Friday 14 July 2017


RANGERS new signings Daniel Candeias, Fabio Cardoso and Alfredo Morelos proved to be a cut above the rest after popping in for a new look at a Scots hair salon.
The three amigos were pleased as punch with their new hairdos after being given a makeover by Taylor Ferguson and his team in Glasgow.
Portuguese lads Daniel and Fabio and Colombian Alfredo who are staying at a hotel until they find more permanent accommodation in Glasgow have been training constantly since their arrival here a month ago.
Daniel said: "We've been at the hotel and training and hotel and training. The weather is ok. In Portugal the weather is very good but here not so good. It's a very good team and very good group."
Columbian Alfredo admitted he was struggling with the language but is looking forward to taking English lessons with the other new players next week.
Daniel also claimed the training is Scotland is different to the Portugese methods.
He said: "The football is different to Portugal and stronger here. It's more physical whereas in Portugal it is more technique."
Taylor said: "We get a lot of footballers in here from all teams including Celtic, Rangers and Albion Rovers. The lads were great and wanted a new look for the season. We look forward to welcoming them here again."
Excerpts of this article have now appeared in The  Daily Record, Scottish Sun and Evening Times.
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