Friday, 21 September 2018


TOWIE’S Lauren Pope spent her evening at Scotlands Hair and Beauty Awards at Glasgow’s Hilton hotel with an inspirational cancer patient. 
Former beauty queen Melissa McNaughton, 29, is now a hair stylist at her own Mac Hair salon in Glasgow. 
But just weeks ago Melissa was diagnosed with leukaemia and is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 
Melissa who undoubtedly is still in shock about her diagnosis said: “Lauren and I have known one another for years and I’ve worked with her hair extensions before. We’ve become friends over time and our relationship is very natural.”
Lauren who was a guest of SHABA organiser Joanne Reid and Hair Rehab London who she works with invited Melissa to the event as her guest. 
We’ll be seeing more of Melissa as she takes part in the Carry On Prancing charity dance contest with Gok Wan. 
Lauren who was being wooed by a variety of eager Scots men on the night  told me: “The hair stuff takes over my life twenty four seven so that’s what I’m mainly doing. Also I’m filming TOWIE at the moment and everything’s very busy but it’s how I like it.
TOWIE is good And real life but I have a very different group of friends I spend most of my time with when I’m not filming so I like to keep that separate and have a bit of normality. You can go through the filming have the dramas and go back to reality I guess.”


Shania Twain might have had dinner at Bucks chicken restaurant but she admitted to me that she didn’t eat any birds on the night. 
Shania checked into her city centre hotel around about seven pm along with her five guitars and crew. 
She had snuck through a side door at her hotel and I actually thought initially that she’d gone to bed - maybe cause she was still on transatlantic time. 
But then, a little tipster told me she’d gone for some dinner at Bucks Bar and was still there. 
I ran and after a wee bit of waiting around I spoke to her as she walked outside with her crew. 
She was a lovely gal, so down to earth. 
She told me she’d just been in Glasgow two hours and that she hadn’t had a chance to explore but was looking forward to spending the next four days here. 
When I asked her how her chicken dinner was and admitted I thought she was veggie she laughed. “Yes most of us are vegetarian but there was still plenty for us to enjoy.”
 I have it on good authority that the much impressed Shania enjoyed vegan option The Umami Tsunami - crispy tofu with a miso mushroom sauce, and salad in honey lime dressing. 
The singer also drank a couple glasses Sauvignon Blanc and her pals enjoyed some pints of Drygate Gladeye IPA each.
The rest of the party also indulged in Thai Style Hot Wings and Halloumi  Nuggets with 25 ingredient BBQ dip. 
A spokesperson for the bar said later: “Funny thing is that she was served by our Canadian waitress Sadie. As Shania was leaving Sadie turned round to he manager and said ‘that woman looks a bit like Shania Twain. No one in the place recognised her.”
After Shania posted up a picture of her toilet trip with the signs reading Cocks for men and Hens for women’s some cheeky fans wondered if she’d change the name of her famous song to “Cock, I feel like a Hen.”
Seeing her standing outside the loos another joked: “Looks like she made it.”

Saturday, 15 September 2018


FRANZ Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson flew into Glasgow airport just in time for The Scottish Album of The Year Awards - but he admitted he was there by mistake.
Long haired muso Paul picked up the bands shortlisted award for album Always Ascending.
I caught him standing outside the trendy gender neutral toilets at Paisley’s Town Hall.
He said: “We’re actually officially on tour. We just played in Holland in a place called Haarlem at a beach resort called Woodstock 69. We have a group calendar and somebody had put the dates wrongly in the calendar and I thought we had two days off so I thought just I’d come home but it turns out I’ve got a gig tomorrow in Milan. Fortuitously this is happening so I turned up to represent.”
Paul also revealed he and the band never set out for fame or dosh when they started their band.
He told me: “We just did it for fun and that’s what your motivation should be. You see a lot of great places but it just doesn’t compare to being here. As soon as I fly into Glasgow I just think thank God.”

MARTIN Compston was thrilled to get hold of Scott Browns shirt after his charity football match at Celtic Park over the weekend.
But the Line Of Duty star who ended up playing the game in his converse trainers after giving away his boots to a fan midmatch, admitted the shirt was slightly worse for wear.
The memento was covered in Scott’s blood as well as his sweat (and probably tears of joy)
Marin said later: “I’m over the moon to get Captain invincibles Scott Brown’s tap the day straight up on the wall. His literal blood and sweat on it, granted the  blood resulted from him volleying the ball off his own face but still.”

Clyde 1’s Cassi squeezed in a wee Friday lunchtime catch up with me this week.
The talented gal who teams up with George Bowie in the morning tried out some of the North Indian dishes at The Dhabba as we chatted non stop.
We actually picked a table near the back because we knew we’d end up making lots of noise as we laughed at each other’s stories.
She revealed she’s about to get her own afternoon show on Sundays on Clyde 1.
It means she gets a wee lie in after all her DJing commitments on a Saturday night but she will now be working seven days a week.
Sometimes she plays as many as three sets in one night! Busy lady.

YOUNG Fathers bandmember Alloysious Massaquoi says the band are now chilling after being awarded Scottish Album of The Year for their third studio offering Cocoa Sugar.
A suited and booted Alloysious, who was posing with his posse outside Paisley town hall when they asked if I would take some pics for Instagram, told me he’d recently been in New York for a catch up with friends after touring with Massive Attack.
He revealed he had a good laugh with the dance legends behind the scenes.
He said: “We got Daddy G and Rob(Del Naja)  to try out the Dele Alli challenge (where you put your hand over your eye in an upside down OK sign like The Spurs strikers goal celebration) and it was hilarious. They were steaming.”
If you’ve not tried it yet you’ve missed the craze, but it’s always good for a laugh.
Alloysious told me he always finds it hard getting back to normality after big tours. He said: “For me it’s always about finding balance and the kind of razzmatazz stuff I always take with a pinch of salt. The guys and I, we are local lads, so spending time with family and friends and regulating friendships is important. A lot of the time I come back everybody is working and the reality  is a lot of the time I just go to the cinema by myself. Or I got tomy mums house.”

CHELSEA players Eden Hazard and his teammates checked out the fine dining at Brian Maule’s Chardon D’Or restaurant during their trip to Glasgow.
The lads who were staying at Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel worked up an appetite after a busy time of it during their victorious stay here.
While Eden, his brother Thorgan and some of his teammates headed to Braehead for some ten pin bowling at Soar on Saturday, the other half of the team went to the circus!
The Belgian lads had a great time at Ovo by Cirque du Soleil and on Sunday they all headed out for their meal at the prestigious Chardon D’Or before jetting home at eleven pm.

I had one of my weirdest meals this week at Mharsanta restaurant in Merchant City - as I celebrated Christmas with them.
The Scots food venue invited a posse of food bloggers and events organisers along to their festive menus launch night.
There was a tree - with baubles aplenty, Christmas songs galore and even delicious mince pies and turkey, not to mention the potent mulled wine (half a glass did it for the lightweight that is me)
I thought it was pretty unique, but I’ve now seen signs of the Chrimbo holidays pop up in a few other haunts...including The Village Hotel, The Hilton hotel, Chaophraya and David Lloyd.
Does Santa send out a memo?

Brilliant news that our very own Hardeep Singh Kohli did so well on Big Brother.
He’s an intelligent guy who is always great to chat to - and he’s a fab cook.
Hardeep, of course is now home in Scotland, and remains as down to earth as ever.
Instead of posing in flash restaurants and negotiating big endorsement deals like some of his reality peers he could be found immediately in one of his ‘offices’ in Dennistoun.
The first place he visited off the train was ...Redmonds bar and food venue for some... poached eggs and coffee.

Look out for Mogwai Satan beer.
The Scots band revealed of me that they are actually releasing the real stuff in a bottle very soon. It’s named after their song of a similar name, substituting the word Fear for Beer. It’s not the first time they’ve dabbled with booze - they’ve released limited editions of whiskey and rum before too.
In Japan they’ve also had cardboard effigies made of themselves.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Beverley Lyons 
SCOTS Wolverine fan Laura Hayton has called her new baby boy Logan after going into labour within hours of winning best costume at a Comic Con hosted by Utlimate X Men writer Mark Millar. 
Laura, from Coatbridge, who is a huge fan of the comic character had her costume made by her husband and waited for eight hours to meet Mark at the event. 
She said it felt great to get Mark’s blessing after he saw the outfit. 

She explained:”My husband Andrew and four year old son Nathan and I are over the moon that Logan is finally here. Andrew is very artistic and thinks of things that no one else really does. He came up with the idea and gave the outfit to me on Saturday morning. I'm usually up for anything especially with having a four year old. It's good to teach him not have any reservations about enjoying himself. 
“At the event it was tiring but I spent most of the time sitting down in the main hall listening to the Q+A's with the Outlander stars, Mark himself,  Robert Florence and Sanjeev Kholi. My husband introduced me to comics and the comic films, and Nathan loves Spiderman and the Marvel superhero comics. 
“Wolverine is one of my favourite films and my husband's favourite comic so he suggested the name Logan. He's definitely going to be a little superhero. I'm looking forward to seeing both my superheros growing up together.

She added: “The fact Mark has 'blessed' the baby is fantastic. I find it so funny and definitely a story that will be told at Logan's 21st.
A thrilled Mark Millar said: “The fact that Laura has now called her baby Logan after Hugh Jackman’s famous character is the cherry on the cake. It almost feels made up. Our host, the brilliant Glasgow comedian Billy Kirkwood, who was giving his services for free, picked Laura out from about thirty entries on stage. There were some great costumes here and Billy was left in the genuinely difficult position of choosing, especially given more than half of the entries were young kids. 
“Laura’s wee boy shouted from the audience, super-proud, that his Mum was having her baby on Monday and Billy looked around at this girl with the big pregnant bump who had brought her kid to the event for the entire eight hours and said ‘well, your Mum’s just won £100’. 
The money had been donated by Residence Estate Agents and it was the perfect end to a great show. The costume was utterly brilliant, two baby Wolverine claws busting out of her tummy. In a crowd of great costumes it was the stand-out and also means we can sell an extra ticket for the event next time!”
Mark added:”We all had a ball at the show and I’ve had a great time putting on these big events in my old Townhead area of Coatbridge. We’ve got a big Santa Experience planned for Nov 24th and a free Christmas dinner for all pensioners at an Abba Tribute night in December. My wife Lucy and I have enjoyed all these more than anyone.”

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Beverley Lyons
IT was a one night only performance but Soul Nation Choir showcased a month’s worth of vocal power at their Edinburgh Festival show.
The passion filled troupe headed up by vocal coach and ex boy bander Chris Judge already count Susan Boyle, Tom Jones, Paolo Nutini and Lulu amongst their celebrity followers and collaborators and it’s easy to see why.
Choirs are aplenty but Soul Nation are at the top of their game and boasted a repertoire of songs ranging from gospel standards like Higher and Higher to pop and rock anthems like Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River in their set.
Their All Fired Up gig at the Gilded Balloon Debating Hall saw a full house as the ten strong choir powered through anthems including an emotive mash up of This Is Me from the Greatest Showman and From Now On.
The buttery vocals of Chris and the gang made songs like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Shackles by Mary Mary seem like a walk in the park. 

The troupe were joined onstage by beat boxer Bigg Taj and gave a modern twist to classic songs like 
Stand By Me.

They even managed to have some extra fun interaction during the performance with ‘karaoke’ style singing by plucky audience members. 
It all added to the feel good element of the evening and it’s easy to see why the choir who were the featured vocal in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers version of Avicii’s Wake Me Up are a favourite at high profile gigs as well as weddings and theatre shows.
Roof raising anthems like I Believe I can Fly and Walking In Memphis really showcased the individual voices that make up this passionate group.
By the time the inspirational performers sang their trance fuelled rendition of Set You Free (as featured on their recent River City wedding appearance), and a finale featuring west end star Brian Leys performing Circle of life from Lion King, the Debating Hall was filled with a plethora of Affirmatives. 
It’s a big yes for the talents of Soul Nation. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Friday, 24 August 2018

The Lyons Share: From The Dolls to Matt Baker with Overwatch gossip in Glasgow

IT was great to bump into The One Show’s Matt Baker in Glasgow on the 12th anniversary of the show. 
The first episode of the BBC flagship show was aired on August 14 2006 and although it’s made down south, it was nice to see Matt up here. 
Matt was one of the surprise guest presenters for the European Championships, taking over from Clare Balding who was also here. 
I say surprise sports presenter, but anyone who knows his history won’t be that shocked. 
Matt is an ex gymnast and was a Junior British Champion who was heading for the Olympics before illness (anaemia) meant early retirement at 14.
Matt who was staying at the Village hotel while here told me he loved being back in Scotland and couldn’t wait to catch up on the atmosphere of the European Championships around town. 
My mum was with me at the time and he gave her a wee wave as she smiled at him from her seat. 
He’s so well known to those of all ages from his Blue Peter days to his Countryfile shows and he’s set for even bigger things.  
He arrived on Friday for the tail end of the event but managed to squeeze a lot in before heading back down south for the One Show celebrations. 
He actually studied drama in Edinburgh before applying for his job on Blue Peter and left before his time at Queen Margaret College was over so it was nice to see him back.

SCOTS comedians The Dolls were hanging out at The Barras this weekend - posing like haddies for photos for their new show The Dolls Dragged Up. 
I love a wee walk round the stalls looking at the vintage delights on offer - and it’s been great to see some new shops pop up there in recent weeks. 
But I couldn’t believe it when I walked into Gayle Telfer Stevens and Louise McCarthy who make up the vocal comedy duo. 
The two quintessential Glesga cleaners  were not alone - Glasgow drag queen Reba Martell was in tow. 
She’s no relation to old singer Lena as far as I gathered. 
Anyway the three of them looked like a sight for sore eyes in the best possible way in their brightly coloured overalls and dodgy make up. 
River City star Gayle told me their last show sold out the top Scottish venues in just twenty minutes. 
Co star Louise who is due to appear in country music film Wild Rose can’t wait to star in the next Dolls Show which is now on sale throughout Scotland. 
It’s called The Dolls Dragged Up and this one looks set to be a smash too. 
The girls are keeping tight lipped about the plot line but I couldn’t resist asking for a wee song sing with them on the streets outside the Barrowlands sign. 
I’m sure some of the passers by thought it was just a normal day down there. 

I had a wee laugh when I met the Netherlands gymnastics team during the European Championships. 
They sported tops emblazoned with the words NED Gymnastics.
It made me imagine there might be prizes for necking a bottle of Buckie while chibbing someone at a street corner, or wearing a Burberry baseball cap whilst pulling up one leg on your tracksuit bottoms and running up and down the park. 
There could also be a prize for how quickly you could steal a Berghaus jacket while vaulting over a fence. 

FANS of Overwatch video game will be chuffed to hear that I met with the brilliant Lucie Pohl in Edinburgh during the festival. 
I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting the US German born comedian and actress a few times through the brill publicist Mel Brown who looks after Lucie during her shows there.
We’ve even sung karaoke together. 
This year though, Lucie was here for a holiday after working very hard on some new projects. 
She is the voice of Mercy from the video game Overwatch which has received Universal acclaim. 
You might also recognise her from Red Dwarf. 
She’s due to come to Glasgow Comic Con in September but has also just been revealed this week as a new voice for World of Warcraft’s new Battle for Azeroth game where she’ll play pyromaniac Rixxa Fluxflame. If you’re not geeked out yet you soon will be. 

I partied with influencers including blogging mummy Mama Reid and instagrammer Abbie Blyth at Fake Bake’s latest night out. 
In the ultimate girlie soirée., a small posse of us including were treated to a delish dinner at new Scots restaurant Mharsanta (meaning Merchant in Gaelic) followed by a trip to the cinema. 
Everything was Mamma Mia themed including the cocktails and the food - and throughout the night we listened to Abbas finest songs. 
Our trip to the cinema caused a few looks as we made our way in a stretch Hummer complete with disco lights inside. 
And once inside the private room at the Odeon Quay that Katy Perry hired when she was last here we had an endless supply of sweeties from Glasgow company Sweet Sookcess. 
The sweeties weren’t the only candy to catch everyone’s eyes - and by the end of the cinema most of the girls had fallen for Young Bill played by actor Josh Dylan. 
Few know that he has already treaded the boards in Scotland appearing at the Edinburgh festival in 2013.
And he cites a Scottish accent as one of his strong points in his CV - so he’s practically one of us.  

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Barras Square Yard cafe owner Roddy McPherson and his chums at the weekend. 
He’s got a wee cafe that’s frequented by bikers and people who come for a chat and a bit of counselling. 
Roddy who has led a colourful life in institutions says he always has time to listen to other folk. 
Amongst the gang I met on the day were great tattooed man Andrew and Frankie with the red beard. 
They looked like something you’d see in a picture postcard. 
Frankie asked me to tell you he’s looking for a good woman while Andrew wants peace and harmony throughout the world. 

Monday, 6 August 2018


ANDY and Jamie Murray’s famous mum Judy was at the centre of a blaze drama this week. 
The famous mummy who is also a Strictly Star was giving her talk to an audience at the Theatre Royal when the alarm went off at the venue. 
I was in the crowd and there was sudden panic on everyone’s faces as it dawned on everyone they had to get out of their seats. 
As Judy and her interviewer rushed off the stage, we scrambled to get to an exit and the safety curtain came down on the stage. It was all very rushed and as we exited the theatre we were told to stand in the other side of the road. 
Judy herself remained composed as she stood beside the fire engine that arrived on the scene. 
Thankfully it was a false alarm  and after thirty minutes of waiting outside we were ushered back in. 
Judy and her interviewer joked that someone might write a headline about her being carried to safety by six burly fire fighters. They also joked that more people had entered the building than had left. 

She told later: “We've had a great evening even though the fire alarm went off midway through the second half which was a bit of a challenge but they came really quickly and we sorted it out and everyone got back in.”

Tuesday, 31 July 2018


UNIVERSAL Studios in Orlando could be looking at Scots legends to inspire its latest attractions.

The park is in the process of unveiling its Halloween Horror Night attractions, which include 10 mazes based on tv shows and films like Trick R Treat, Stranger Things, Chucky, and Killer Klowns.

And the was invited down by Barrhead Travel and Universal Studios  to a very exclusive evening at Glasgow’s Blythswood Hotel to hear about all the plans. 

The mazes, or experiences look amazing and feature fully designed sets that are only unveiled after dark. 

This year you’ll get to see them from September 14 to November 3 and Barrhead Travel has teamed up with Universal to offer special packages from Scotland and the rest of the U.K. 

The attractions open after the daytime park shuts down and there’s plenty of things that go bump in the night. The attention to detail is incredible. 

Michael Aiello, Senior Director Entertainment Creative Development, said: “We’re developing an entire horror maze attraction centred around the first season of Stranger Things. You’re going to be surrounded by the Upside Down and be attacked by the Demigorgon. We’re working with Netflix on that. We also have a maze based around Trick R Treat, an awesome movie about Halloween, and you’ll be stalked by Sam. He is the caretaker of Halloween and if you don’t follow the rules he will make your life a living hell.”

Sam was wandering around the Blythswood and a manger to give us a good fright or two with his creepy demeanour. 

Michael added: “We’ve also got a black light maze called Zombie Exposure where you will be in total darkness.  We also have a Chucky and Killer Klowns maze based on those movies.”

Michael said he was definitely open to spooky ideas from Scotland now that the nights are in their 28th year.

Amongst those we discussed were the legend of Sawney Bean, Burke and Hare, The Wickerman and Bible John.

He said: “When I travel I try to get a sense of the stories that exist in different cultures. what are the things that go bunk in the  night in Scottish lore and if they can become real full blown horror experiences in the States.”

Barrhead Travel, one of the UK’s leading travel agencies, is the only UK travel agency to operate a strategic partnership with Universal Orlando Resort. 

The Glasgow-based business is working closely with Universal Orlando Resort to deliver highly engaging and inspirational marketing campaigns to their customer network. Orlando remains a top-selling destination for Barrhead Travel, who have this year reported increases of 111% in bookings to Universal Resort Orlando.

Dedicated Florida specialists can be found throughout Barrhead Travel’s 74-strong retail network across the UK and will tailor-make getaways specifically to each of their customers’ requirements. 

All park passes, accommodation and tickets (including tickets for Halloween Horror Nights) can be booked with Barrhead Travel online, in-store or via telephone. Tickets for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights are on sale and start from £101pp. Find out more about booking your Universal Orlando Resort holiday with Barrhead Travel:

Explore the hotels:

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Explore ticket options:

Book your Halloween Horror Nights experience:

Call Barrhead’s Florida specialists: 0141 242 1300

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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Beverley Lyons
Richard Jobson caused uproar at Scots music festival Rewind when he called Leo Sayer a little midget s**t.
The Kircaldy born Skids frontman didn’t hold back when he told the crowd at Scone Palace about his disappointment after the band’s most recent album Burning Cities reached number two in the indie charts, kept off the number one spot by Leo Sayer.
Fifty seven year old Richard said: “We released an album and it went to number two in the charts. Did we get cut off by the Clash or Bruce Springsteen in the charts? No, we got kicked off the number one spot by Leo Sayer. Ah the pain. Little midget sh**.”
Leo wasn’t on the bill at the fest which saw vintage acts OMD, Tiffany, Roachford, Howard Jones, Odyssey and the Gypsy Kings perform for tens of thousands of people. The festival which is celebrating its tenth year anniversary in the U.K. returns today with Boomtown Rats, Imagination, Wendy JamesUB40Midge Ure and Heaven 17 and Bonnie Tyler.
As the sun shone Richard also told the crowd: “What a beautiful day. Let’s dance and shout and sing together shall we for twenty five minutes of pure joy. You all look absolutely incredible. You look amazing. We were going to wear some Lycra but it wouldn’t fit over our stomachs.

Saturday, 14 July 2018


THE Vamps have admitted they are in awe of Paolo Nutini and would love to collaborate on a song.
The Can We Dance hitmakers were in Glasgow and Edinburgh’s HMV today to sign copies of their album Night and Day (Day Edition) which sees them go up against Drake and Rick Astley in the album charts.
They were surrounded by screaming fans on their flying visit but promised to come back soon in their next tour.
Singer Bradley Simpson spoke fondly of his Scottish fans and admitted his favourite Scot was Paolo Nutini while bandmate Tristan Evans opted for Andy Murray.
Bradley said: “I’ve walked past Paolo and he’s like an idol l. I love him. I saw him when we played the Radio 1 Big Weekend here in Glasgow and he headlined and closed the show and it was amazing to watch him. There’s no need to even think about doing a collaboration with him. We’re doing it if he’s  up for it. Who knows what we’d sing. Just to be in a room with him would be cool.”

Monday, 9 July 2018


A young Scots businesswoman is cleaning up after her bathroom products were given the seal of approval by stars backstage at Scotfest.
Twenty one year old Alana Taylor from Cumbernauld only began her online business six months ago, but she’s already providing her own brand toiletries as far afield as Dubai and Australia.
As well as selling known brand names at competitive prices, product developer Alana also lists her own products like Taylor and Taylor handwash and shower gel and Casa Dolce Casa handwash on her site.
In an enterprising move, she asked Scotfest organisers if she could gift some of her products to the celebrities who were backstage at the nostalgia music festival.
Artists including S Club, The Jacksons and Boyzone were playing the fest over the weekend.
Alana couldn’t believe it when East 17 and Liberty X both thanked her for her products and made a point of taking them away with them.
She said: “I’m hoping to make washmestyleme a brand that is on everyone’s lips and it’s great to receive the support from festival organisers like Scotfest. I couldn’t believe it when East 17and Liberty X thanked me for the hand wash I’d developed with my family. It’s a long process to get products recognised in the toiletries market but this has definitely encouraged me to keep going with my company.”

Sunday, 8 July 2018


US superstar Marlon Jackson broke down in tears on stage during the band’s first gig since his father’s death.
The Jacksons were headlining at Scotfest in Ingliston’s Royal Highland Centre for their first performance since burying their father Joseph on Monday.
Putting on a brave face earlier in the day, Marlon and his three brothers Tito, Jackie and Jermaine had said that they were keen for the show to go on, just as their father and mentor would have wanted.
Marlon who proudly wore his daddy’s striped jacket backstage said: “Doing a show like this uplifts us especially at this time, especially during these times. It’s all about having a good time so we’re going to have a Jackson party tonight. We are taking our memories on stage with us. Edinburgh means love peace and harmony with our fans.”
Tito added: “We’re dedicating this performance to our late father.  This is our first performance since his passing so tonight’s show is his.”
The ABC, I’ll Be There, and Blame It On The Boogie hitmakers thanked their fans on stage for their support and prayers.
Throughout the set emotions were high as a video of Joe talking about the early days was played, but it was the performance of Gone Too Soon that proved too much for Marlon.
The ballad, sung by Jermaine  is normally a tribute to their late brother Michael, but the brothers had already admitted to friends that they knew it would be hard to sing it with their father’s funeral fresh in their mind.
As Jermaine ended his heartfelt rendition, Marlon couldn’t help breaking down into tears and put his hands to his face or wipe away the tears. He ended up having to turn his back on the audience to wipe his face with a towel before turning back to them.
Later Jackie said: “A lot of people thought we weren’t coming to Scotfest because of my father’s passing but this is something my father would want us to come and do and perform in front of the fans so that’s what we do. We continue.”
Jermaine: “There are moments where it is hard to sing certain songs and when there is a lot of music we won’t be doing which we could do and we will do at another time.”
The nostalgia fest also saw Bay City Roller Les McKeown pay tribute to late band mate Alan Longmuir as he told fans that Alan will be ‘singing with the angels’ .
S Club 3 and Five Star also played while
Boyzone and B*witched performed at the fest yesterday. 

Thursday, 5 July 2018


Beverley Lyons
BOYZONE singer Keith Duffy says he’s becoming emotional as the end of the band is in sight - but he’s hoping family and  friends  including the famous sporting Evans brothers lend their support when he plays Scotfest this weekend.
The singer is going to make sure he has a real party in Edinburgh when he plays the Royal Highland Centre In Ingliston on Saturday for the nostalgia fest.
Boyzone will headline the gig while B*witched, Five, East 17 and Liberty X also play Saturday following The Jacksons, Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers, Five Star and S Club on Friday.
He said: ”Scotland has always been one of my favourite places to gig and Scottish fans are just nuts, not unlike the Irish. They like a swally, as we say, and  know how to have fun.”
“Scotfest is a festival show and will be a great outdoor party. Hopefully we don’t get the typical Scots weather and it remains sunny.”
The Scotfest show is the second last time that Boyzone will perform here - with their last ever Scots gig at the SSE Hydro in January next year.
Keith admits he’s already preparing himself for an emotional time but is hoping his friends and family will give him a sense of perspective on the end of the band.
He said: “It is the end of Boyzone and a conscious decision has been made. It’s  not a decision we’ve taken lightly and we’ve been humming and hawing over the last while about what way we should do it.
We’ve all gone down different paths and have been busy. Brian McFadden and I have been doing very well as a duo and enjoying playing smaller venues. It’s been more like the early days playing theatres and halls and looking into peoples eyes.”
Keith said of the split: “Thankyou and good night is what was decided and we have respected the memory of Stephen Gately.
It feels like one last hurrah after twenty five years and it will be really nostalgic.
I’m emotional. If you spoke to a member of my family they will tell you I am quite sensitive and quite emotional. There will be melancholy and a tear in my eye. I’m still coming to terms with it because it is so final and does need to be so final and so dramatic and for us to believe it and embrace it. It is dramatic and final but it is going to be a great party. The Evans brothers come to all the Boyzone gigs so they are invited to Edinburgh.  They can stand by the side of the stage or if they want to go out front they can do that too.”
“When you look at it, we are all grown men in our forties with grown up kids. Although there will be tears, there are far worse things in life like the loss of Steven and my daughter Mia who has autism graduating from school, so we will get over this. There are always different channels in the entertainment industry. “

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Scots Italian restaurant ORO has been named as one of the top seventy restaurants with pizzeria in the world by the Italian Government.
The stylish South side restaurant at 85 Kilmarnock Road is owned by Glasgow restaurateur Domenico Crolla. 
The name means Gold in Italian and it’s particularly fitting now that Domenico and his wife have been awarded a gold True Italian Taste award by the authorities in Rome. 
Domenico who has hit the headlines around the globe with his pizza portraits and use of gold leaf in his cooking, always planned to set the gold standard in Scots Italian food and he’s thrilled to make the list alongside some of the world’s top Michelin starred restaurants. 
Domenico who has just returned to Scotland after picking up his award at a prestigious ceremony in Rome’s three Star Michelin restaurant Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria over the weekend said: “We are now officially recognised by the authority and ministers of economic development in Italy and are in the top seventy pizzeria restaurants in the world out of an incredible 32 countries.  I’d like to thank all our customers, staff and chefs. Without them we wouldn’t have made it.”
Restauranteurs from as far afield as New York to Tokyo, from Dubai to Oslo were presented with their prize by Italian TV presenter Fabrizio Nonis while Michelin  Three-Star Chef Heinz Beck prepared the winners meal.
Domenico said: "Gold plays a large part in our interior design and of course we use some gold leaf in pizza toppings and other dishes but the name choice is more because our food is to a gold standard.”
The difference is our ingredients. Our chefs are brilliant but I do the buying of ingredients like the chicken and veal so I can guarantee the quality of our meat and that it's additive free.
ORO is my baby and I eat here, and my children and family eat here. If it's good for my family it's good for your family.  That's the definition of a family restaurant."

Saturday, 30 June 2018


US supergroup The Jacksons will fly to Scotland next weekend to pay tribute to their late father at their first gig since his death.
Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon have confirmed to Scotfest organisers that they will still perform at Ingliston Royal Highland Centre on Friday July 6.
Their legendary father Joe, also dad to music legends Michael and Janet Jackson, lost his fight to cancer on Wednesday aged 89.
Michael’s daughter Paris has already paid tribute to her granddad calling him ‘one of the greatest patriarchs to ever live.’
Scotsfest Director Stuart Prentice confirmed he had been in contact with The Jacksons management as soon as he heard the news.
He said: “We sent our sympathies through to the Jackson family as soon as we heard of Joseph's death and gave them the space they needed. We are delighted to hear they are still playing Friday night and we can’t wait to see them on stage. We know that fans in Scotland will show them the love and support that they need at this emotional time.”
Joe’s funeral is expected to take place over the next week.
An insider added: “The Jackson family are grieving but also want to celebrate the life and work of their father.  He was always of the opinion that the show must go on and as Scotfest is the first date in their tour diary they will be flying to Edinburgh to do what they do best. There will be tears but The Jacksons won’t let their fans down.”
Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers, S Club, Five Star and 911 all play Friday at Scotfest whole Boyzone, B*witched, Liberty XEast 17 and 5ive play Saturday. 


Boxer David Haye told me he’s enjoying his retirement at the Action For Children Sport Dinner on Friday night.
The Hayemaker who held multiple world championships in two weight classes was interviewed on stage by STV’s Peter Martin but mingled readily with guests.
He told me: “I officially retired a few weeks ago so pipe and slippers are in full effect and I’m not smashing it as hard. I can eat and drink what I want now.”
David who cautioned off a personal training session on the night,  couldn’t stop giggling as Peter, whose humour is often close to the bone,  took the mickey out of main sponsor Poonam Gupta OBE who owns the hugely successful PG Paper company.
Poonam and her husband Puneet managed to help raise over £100,000 on the night, no doubt helped by Puneet bidding £15,000 for a personal portrait session with Scots artist Gerard Burns who has painted Nicola Sturgeon, Billy Connolly and Ewan Mcgregor amongst others.  Gerard who was there admitted it takes a lot of effort to paint portraits so he was thrilled his donation had gone  for such a great price.

I might have felt slightly worse for wear after my Saturday night Katy chasing but I had a lovely Sunday brunch with influencers including Emily Shak and Abbie Blyth at Glasgow’s Hummingbird on Sunday with clothing and accessory brand House of LBD.
It’s run by Emma Sinclair who is a real entrepreneur. After realising her initial business of Little black dresses had limited appeal she decided to personalise her products with peoples initials, starting with scarfs. She presented me with a clutch bag which is part of her new range and she has toilet bags and phone covers too. She works at STV too but her work with House of LBD has become a real success.
We all enjoyed a cocktail masterclass  before tucking into mini donuts, brownies and an array of sandwiches as well as posing by Mr Flowerwalls latest creations.
We even drank cocktails from a disco ball! It’s a hard life.

Ex Rangers striker Mark Hately reckons he might like to be an active player in  the football game again if he gets the chance.
Mark was a guest of PG Paper at the Action For Children Sports dinner .
After our chicken dinner, he revealed: “I’m always thinking about things. Football has been my life since i was born and whether the next stage of my life is going to be in or out of football I don’t know. It’s difficult one to answer. I’ve been club ambassador for eighteen years but I might want to dip my toe a little bit deeper into the game. We will see.”

I managed to say a quick hello to the Glasgow’s own Lulu before her gig at Kelvingrove bandstand.
Lulu, who was at the stylish Malmaison hotel, is someone I’ve grown up with.
My wee daddy Ben Lyons, who is no longer with us, produced her first radio broadcast on the BBC after discovering her singing at a party in town so we’ve got some lovely memories.
Lulu always looks younger every time I see her. She loves to wear a baseball cap off stage and she’s the only sixty nine year old I can’t think of who suits it. She reminded everyone at her Scots gig of her age when she told them she used to get a tram car from Denniston to Kelvingrove bandstand as a wee girl for one penny in the old days.
Lulu, who was married to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, is chuffed that Barry Gibb is receiving a knighthood from the Queen and told her fans on Twitter exactly that.

I had a wee chat on the phone with Social Bite’s Josh Littlejohn as he announced that his charity venture Sleep in The Park will be held in four cities.
Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen will see around 12,000 people sleeping rough for charity on Saturday December 9.
Josh who did it last year told me: “it was the coldest night of the year and when I got home I found it hard to imagine doing it night after night. We’re hoping to raise even more this year - with six million as our target.”
Amy Macdonald, and KT Tunstall will be flying to all four locations with Fred MacAuley hosting Edinburgh and Irvine Welsh reading a bedtime story.
The helicopter that will fly the girls on the night has been donated by Andrew Devlin who owns Curtis Moore Cladding Systems.
Andrew was last seen spinning around a dance floor at the Little Less Strictly Come Dancing ball with Strictly’s Oti Mabuse. Since then he’s been known as Twinkle Toes.

It’s a busy weekend for festive fun in Glasgow and beyond - and it’s going to be mad for me.
As well as the cool Fiesta x Fold at Kelvingrove this Friday and Saturday with Nile RodgersThe Pointer SistersEarth Wind and Fire and Hoey Morgan’s NYC Block Party there’s also TRNSMT.
I went to the first TRNSMT at Glasgow Green last year and it was a lovely friendly festival in the heart of the city. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday sees the first of three dates with two more planned next weekend. I can’t wait to catch bands like The Killers, Liam GallagherStereophonics, Jessie J, The Script James Bay and our homegrown talents like Franz Ferdinand, Nina Nesbitt, Lewis Capaldi and Gerry Cinammon.
I love the fact that it’s in Glasgow Green so I don’t need to take any over night bags.
I’m also due to pop into Dumfries Youth Beats festival on Saturday with Basshunter, Jax Jones and Sigala so I’m still not sure how it’ll all pan out...

Friday, 29 June 2018


A Kevin Bridges doppelgänger is making fans laugh out loud when they go to see scary movie Hereditary. 
The little girl in the scary movie looks like a younger version of the thirty one year old stand up comedian from Clydebank - and fans can’t get over it. 
The young girl Charlie played by Milly Shapiro is meant to terrify audiences as she makes dolls from stray items that she finds including a birds head - and makes a strange clicking noise with her tongue. 
Even celebrities like Katy Perry have been unnerved watching the drama unfold. 
Instead, Scottish fans have come out giggling at her likeness  to ‘hoose rice’ jokemaker Kevin. 
Fans on Twitter were amongst the first to comment with Bethany Black saying: ”Saw an advert for that Movie Hereditary. Looks terrifying, imagine being haunted by Kevin Bridges? Doesn’t bear thinking about.”
Shannon added: “Watched hereditary last night and spent the whole film laughing at how much Charlie looks like a mini Kevin Bridges. It’s uncanny.”
Goal Pooch added: “Just seen 'Hereditary'. Two hours of a little girl who looks like Kevin Bridges creeping around the seemingly immortally preserved mum from 'The Sixth Sense'. Absolutely mind boggling.
Iain Riley joked: “Kevin Bridges' new stand-up show, Hereditary, looks terrifying.”
Catherine Kieley said: “Everyone’s tweeting about Hereditary but honestly I can’t get past how much that kid looks like Kevin Bridges.”
And Jade Milliken added: “See that “Hereditary” movie that’s getting called the scariest movie ever? I’m sorry but watch the trailer and tell me that the wee lassie isn’t Kevin Bridges wae a wig on and il tell you you’re a liar.”
 Ally Finnan also suggested Kevin might have a secret offspring. 
She laughed: “Here @kevinbridges86 have you seen that new horror Hereditary? The wee lassie in it is your ringer #secretwain”
So far Kevin whose favourite movie is Ghostbusters has not responded to their enquiries but were not sure we’d like to meet him in a dark night out.”

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Katy Perry might be glamorous but she ended up having to scoop up the mess left behind by her pet pooch on the runway as she left Glasgow by private jet .
Katy was departing from Glasgow Airport on her private plane when her poodle Nugget decided to leave Scotland a wee present as she boarded the plane but she decided to pick it up in case it wasn’t appreciated.
Katy was the first big celebrity to enjoy a stay at the newly revamped Blythswood Penthouse - and she even took Nugget there with her.
I’ve taken my own adopted Basset hound Bertie there before and he is treated like a king. He enjoys their scones but they even make special biscuits for doggies who stay there - and have doggy pillows.
Katy checked into the hotel in the wee small hours of Friday morning after arriving in Glasgow straight from Manchester.
Last time she was here she brought her own pillow with her to help her sleep in a new envrionment.
The penthouse with its own roof terrace has two bedrooms and a large living room complete with a hot tub and sauna as I saw at a party earlier this month.
Prices start from £2,500 a night.
Katy walked from there to Taco Bell with some of her crew and was picked up by people carrier at the corner of Sauchiehall Street. Her cars had to drive the wrong way down the street to pick her up after traffic was diverted from the fire.
I met Katy and her tour support Disney Star Hailee Steinfeld who sings the infectious anthem Starving after she and her party hired a private room at the Odeon Cinema to watch a horror movie. It was around one am.
She posed up for pictures and met thrilled Glasgow school girl Ailee Carroll, 16, from Anniesland on her way out.
She’s lost a lot of weight since the last time we met and that’s in part due to her assistant who makes sure she gets a good workout on tour. As you might have seen in some stories she cycled by the Clydeside and actually went by bike from the Blythswood where she was seen saddling up by one of my friends John Brown. 

Monday, 25 June 2018



Katy Perry hired out Glasgow’s Odeon cinema for her whole entourage before her Glasgow gig this weekend.
And she asked her security to take away a case of Irn Bru and shortbread after tasting it on her trip.
The Roar and I Kissed A Girl singer and her team took over one of the private screening rooms which have a starting price of £2000 to watch horror movie Hereditary on Saturday night.
Katy turned up at the Odeon Springfield Quay with her concert pal Hailey Steinfeld and their entourage of dancers, singers and security at 10:30pm for their bespoke screening.
The last entry for other films  was 9:30pm so the Star and her crew went unnoticed until they emerged later to pose with cinema staff who had been clearing up the reception area.
They lounged in the cinemas plush VIP seats and giggled and screamed during the horror movie.
Katy, who had earlier eaten at a Taco Bell, wore a baseball cap to hide her famous blonde locks and was dressed in matching baseball style pants. 

She said: “I absolutely loved the film.”
An insider added: “It was a rare night off for Katie and she wanted to spend it with her friends on the tour. She doesn’t get much free time on the tour so it’s important she gets to relax.”
Pitch Perfect Disney star and Starving hitmaker Hailee Steinfeld wore a beanie hat and danced around with her crew in the foyer of the hotel.
She was thrilled when fans recognised her at the entrance.
Katy who is dating movie star Orlando Bloom was out and about meeting fans on Sunday as she went on a bike ride Big the River Clyde. She even invited some of them to her Witness tour gig at the SSE Hydro and admitted there was something about Scottish pride that she loved. 

Saturday, 23 June 2018



CORONATION street actress Helen Flanagan has given birth in Scotland to a bouncing baby girl.
And the 27 year old actress who is engaged to Celtic player Scott Sinclair revealed she had a water birth as she told fans she decided to call her daughter Delilah Ruby Sinclair.
Helen who played Rosie Webster in the soap said: “Our beautiful daughter Delilah Ruby Sinclair was born yesterday on 22nd June at 5:18pm weighing 6lbs 15oz. I had a very quick labour, a water birth with just gas and air, absolutely besotted so in love.
Feel so blessed to have our healthy baby girl and I feel good after my labour xxx.”
Thankyou to all the amazing midwives at the
Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow for everything.
Celtic wags Josefin Lustig and Corrie actresses Samia Longchambon, Jennie McAlpine and Lucy Fallon and Georgia May Foote were amongst those to send their congratulations.
Helen received a push present of a White Range Rover from Scott in the days leading up to the birth. 


Beverley Lyons
Johnny Depp wore a special badge with pride at his Scots gig after being presented with it backstage at the SSE Hydro.
The Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean  star and his Hollywood Vampire bandmates Alice Cooper and Joe Perry met up with Dreammaker Les Hoey and some sick kids from his charity during a special meet and greet.
Les presented them all with a badge of Mr Wizz, the special mascot of his charity for terminally ill and sick children in Scotland.
Johnny even asked Les to pin it on him so he could wear it on stage. 

Les said: “It’s a dream come true that Johnny wore the badge on stage during his performance. He met with some children on the night and was very interested to hear about the charity and work they we do.”
During his performance Johnny paid a tribute to David Bowie with the song Heroes as well as singing Jim
Carroll song People Who Died - about deceased friends.
He also told charity worker Les that his favourite whisky is a £1750 bottle of Bunnahabhain Canasta.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Steven Gerrard had his big week in Glasgow for the first day at Rangers but no one knows (until now) that he visited the cinema in the city centre the very same day.
The new Ibrox team manager popped into the Blythswood hotel just a few hours after his first day on the job to watch a film with seven other official looking pals in the hotel’s private cinema room.
It has Harris Tweed chairs and is a cosy place which fits forty at a cost of just under a thousand pounds.
The room was booked under Box To Box which is Steven’s nickname but I’m still not sure if he watched the latest Disney movie, Power Rangers or a Rangers induction video now that he’s a new member of the club.
Maryhill fan Kenzie Smeaton, 12, got to meet him when he was outside with his dad Mark and was probably the first Glaswegian to do so.

Sometimes I just bump into celebs...
The surprise meeting  of the week was with Gilbert O Sullivan who was dining at the Crowne Plaza while I was waiting for Johnny Depp.
Clair singer Gilbert, 71, was in Glasgow to appear on BBC’s The Quay Sessions and had just been interviewed by Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross across the road at BBC HQ.
He told me he had family ties in Scotland.
He said: “My daughter is married to a Scotsman who is from Glasgow so we come up here.”
Gilbert is celebrating five decades in the music business and he says he listens to artists like Jay Z and Paloma Faith just to keep on top of current trends. He wasn’t however heading over to see Johnny Depp, preferring to have a quiet night with the family.  

THE Mitchell Library played an important role after the Glasgow Art School Fire.
It. was with great sadness that I reported live from the fire at The Art School.
My Facebook livestream ended up being shared around the world as people showed their love for the beautiful building that has become such an important part of Scotland’s streetscape.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh remains as relevant today as he did 150 years ago.
The scenes on the street were chaotic as revellers tumbled out of clubs only to be met with the blazing scene.
Some screamed in shock while others remained silent and open mouthed.
I spoke to a few residents who couldn’t get into their homes due to the blaze. They were directed to the Mitchell Library where officials met them to help them get alternative accommodation for the night.
I also spoke to Arun Day who was DJing at Campus and had to tell people to evacuate the building. He had to abandon his car, wallet and belongings in the frenzy.
As we watched the fire take hold, small explosions could be heard. He claimed they were due to air cannisters exploding in neighbouring entertainment venues.

I tried out the new seasonal menu at Vapiano Glasgow and found out the Celtic lads had beaten me to it.
Dembele and N’tcham are regulars at the Buchanan Street restaurant where you can order single, double and triple portions of your meal.
You watch as they prepare your food and you can decide how much salt, sauce and pasta you get- perfect for the diet conscious footballer.
I on the other hand just stuffed my face. Some of the new dishes include Risotto Vegetalia with white and green asparagus - probably a favourite of the hoops lads.

STOOSHE didn’t let a bit of rain cramp their style when they played the outdoor stage at Edinburgh Pride.
The Black Heart and Waterfall hitmakers are doing a tour of Pride shows around the U.K. and just returned from Ibiza.
Contrary to some rumours they said they’ve no intention of  splitting up. They just  like to pursue individual projects in between.
The girls said a quick hello to Lloyd Daniels who was also floating about backstage with Edinburgh’s own Caitlyn Vanbeck and Glasgow’s GSide.

FORMER X factor singer Lloyd Daniels claims that Glasgow is like a second home to him.
Lloyd is currently in the middle of rehearsals for Closets - a time travel LGBT drama about two boys on different time zones.
He says he’s keen to set up a big band so he can return to Scotland with a full music show.
The Welsh lad is keen to avoid other reality shows for the time being but says he’s always had a soft spot for his Scots fans.
He told me: “Glasgow has - family feel to it. It’s like Wales - it feels like home.”

Katie Price might have enjoyed a weekend of healthy fitness fun with her new beau Kris Boyson, but she because the subject of a cheeky meme online.
Katie was staying at Gleddoch House and popped into Club 29 and Coast restaurant in Langbank while she was here.
She was still here on Fathers Day as she met another girl called Jordan at the airport.
Unfortunately some cheeky internet creatives decided to put up their own imagined depiction of Katie Price’s Father’s Day celebrations - with photos of her huge family of exes online....
Wonder if our Loose Woman favourite saw the funny side.