Wednesday 12 June 2019


A brand new Peri Peri chicken place is coming to Glasgow’s South Side  - and it’s the very first of a new Scots owned chain.
Signage is now up for Figo’s Peri Peri at 178 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands and according to owner Ahmed Iqbal, 38, it’s set to open its doors next week.
Ahmed, who previously owned Cafe Amirah on the same site, reckoned it was time to update his offering and now plans to roll out another five Figos restaurants and takeaways across Scotland over the next five years.
He said: “Over the last six months my business partner Adil Saleem and I have extensively travelled around the U.K. looking at different Peri Peri chicken restaurants and we think we have something exciting and new for our customers.
Our business is different from other chicken franchises because we have the option to change around the menu to suit our customer’s demands.  We can also be creative with our recipes and dishes and can offer specials at different times of the year. We are already looking at a second opening next year and for three to five venues around the West of Scotland and Edinburgh over the next five years.”
The flavourings for the Peri Peri chicken at Figo’s are made fresh daily which means they won’t lose their quality of taste.
Ahmed said: “Many restaurants use off the shelf flavourings which lose their quality of flavour after a few days of being opened but we use fresh ingredients every day. One of our unique flavours is our chilli, garlic and herb sauce which has been made to perfection.”
Ahmed added: “We want to create an atmosphere where people feel right at home when they come to eat here. It is not just a fast food joint and the experience is important. We have a very family friendly atmosphere and offers personal service with a bit of banter for our customers.”
Tables have been imported from France and other fittings have been specially made.
The full menu is still being finalised this week but Ahmed says there will be lots of loaded fries as well as steamed and grilled vegetable options for those who are diet conscious. All meat will be Halal.
He added: “We have our own unique style of doing things. One of the loaded fries options includes a chopped up hand crafted burger served up with a mix of our house made sauce, peppers, onions and melted cheese.
“Our burgers use locally sourced beef and are handmade from scratch using quality ingredients. We have lots of veggie options and are looking at gluten free and vegan options for the future too and our main dishes will average around the £5 to £7 mark.”
The venue seats twenty people and Figo’s will also be delivering via Uber and it’s own app on a few weeks time. (Sponsored)

From Scotland with Love