Friday 25 March 2016


ADELE has admitted she's upset after at least one fan was injured during this moment of her Glasgow show.
A female fan was accompanied off the premises of the SSE Hydro and rushed to hospital after a chain from a light fitting hit her during Adele's performance of Set Fire To The Rain.
Eyewitness Vikki McLaughlan was sitting in block 55 near to where the accident happened, 
She said she feared that Adele and audience members may be electrocuted after witnessing a cable swinging from the ceiling.
 She claimed: "I was at the concert with my 15 year old niece when the accident happened. There was water coming down like a waterfall on the small stage where Adele was singing towards the back of the venue and people began screaming during the song, 
All I could see was a cable swinging from the ceiling but I wasn't sure if it was a live wire from a light fitting or not. I heard screams and could see people in the audience crouching down on the floor as some ran away from the cable."
 Vikki added: "My niece who had been taking photos of Adele looked and saw a woman on the floor with blood pouring down her face. She told security and first aid helped to pick her off the floor and take her outside. Her head was like a burst orange. Adele continued singing but she disappeared from the stage straight after the song. The camera man left his equipment there too as everyone was ushered away to safety."
It is unknown at this stage if the woman has been kept in hospital overnight.
A spokesperson from the SSE Hydro said: "A chain belonging to the production came down and hit one person who was taken to hospital as a precaution. We are liaising with the production crew to ascertain what happened."
After hearing about the incident straight after her performance, a shocked Adele said: "I'm so sorry to hear that someone got hurt at my show tonight. It's being investigated to ensure it won't happen again.X"
The star plays the Scots venue again this evening (Saturday).


 Adele got touchy feely with a tattooed male fan, said Paolo Nutini reminded her of Al Pacino, joked that she wasn't cool enough to play rock venue King Tuts, claimed she was playing Glastonbury to p*** people off as well as admitting she was worried she'd fall over her dress during her Scots gig.The chatty performer was more like a stand up comedian than singing star during her first concert at Glasgow's SSE Hydro, which beautifully coincided with Glasgow Comedy Festival.All the hits were performed during the Friday night concert including opener Hello, Chasing Pavements, Rolling In the Deep and  When We Were Young. Before Rumour Has It Adele started the first of her audience interactions as she invited two ladies up on stage to tell her the name of the small venue she played in Scotland years ago.
She told her fans: "So far on the tour you are the smallest venue but the loudest. Oh my god literally, You nearly blew my dress off as you started singing Hello. I did not expect it. I must  warn you when I get nervous I swear and I'm nervous. This is the first time I've spoken and you flew around in circles to see me. The last time I played here was Glasgow Academy just before the tour started. It was one of most fun gigs I did."
The Someone Like You star then appeared confused as she tried to remember the name of the smallest venue she'd played in Glasgow.
She said: "Did anyone come to my gig right next to Wetherspoons in Glasgow. It suited me well at the time."
Inviting two fans on the stage she was told: "It was at the Classic Grand, in Jamaica Street."
Adele then joked: "I kept thinking it was King Tuts (where Oasis were discovered) but I'm not cool enough to have played there."
After being kissed by the two gals on the cheek she laughed: "Have I got lipstick on my face? Don't get me wrong if I wanted anyone's lipstick on my face it would be yours" Referring to the giant projection of her face on the wall behind her she added: "My face is almost too big for this venue . Thank God I've not got a cold sore." 
 Adele then invited a fan with a tattoo up on stage and joked: "I hope its not me with a double chin or unflattering. Definitely come up if you've got a tattoo on."
She couldn't believe it when two lads took up her offer and Douglas who had a tattoo of her lyrics on her arm came up to hug her. 
He and his partner Stephen were chuffed to bits to be on stage with their queen and after telling her they were gay Adele said: "I wish you were straight. No one has squeezed me like that for years. You lot are so touchy feely.  I feel like I've just had sex."   
Adele even took the mickey out of her sad songs telling her adoring crowd: "I'm glad you've got a nice seat to rest your ankles. We've got misery coming up. We're not on the miserable songs yet so don't fall to pieces yet. I forgot to say thankyou for the roses. I'm frightened I'd fall over if I held them. This dress is a bit long. Imagine if this were a short dress. You'd see right up my a*** crack. I got to the gym on tour days so I'm all fit for you, "
During the hilarious 15th show which showed off her cockney banter,  she revealed that five is her lucky number, Paolo Nutini her favourite singer and that she think he looks like Al Pacino and that she imagines she looks like Halle Berry, smouldering in an orange bikini when she sings Skyfall.  
After a couple asked her to their house for Easter, Adele who thanked them for their kindness and said she would if she didn't have her son to see, revealed she has 104 shows to go and on her 13th show at the 02, a dream come true, she broke a double bass.
She spoke to a drummer in the audience and asked if he wore shoes when he played. She said her feet were so veiny when she wore heels herself and prefers to wear flats.
She confessed she liked to pretend she is Alison Kraus but thinks she could never be  country artist and gave a shout out to local charity organised Les Hoey MBE and his Dreammaker foundation, adding she had an MBE too."
Adele also talked about her lovelife saying she was now with a 'nice hairy man', not a boy who 'respects me'. She claimed it was her first night away from her wee one but he'd given her a tacky bracelet to wear on stage and she said she'd had to medidate to get rid of her demons but added: "I'm turning into a cliche of a hippy. I  wouldn't go that far. It takes as much energy  to hate somebody as to love them."
Adele also talked about playing Glastonbury and revealed she was playing it to p*** people off. She said: "I wouldn't be offended if anyone thought I shouldn't do it. They think I'm boring but I've f***ing been there more times than you." 
Adele also paid tribute to her Glaswegian manager Rosie Moon as shots of Glasgow were projected onto the big screen.
The crowd chorused on songs like Set Fire To The Rain and held their phones up to One and Only. Make You Feel My Love was another huge hit, but  there are so many at an Adele concert it's hard to pinpoint which one was best. They were all belters and Adele's comic chat between them was a real bonus. 
The feeling was mutual as she told her crowd: "I now have 13,000 fans in Glasgow."