Sunday 13 August 2017


IT is one of the most recognisable voices in the world.

So when American actor Michael Brandon was asked to perfect a Scottish accent for a children's television show, he immediately knew who his inspiration would be.

The Dempsey and Makepeace star, who is hosting a one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe, mimicked Sir Sean Connery for the US version of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Brandon, 72, who famously married his onscreen co-star Glynis Barber from the 1980s detective series, admitted: 'On the US version of Thomas The Tank Engine I did Ronald and Donald, the two Scottish trains, who would say things like 'Och, there's a tree on the track'. The crew used to laugh hysterically at that one.

'I have never worked with Sean but I have met him a few times.' Brandon, whose stand-up show Off-Ramps is on at the Assembly Rooms all this month, also revealed he is missing his wife - and is looking forward to her joining him in Edinburgh later this week.

He joked: 'I did the laundry, my sheets, pillowcase and towels. Boy, that's hard work.

'I don't cook and I don't clean but at the Fringe I do. I'm not going to tell my wife about it. If I show any talent in that area I'm a dead man.'

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday 

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A Scots photographer reckons her 100 year old doll might be haunted - but she's vowed not to get rid of her because she loves her.

Natalie Mellon, 33, from Glasgow inherited the antique doll after her father in law's friend found her in an old attic.

But ever since she's had her in the house, weird things keep happening.
Natalie who has now dubbed the doll 'Annabelle' after the horror movie where a seemingly innocent doll has a life of its own, said: "Annabelle was given to me about a year ago by one of my father in law's friends who found a load of things in an old attic. I've always loved old antiques and loved her straight away. She does look a bit creepy but I wasn't freaked out when I saw her. I have four big dogs but they are absolutely terrified of her and won't go in the same room. We sarcastically named her Annabelle after the doll in the horror film."

Natalie, who lives in the Irish countryside, has always been interested in the supernatural but has never actually encountered anything strange before.

She said: "I've stayed in supposedly haunted houses before but nothing has ever happened. As well as my dogs barking incessantly at Annabelle she has got up to a few wee tricks. One of my friends stayed the night and heard a tapping noise outside the bedroom. There were no windows or doors open but in the morning she found Annabelle outside the room and she said she wasn't there before she went to bed. She thought I'd put her there for a laugh but I was sound asleep."
Most recently Annabelle appeared to have made a kitchen cupboard open and a knife slide off a shelf while Natalie was messing around taking selfies on her phone.
The incident was captured on video.

Natalie said: "I was literally taking a selfie but hit record by mistake and just went with it to make a video. Then the knife flew off the shelf and the cupboard door swung open. and I just about wet myself and shouted on my partner to come through."
She added: "I'm not easily terrified and found it quite funny afterwards. I'm sure there's got to be a logical explanation."

After Natalie made a video telling us about Annabelle she said there was a huge bolt of lightening outside.

She said: "I actually put her away last night for the first time. I swear im a ballsy little s*** and always stayed myself in the countryside bit when I came into this kitchen last night I swear I was freaked out. I kept looking at that cupboard and if it had done that again when I was here by myself I'd have died with my legs in the air. Annabelle can stay out in the shed for now."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record, The Star, ITV and BBC.

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