Thursday 19 January 2017


SHOUT singer Lulu has a new found love for heavy metal - and is even thinking about duetting with her thrash-head nephew.
The Lennoxtown lass born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie might be best known for singing ballads like To Sir With Love, but the singer has been reintroduced to the sound through her nephew Felix and his thrash metal band Brutai.
As the lads prepare to play Glasgow's G2 this Tuesday, Lulu, said: "I went to see Felix and Brutai a couple of weeks before Christmas in London and it was fabulous, absolutely amazing. I think someone in a recent review said heavy metal was safe in these kids hands and it's true."
Lulu admitted rock and roll had always been her passion but she is getting more into heavy metal.
She said: "I had worked with Jimmy Page from the age of sixteen, and John Paul Jones was my MD and arranger for many years. They actually both became very very close friends and that came from the respecting their talent. With Black Sabbath, you become more interested in some songs when they get to be hits."
Aunty Lu as Felix calls her, took him to see Black Sabbath perform recently and meet up with her metalhead pals.
He said: "I was just trying to hold it together not being too much of a fanboy and keep cool. Sharon Osborne invited us and Jimmy Page was there too. Although Auntie Lu doesn't know too much abut the hard rock metal scene she's always there for advice."
Lulu, who herself appears at the Big Burns supper on January 20 in Dumfries, said: "I wanted him to gig with me on tour the year before last but he couldn't because he had commitments with his own band. I think one day we have to get up on stage together and perform something even if its just for prosperity. Hopefully he won't get so famous I won't be able to get any time from him."
He's been in the band half his life and he's twenty seven now. I remember him very clearly strumming his guitar in nappies and he was attracted to it. It's great to see him do so well now.

Extracts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

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