Monday 11 September 2017


Former X Factor hopeful Gamu Nenghu has found a happy ending and is celebrating after getting married to her Scots sweetheart.
The Zimbabwe born singer, who was threatened with deportation along with the rest of her family following a bureaucratic immigration wrangle walked down the aisle in the UK on Sunday.
The scene was a picture of happiness as she and her Stirling born music shop worker husband Jamie Rintoul swapped rings in an intimate ceremony.
Gamu, who lived in Tillicoultry with her family before moving to London to become a stylist and make music with her and Jamie's band Sheltrs, first hit the headlines as an 18 year old contestant in X Factor in 2010.
She lost her place to Katie Waisel in the midst of an immigration row when it was revealed her family's visa application was submitted late.
At the time she pleaded with immigration officials not to send her and her family back to the lawless country under President Robert Mugabe.
She said she feared being killed by a death squad if she returned.
Most recently Gamu made a brief return to the public eye after presenter Rylan Clark launched a nationwide campaign to find her in the Xtra Factor.
Gamu said at the time: "To be completely honest I was trying very hard to pretend that the past 6 years had not happened. If you stopped me in the street and asked me if I was 'Gamu from X factor' I 99% probably would've said 'no' . And honestly if you do it now it might still be the same."
She added: "Sheltrs is a band made up of myself and Jamie.
We possibly don't quite know exactly what we're doing. But we do know what we love.
"Air Ballons is our first installation of a three song project that will be available for download in the next few weeks. Because I've realised that worrying about what we will become will not progress us further but will only succeed in holding us back." The two lovebirds have been dating since June 2015 and got engaged in September last year.