak in Glasgow for a charity dinner - and he told of his love of Scotland as he sang I Belong to Glasgow. can reveal that the Hollywood A-lister insisted upon talking for no money and no expenses after deciding it was a cause close to his heart.
Kirk, who came to Scotland as a guest of the Jewish National Fund in 1995, made a personal phone call to the then chairman of the charity Stanley Lovatt after hearing that funds from the night were going to help a project in Jerusalem.
Stanley explained: “I approached Kirk’s agent in New York and he advised me his fee would be 75,000 plus expenses which was very expensive. I told him we couldn’t afford it. 
“It was funny. The agent asked me a few weeks later what the proceeds were going to and I told him it was for a project in Jerusalem.”
He asked if I had the details so I couriered a video and brochure of the project in Jerusalem to the agent in New York who passed it onto Kirk Douglas  in LA.“
Stanley couldn’t believe it when he got a personal call from the star a few weeks later.
He said: ”I was out shopping with my wife Carol and one of the boys from the committee said a guy claiming to be Kirk Douglas called and will phone you later. 
“He phoned me later that day and was the real deal. He was very charming on the telephone and said I will endeavour to come because I know what the project is and I made a movie there called  Cast A Giant Shadow. He insisted there was no question of a fee and that he wanted to pay all his own expenses.” 
Kirk arrived into London and Stanley had organised a private jet through the BBC’s Pebble Mill to bring him to Glasgow while he was being  interviewed by Gloria Huneford.  
He said: “He was absolutely charming. I went down to London to meet him and he was an absolutely incredible individual, charming, polite and very friendly. He told a story about visiting Edinburgh before and even sang I Belong To Glasgow.”
On the night Kirk indeed referenced his birth name Issur Dabiekovitch which he said he would have kept if he was going to be a ballet dancer, he added: “I’m glad to be here in Glasgow with a name like Kirk Douglas. “You know with my new name I went to New York City to attend a dramatic school and I rented a little room in an attic, and across the hall lived Bill Henderson. A short stocky fella from Glasgow. Now he was delighted to meet me, A fellow Scotsman. He asked ‘Now what part of Scotland are you from?’ Well I said that I might be somewhere east and south of Scotland like Russia.” 
Well he said ‘With a name like Kirk Douglas I’ll buy the first round.’ On Saturday nights we’d have a few beers when we had enough money and he taught me a Scottish drinking song. No as we see in movies cut, fade and dissolve into 40 years later. I was in Edinburgh Scotland for a big charity benefit for the Queen of Britain. Everybody was rushing round just before the curtain went up when I heard over the loudspeaker ‘ladies and gentlemen Mr Kirk Douglas’. I said ‘What do you want me to do?’ And they said ‘just do something’. The curtain went up and I thought of Bill Henderson. The Queen of England was in the audience and I had no musical accompaniment and I was in Edinburgh. Did I have guts?  This is what I sang. I belong to Glasgae. I tell you that song got a better reception here than it did in Edinburgh.”