Sunday, 12 March 2023


NEIGHBOURS stars Stefan Dennis and April
Rose Pengilly tucked into Irn Bru and Tunnocks teacakes while Alan Fletcher explored Oran Mor during a trip to Scotland. 
The Neighbours cast visited Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of their Celebration Tour which had initially been organised to mark the end of Neighbours being broadcast in the UK - before it was saved by Amazon. 
And they were on top form as they told of their love of Scotland and mingled with lifelong fans of the show.
The cast, who were staying at the Hilton Glasgow hotel over the weekend, spent most of their time at the city’s Armadillo for meet and greets and the show but some managed to go for a walk in the morning during the cold spell. 

Dr Karl Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher was accompanied by his wife Jennifer Hansen as he took a stroll in the West end - visiting Oran Mor where he is due perform music from his new album next month. He also visited Bannermans in Edinburgh where he will also tour. 
As he had a drink with his wife at the Glasgow Hilton bar after the show he told the Daily Record: “I can’t wait for you to be Neighbours with me again when the new season starts. I got my first taste of snow here in Glasgow with my wife. We are having the time of our lives thanks to all the wonderful Neighbours fans surrounding us with their love of our show.”
Stefan Dennis who plays Paul Robinson and April Rose Pengilly who is Chloe Brennan on the show tried out some of our Scottish delicacies. 
Stefan, who used to live here with his wife, while starring in River City said it was great to be back in Scotland - his other home. 

As Stefan put on his Weegie accent and told her the correct pronunciation, April pulled a face and said: “So everybody’s been telling me to drink this Irn Bru.  It’s good. It kind of just tastes like fizzy. It’s alright. Now we’re going to try these Tunnocks tea cakes which we actually have in Australia.  I just didn’t know they were a thing. That gets the thumbs up. I like that better than the Irn Bru.” 
April said of her trip to Glasgow that it was ‘more like GlasWOAH’ and that she had had an excellent night. 
She had also visited a chihuahua cafe in Edinburgh and said it was ‘a dream come true.’

Annie Jones who plays plain Jane Harris also admitted her trip to Scotland was the first time she saw snow, commenting: “It’s snow out there - so exciting. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. I did a happy dance.”

Wednesday, 22 February 2023


OUTLANDER star Scott Kyle has revealed his new book about his career will include behind the scenes stories from the famed Starz TV show. 
Glasgow born Scott who describes himself as a ‘latch key kid’ who found himself filming for Hollywood productions and global tv shows is currently starring in Irvine Welsh’s Porno - the stage set follow up to Trainspotting. 
As tickets went on sale for the production at Glasgows Kings theatre this week, Scott revealed his book plans for the future. 
Tucking into a mixed grill and chicken schwarma banquet at Glasgow’s Damasqino restaurant with his wife Karen where he let owner Mohammad Bashar Al Haj Ali have a sneak peak at his first chapter, he said: “I’ve started writing the book about my life as a boy in a single parent family from Rutherglen who ended up in huge productions including Outlander. 
It will come out next year and will be full of stories from behind the scenes on the hit show like getting my shirt off with big Sam Heughan. 
“On my first day on the Outlander set I had to go  topless as we were both given a public lashing. When I took my shirt off there was nothing much to report home about it, but when Sam followed and took his shirt off, all the supporting actors let off oohs and aahs. It was a sign of things to come.”

Scott who became part of the Outlander family, amassing huge views online after appearing on the show and now organising the annual Highlander Fling for fans, also had scenes with Caitriona Balfe and talks about that in the book. 
He said: “There are so many anecdotes from all the productions I’ve been in including Kajaki (Kilo Two Bravo in the States) where I spent almost two months in Jordan.”
Scott is currently delighted to be playing the role made famous by Ewan McGregor in the stage equivalent of Trainspotting two. 
He said: “I’m playing Renton, fifteen years after Trainspotting. From a Scottish actor point of view I’ve done the biggest TV show and this is the next highest role you could ask for.  
Irvine Welsh came to see us when we put the show on in Edinburgh and there’s every likelihood he’ll come to the Glasgow production at the Kings in December and then there are plans to take the show further afield.”

Thursday, 16 February 2023


PAIGE Turley has revealed she had to have a mole removed after concerning results came back after a routine health check. 
The Love Island winner who rose to victory in 2020 with her partner and now longterm boyfriend Finley Tapp, had initially taken a routine health test in January.
Both she and former footballer Finn were promoting Pall Mall Medical services online and visited their premises to get a health check carried out as part of their Insta stories. 
However, a few weeks ago, Manchester based Paige, 25, received a message saying she’d have to undergo some further tests - and now she has revealed to her viewers online that medical staff found something that needed further exploration following a CT scan. 

Paige showed herself sitting with a doctor as they went through her results and also shared images of herself on a medical bed as she lifted the top on her left side ahead of the procedure. 
She revealed: “Thanks so much for the messages send wishes after my CT scan guys. After another followup appt getting a mole removed results have come with little to worry about.”
She added: ”If you're concerned about your moles or skin lesions, you can book an appointment at @pallmallmedical with one of their specialist Dermatologists. 
The assessment will take up to 30 minutes to perform a full visual examination on up to 3 moles or skin lesions with dermoscopy to look deeper if needed!”

Paige spent some time in hospital in May 2022 and at the time also posted an image of herself on her hospital bed following minor surgery. 

Sunday, 5 February 2023


SCOTS Love Island star Biggs Chris has revealed he once had a hot date with new Love Island bombshell Samie Elishi - and couldn’t lie about it to his girlfriend. 
Biggs, 30, who is now loved up with girlfriend of a year and a half Sumerica Hawkins, 28 admitted he didn’t realise Samie, 22, was going into the show until he watched it. 
And he confessed it proved to be an awkward moment for himself and Sumerica.
Glasgow born Biggs, who was a contender in the 2020 show, and has moved into property developing, said: “Sumerica and I were watching Love Island together when Samie first arrived at the villa. I saw her hair, then her face and thought: ‘Hang on. I know you’. 

Sumerica saw my face drop and asked: ‘Is there something you want to tell me?”
I tried to lie but it didn’t work. She can read me like a book.”
Biggs, who revealed his past fling as he and Sumerica enjoyed a traditional Lebanese charcoal grill at stylish Glasgow High Street restaurant Damasqino, said he met London born Samie when he was newly single following his split from former Love Island partner Rebecca Gormley two years ago. 
He continued: “Samie and I had a fling after a boozy night in London. We were at an after party with loads of people and ended up having a bit of a fun night. She has no fear and goes for what she wants. She’s a really nice girl and I think she’ll spice up the villa.”

He added: “Lucky for me, Sumerica is playful and is very cool about my past flings. In fact she’s now teasing me that maybe one of her own exes will crop up on the show.”
During his lavish meal, Biggs also revealed he is about to embark on a new property podcast with fellow ex-Love Islander and Justin Bieber lookalike Luke Mabbot.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023


NEW Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa has just moved into his first home after securing the prestigious role of the famed time travelling doctor - and he couldn’t wait to tell his fans about his good news. 

Ncuti,  who has revealed in the past that he was once homeless, couldn’t wait to show off his new London pad which he started moving into in mid January. 

He fully moved in this week and in a now deleted Insta story he grinned widely at the camera as he showed off his surroundings. 
He also wrote: “Man a homeowner now.”

Scottish Sex Education star Ncuti who was born in Rwanda, previously revealed that before landing the role, he'd struggled with homelessness and depression. 

He told the Big Issue in 2020 of his past struggles to make ends meet.

 He wrote: "Being a 25-year-old man with no money or job affected my sense of self-worth. Rejection became unbearable. Auditions weren't just acting jobs, they were lifelines." 

One friend gave me money towards paying off the prior month's rent and offered to let me move into their spare room rent free for a while.

Great, I thought. An opportunity to get back on my feet and start paying people back. On moving-in day, he changed his mind. As I was standing on the street with my suitcases, one thought came into my head: 'I'm homeless.'"

"To the outside world everything seemed fine. I was temping at Harrods. 

"I'd wake up from the double bed I shared with my best friend, leave the house without a hair out of place in a slick-looking trench coat and polished brogues. I would get compliments for looking so presentable. When I lost weight due to eating only one meal a day, people told me how lean and healthy I looked.”

Following his move in during the weekend Ncuti couldn’t wait to thank his removal team for being so kind. 

He wrote: “Finally FULLY in my yard. Hit up Den Drops Ltd if you need to move. So helpful. So efficient. And great banter. What more do you want.”

Ncuti will take over from fourteenth Doctor David Tennant at the end of 2023.

From Scotland with Love 
This article has since been published in the mail online. 

Friday, 27 January 2023


Amy  MacDonald, Jamie Genevieve, Karen Dunbar, Sanjeev Kohli and Geoff Ellis were amongst the VIP guests at an exclusive evening organised by private members club, Soho House in Glasgow.

The company founded by Kirsty Young’s husband Nick Jones now has over 28 houses around the world.

There has been recent speculation that Glasgow is next on the map and an  initial planning application was recently uncovered for a location in Glasgow city centre, just off George Square. 

Although organisers refuse to confirm whether a Soho house is being built in Glasgow, they held an exclusive Cities Without Houses event in Maryhill’s engine works to celebrate the life of Robert Burns.

The venue was recently used for Cop26 and hosted guests including Leo Dicaprio.  

For their Burns celebration, a traditional piper welcomed 150 guests from the creative industries, whilst Karen Dunbar performed Tam O Shanter, Nati Dredd gave a musical performance and diners were served up a starter of venison carpaccio followed by haggis, neeps, and tatties, and Cranachan dessert.

A spokesperson said: “Many of Soho House’s recent openings - including Austin, Rome, Nashville, Paris, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and Stockholm - have been preceded by Cities Without Houses where we have been building a local creative community with CWH membership for a number of years prior to opening.
We aim to showcase the best of creativity in each city, often partnering with members to highlight them or their industry.

From dinners to parties, talks to workshops and everything in between, we have something for every member covering various industries including music, fashion, art, film, food and drink, tech and wellbeing.

Our events allow CWH members to connect with other Soho House members in their local community and beyond.”

Cities Without Houses costs around £180 a month to join. 

Sunday, 22 January 2023


TRAVIS singer Fran Healy was rushed to hospital after he sliced through his hand and had to use a panty pad to soak up the blood. 
The Why Does It Always Rain on Me charttopper hit the headlines in 2021 after a sausage dog mauled him and left a gnarly wound on his hand whilst he was in the Hollywood Hills. 
It left him in agony and stopped him from using his left hand for several months and he had to undergo surgery in December that year to repair his wounded hand. 
This time round Fran was left bloodied and in severe pain as managed to slice though his right hand as he carried a metal cornering strip from the DIY store into his car. 
Showing off his bloodied hand as he awaited treatment at the hospital in the US, Fran said: “Deary me!”
He explained: “I’m adding an extra wall in my studio and picked up some cornering (very thin 10 foot long metal strip) and was putting it in the car and it slid very gently down the crack between thumb and forefinger like a sushi knife. Right hand this time. Will take couple of weeks to heal.”

Revealing the state of his hand following treatment he added: “Seven stitches.”
Fran then revealed he had bend helped out by a Good Samaritan who came to his rescue.
He said: “There was a whole lotta blood. A wee Mexican man in the Home Depot carpark saw it happen and ran to his car returning with a panty pad... I was very grateful.”
After someone questioned ‘a panty pad?’ Fran replied: “Yes. Ultra absorbent.”
He also revealed that he was screaming during his treatment. 
He said: “The doctor told me, as he was preparing to inject the affected area with lidocaine, that this particular area of the body (possibly the universe) has the highest concentration of nerve endings. I videoed the injections. Lots of screaming from me.”
“I get my stitches out next Friday.”

Fran received well wishes from fellow pop star Carol Decker, who said: “What you do????  BTW why does it always rain  playing in Tesco today got me dancing in the booze isle.”
Fran reassured her: “Hey carol... hands on art student drywall accident. its all better now. big hugs to you xxx”
After actor Dan Ryan said: “Dude! Ow. Not the strummer!!!!?!?!. Fran added: “You can strum with a stump it's fine...”
Someone else wrote: ”Hope you Healy soon.”

Friday, 13 January 2023


LEWIS Capaldi has done it again as the Scots born global superstar  today scores his fourth UK number 1 single with ‘Pointless’, equalling the likes of Whitney Houston, Cher, Jay-Z, One Direction, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Busted, B*Witched & Pet Shop Boys. has followed Lewis since the early days of his singing life and ‘Pointless’ follows his previous three number 1’s inSomeone You Loved (2019), Before You Go (2020), and Forget Me (2022), and is the second single from his upcoming second studio album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent - out May 19th on EMI Records.

"Thank you so much if you have streamed, downloaded or listened to ‘Pointless’ in any way, it really means a lot.” says Lewis. “This is my fourth UK Number 1, I now have the same amount of Number 1s as B*Witched, so pretty f*cking good if you ask me! I know there's a cost of living crisis, so thank you for spending your money on my music."

Lewis recently performed the new ballad at this year's Strictly Come Dancing semi-finals show HERE, and on The Graham Norton Show.

‘Pointless’ arrives as one of his earliest compositions for the new album, written on the first day with Steve Mac. With Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid also on the session, the trio were working on one song (“which hasn’t made the cut”) when Lewis’ collaborators mentioned a verse they’d previously begun writing with Ed Sheeran

Recently, Capaldi was announced as one of the headliners for Reading & Leeds Festival 2023, as well as unveiling his biggest outdoor headline summer shows to date in Manchester, Edinburgh & Belfast . The announcements came after he sold out his upcoming 2023 UK arena tour in seconds, which kicks off this Saturday in Leeds. The overwhelming demand for him doesn’t stop there, recently being crowned the ‘King Of Streaming’ with his global hit single ‘Someone You Loved’ becoming the UK’s most streamed song of ALL TIME.

If his first album made him an international star, with his second it’s nothing less than superstardom that beckons. His return has shown that the insatiable appetite for Capaldi burns as bright as ever.

Sat 14th                                     Leeds, First Direct ArenaSOLD OUT

Mon 16th                                  Sheffield, Utilita ArenaSOLD OUT

Wed 18th                                  Manchester, AO ArenaSOLD OUT

Thu 19th                                    Liverpool, M&S Bank ArenaSOLD OUT

Sat 21st                                      Newcastle, Utilita ArenaSOLD OUT

Mon 23                                       Aberdeen, P&J LiveSOLD OUT

Tue 24th                                    Glasgow, OVO HydroSOLD OUT

Thu 26th                                    Birmingham, Utilita ArenaSOLD OUT

Fri 27th                                       Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena                          SOLD OUT

Sun 29th                                    Belfast, SSE ArenaSOLD OUT

Mon 30th                                  Dublin, 3ArenaSOLD OUT


Wed 1st                                     Cardiff, International ArenaSOLD OUT

Thu 2nd                                      Exeter, Westpoint ArenaSOLD OUT

Fri 25th                                       Manchester, Wythenshawe Park                        ON-SALE FRI 20TH JAN

Fri 1st                                          Edinburgh, Royal Highland Centre                      ON-SALE FRI 20TH JAN

Sun 3rd                                       Belfast, Vital FestivalON-SALE FRI 20TH JAN

Pre-Order Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent 
HERE. More info at

x5 Top 10 Singles & x4 Number 1’s
‘Someone You Loved’ The UK’s Biggest Streamed Song Of ALL TIME

Biggest Selling UK Album Of Both 2019 & 2020
Longest Running Consecutive Weeks In Top 10 UK Album Chart For Solo Artist Album (77 Weeks)
‘Someone You Loved’ More Weeks In Top 10 Than Any Song EVER By British Act
Biggest Selling Single Of 2019 
Biggest Streamed Week 1 Debut Album Of All Time
x2 BRIT Award Winner & GRAMMY™️ Nominee
x5 UK Official Top 10 Singles including 2 x UK Official Number 1 Singles
x5 Billboard Top 10 Singles including Number 1 Single 'Someone You Loved'
x5 Consecutive No 1 US Radio Airplay Singles ('Someone You Loved' & 'Before You Go')
Over 25 Billion Worldwide Streams

Tuesday, 3 January 2023


ROD Stewart cheered with delight as he announced his daughter Ruby was expecting a baby boy and even made up a jingle on the spot to welcome the new addition to the family.
Maggie May rocker Sir Rod was given the honours of revealing the gender as Ruby told her followers on social media of the good news she and her other half Jake Kalick had for 2023.

As the family gathered round, Sir Rod could be seen reading from a piece of paper after opening the envelope from the hospital and he was delighted as he fist pumped the air and referenced his favourite football team as he said: “Its a boy. Mon the Celtic.”
Beaming from ear to ear, he then showed off the announcement on paper and sang a new naughty tune entitled: “Another winkle in the Stewart family.”
Ruby who is the daughter of Sir Rod and his ex girlfriend, the model Kelly Emberg, and Jake moved in together six weeks after they met during the beginning of the lockdown period.

Jake is co founder of cookware company Made- In.
The good news came following the recent death of Ruby’s uncles Donny and Bob.
Ruby urged her followers: “Hire Sir Rod Stewart for your gender reveal! He’ll even write a custom jungle for your unborn child!”
As she posted up a video of her black and white scan, she wrote: “Out of all of the things that happened in 2022 you were by far the most beautiful...We can't wait to meet you..Baby boy Kalick coming in April…”

Amongst those to congratulate her were her half sister Kimberley who wrote: “Def has the Stewart nose.”
Rod’s current wife Penny Lancaster added: “Can't wait to meet him.”
And his second wife Rachel Hunter added: “You are going to be an incredible Mum.”
Rod’s first wife Alana Stewart added: “How wonderful! So happy for you.”

Sunday, 1 January 2023


THE annual Loony Dook saw hundreds of revellers make a splash in the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry to welcome in the New Year. 
Thousands watched on as daredevils as young as eleven years old and well into their sixties ran into the water to celebrate the start of 2023. 
The event has taken place on the record since 1986 when three locals felt it was an appropriate hangover cure, but some claim it began even before then.
Although not ‘officially’ part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay programme this year, that didn’t stop people from having a dunk, taking it right back to its roots and making it as busy as ever. 
With chill-inducing temperatures at four degrees (which felt like two), the local RNLI were on guard to ensure there were no casualties on the day. 
One of the volunteers from the twenty strong lifeboat crew said: “The waters are really cold so there is the possibility of cold water shock, so our advice to people is to walk in nice and slowly. Some people last five minutes but experienced swimmers can last for twenty minutes sometimes.”
“There’s always pretty spectacular costumes from a bathtub one year to someone dressed as a Forth Bridge.”
People dressed in pink tutus, rugby outfits, Santa hats, in kilts, as a penguin and even a bottle of gin as they took to the water, some even armed with a bottle of Buckfast. 
Siobhan Lees, who dooked in a bikini eleven years ago, said: “My eleven year old daughter Ava Seagroat is doing it with her friend Ella who is also eleven and goes to the local primary school. She is just crazy and loves it and I’ve got cups of herbal tea for her. She goes wild swimming all the time. It’s a great start to the year and fab for the community.”
All participants enjoyed free cake from local bakers.