Thursday 24 August 2017


RUTH Davidson slammed Jon Snow for calling her Baby during the Edinburgh TV festival telling him: "Nobody puts baby in the corner."
The Scottish Tory leader was in conversation with Jon in the EICC when Jon referred to her as part of the liberal elite, like himself. She responded: "Some of us didn't have parents who went to Winchester and Eton Jon. Some of us are born into it, some of us aren't."
Jon replied: "You are now, baby the leader of...
Ruth interrupted him saying: "Did you call me baby?" And Jon replied: "Yes it's a term of endearment."
Ruth then responded: "Nobody puts baby in the corner."
As Jon tried to amend the situation by saying: "It's wonderful that you are leader of the Scottish Tory party."Ruth responded: "Flattery gets you away from the question."
During their chat Ruth also admitted she gets fed up with stories about Big Ben coming from the often London centric press. She said: "I have to say as somebody being 450 miles away nothing gets on my wick more than screeds of news and time and effort and newsprint being devoted to a bloody clock that's going to stop ticking for a bit.
I'm very lucky that in my job I have to go up and down to London every month at so I'm lucky I've heard it in the flesh. Lots of people have bit you just think you probably can't hear it a mile away. Apart from that one square mile there's 99.99999 who haven't ever heard it."
Following the conversation Jon Snow said he'd love to be stranded in a desert island with Ruth since they now had a friendship. He also said he'd love to leave Trump stranded on one.
He joked: "I can't think of anyone I dislike enough to put on a dessert island.
I certainly wouldn't mind putting Donald Trump on a desert island. I haven't interviewed him but I've been in the same room too many times."
As Ruth suggested: "Take his phone off him." Jon said: "Yes we don't want him tweeting. I think there should be access to the waters around him so people could see him sitting there underneath a tree his thatch beginning to fall to pieces. It would be a lovely thing to do."
Jin also revealed during the session that he is putting on an exhibition of his ties in November.