Wednesday, 11 October 2017


STILL Game's Isa Drennan might need to wear extra padding on TV after actress Jane McCarry has shed the pounds with a new fitness regime. 

And fans of the top Scots BBC comedy have admitted they have begun to fancy her.

Craiglang pensioner Isa might be partial to the odd Greg's pastry or sweetie and chocolate treat from Naveeds corner shop, and but Jane, 46, admits she's started working out. 

And while Isa's dutiful exercise regime might consist of hoovering the odd floor, the real life star who plays her is positively glowing with her new look.

Jane who has recently had to care for her 89 year old mum as well as her own family in between heavy filming schedules said: "I've been at the body pump actually. Mark Cox who plays Tam Mullen has been at a different type of body pump in his personal life with his partner. 

Mark who co presented with Jane at the recent charity Les Hoey Dreammaker Ball added: "Jane has been working out as you can see. She's half the women she was. She's been doing it four of five months."

Jane laughed: "There is no diet. I've not actually done a diet. I've just exercised a bit that's all - and laid off the grub a wee bit. It's Bodypump maybe a few times a week. Not a lot. I'm embarrassed. I'm just a bit stronger. Playing it down, she continued: "Well maybe I've lost a wee pounds or two. It's not the LA diet. I'm affronted. I think Isas probably got type 2 diabetes so that's probably how the weight is falling off her."

Jane recently posted new pictures up of herself on social media and friends and fans were quick to notice her new look.

Scot Squad star Jordan Young said: "Isa is proper tidy likes!!!"

Denise from Glasgow added: "That’s what I was thinking! Mad to think it’s really isa!"

Debs added: "Holy s***. Jane! Ooooooft. Ooooooft!"

And Tom added: "Isa is a babe."

Andrew Erroch echoed: "Wow! Isa never looked so good!"

While Alan Brown added: "Has Isa been on the Pete the jakey diet."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Scottish Sun.

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