Thursday 6 May 2021


We’ve been treading water over these last months but with a green light from London, Greece reopens to British travellers from May 17. 

With tens of thousands of holidays deferred from last summer, and Greece topping the UK charts for new bookings, it’s reasonable to predict that the islands and beaches are going to be busy. 

But for many of us, crowds, queues, masks and enforced social distancing are the irritants of everyday life, so why would we want to encounter them on holiday? 

The Greece of our dreams exists outside the constraints of the pandemic. It’s a place of seas as clear and as blue as the sky; of hidden beaches; and ancient villages untroubled by the anxieties of modern life. 

It’s an empty beach on heart-shaped Daskalio Island; coffee in a fisherman’s café in Napflion with views, literally, of Arcadia; and having heavenly Ververoda Bay all to yourself. 

While others stake their claim on congested beaches, you can have a bit of luxury to yourself with the help of Yannis and Veneta Vasatis of Spetses Cruising. 

They’ve spent 40 years exploring their local waters for the sheer joy of it, and now they’re sharing their knowledge with aficionados in search of the Greece they always suspected was out there but perhaps could never find. 

And they’re doing it in head-turning style, with two state-of-the-art vessels: Nireas, a Nimbus T11 day boat with twin 350hp outboards; and Pytheas, an ultra-high performance 800hp RIB capable of 60 knots. 

Both offer the luxury of a superyacht with the speed and agility of a powerboat on full or half-day trips to the Argolic Gulf, the Athenian Riviera; the Eastern Peloponnese, Saronic gulf and the Western Cycladic islands of Milos, Serifos, Sifnos and beyond.

 Spetses Cruising also offers first-class limousine services, allowing you to start your holiday in style, from the moment your feet land in Greece. 

What you do is up to you – Spetses Cruising promises only that your trip will be “unforgettable, private, bespoke and luxurious” - but Yannis recommends perhaps a picnic on the island of Dokos – population 18; private tours of the citadel town of Monemvasia; visits to a hidden blue bay he describes as “the most wonderful swimming spot in the world”, where the onboard toys, including sea scooters, snorkelling gear and paddle boards, can be deployed; and long lunches at that taverna: the one the superyacht crowd will never find. 

Full day trips inclusive of a tailored itinerary start from around £1700, based of eight sharing, with pickups from Athens, Spetses, Porto Heli, Hydra, Nafplion and Monemvasia.

If you can get the people and the cash together to sounds like an ideal way and the ultimate luxury setting to blow away the lockdown cobwebs - and just think of the Insta pics too. 

 Spetses Cruising

Wednesday 5 May 2021


SCOTS band The Ronains received a touching message of encouragement from Hollywood star Peaky Blinders and Guardians of The Galaxy actor Tommy Flanagan during mental health awareness week. 

Tommy who also played an alcoholic with mental health issues in hit crime drama Sons of Anarchy, has been following the Clydebank band for the past year and has championed their work. 

The Braveheart actor sent bass player Jim, singer Debbie, drummer Linzi and guitarist LP a message of support after they let him hear their brand new single, a powerful cover of Flower of Scotland which they are releasing on Friday May 21.

The track is available for 79p on preorder now from iTunes and Amazon and the band are hopeful it will chart. 

Tommy,  who has been filming the new series of Peaky Blinders in Chicago, as well as new series of Tower sent the band a message after bass player Jim told him he was finding the music business difficult during lockdown.

Tommy wrote: “Life’s highs will be overshadowed by the sometimes overwhelming lows. But the clock keeps ticking. 

“Time will reveal the why the who the wtf. If what you’re doing brings you love and joy end of, you win!

“Do not give up! Adjust and reset when required. ‘Hard work and heartache’ life of an artist. Enjoy the highs when they come.

“Few people want to see you succeed, no matter what they say.
Beware of that s***e!
You guys got tons of talent. Keep doing the work. You’re going to get to wherever ‘there’ is.
Best TF.”

Bass player Jim Reid said: “Tommy is one of my favourite actors and I've watched him in everything from Braveheart and Guardians of The Galaxy to Sons of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders.  I’m a huge fan. It’s a deep message he sent us. I’d told Tommy that I was finding lockdown hard as a musician and he wrote this incredible letter of encouragement."

The band have been playing their version of Flower of Scotland at live gigs for a while but decided to record and release it to reflect the recent achievement in Scottish sport.

Jim said: “We recorded a powerful rocky verson of Flower of Scotland because we wanted to celebrate the success of the national football team and reaching the World Cup qualifiers for the first time in 26 years. 

“The Scottish rugby team have done well and boxer Josh Taylor is fighting in Las Vegas for our country too.

We are proud of our Scottish roots and this song means everything to us.”

Singer Debbie, whose soaring vocals feature in the song, added: 'It's quite terrifying taking on such a huge, Iconic song, but if you don't reach for the sky you'll never be amongst the stars.”

The song is available for Pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes by clicking on the 2 links below.

AMAZON ➡️ - 79p

ITUNES ➡️ 69p

Tuesday 4 May 2021


Vicky McClure 4/9 From 11/10 To Take Part In Strictly Come Dancing

The rumour mill is in full swing as to which famous faces will be signing up to take part in the 19th series of Strictly Come Dancing and Line Of Duty star Vicky McClure is the latest name being well backed.

The actress could be swapping her police uniform for the sequins as she is being eyed up for the celebrity dance contest which will air later this year. McClure played Detective Inspector Kate Fleming in the hugely popular Line Of Duty and Strictly bosses are reportedly eager to snare one of the starring cast for the dancefloor to compete for the glitterball.

BoyleSports chalked up potential contenders this week with Vicky McClure introduced as a 11/10shot, but those odds were quickly snapped up as the 37-year-old is now just 4/9 to take part, with colleague Gregory Piper, who played villain PC Ryan Pilkington, at 3/1. 


Other names in the mix include Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford who is one of the favourites to be involved at 1/5, and ex-House of Commons Speaker John Bercow who is rated a 2/1 shot. 


Sarah Kinsella, Spokesperson for BoyleSports commented: “The build-up to the next series of Strictly Come Dancing is already starting to gather pace and following the success of Line Of Duty, it would be no surprise to see its stars approached. Vicky McClure is a likely candidate now 4/9 from 11/10 to compete for the glitterball while Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford is one of the firm early favourites to be hitting the dancefloor.”


Strictly Come Dancing ~ To Be A Contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2021

1-5                               Alex Beresford

1-3                               Mark Feehily

1-3                               Tomasz Scafernaker

4-9                               Vicky McClure

1-2                               Stacey Solomon

4-6                               Joe Wicks

11-8                             Laura Tobin

2                                  Ralf Little

9-4                               Shalom Brune-Franklin

3                                  Gregory Piper

3                                  Tom Malone Jr

10                                Peter Ebdon 

10                                Carrie Symonds