Thursday 8 December 2022


SCHITTS Creek star Emily Hampshire has revealed she got her first black eye after an accident on set whilst filming Amazon Prime original drama The Rig. 
Emily who appeared at the premiere of the new thriller with Martin Compston which starts on January 6 revealed that eagle eyed viewers will be able to spot her injury despite heavy make up.
She told at Edinburgh’s prestigious Gleneagles Townhouse: “I did get my first black eye on the show, not on the show but on the set. So in a fun game you can try to see where my black eye is. Ellie our makeup woman did an amazing job but there is one scene where you'll see my black eye. 
She revealed:  “I walked into a crane, an actual metal crane…and you heard it. Martin said it was a ‘belter’.”
Emily, who also, says she did a tonne of running on set to keep fit, also said she got extra exercise going up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. 

She said of her filming experience in Scotland: “It was amazing. I mean, at first, it was during the height of masks and I couldn't understand anyone.”
“But I was also taken on a what I believe in called a wee walk.
“There was a lot of uphill in that walk and it ended up being me climbing a mountain - Arthur's Seat. Not a seat. It was a mountain. 
So it was a lot. 
The star who wore a kilt during her visit to Edinburgh - ‘with underwear’ added: “But what was amazing was I didn't know anything about rigs.
“ It's not an industry that that we know about and so I just loved kind of just learning about this whole new world. 
A first I kept calling it a ship, which it’s not.”
I’d love to film here again as long as I am warned before I go climb a mountain.
Absolutely. I love it here. I also love this cast and like working with all the Scottish actors and UK actors. 
I'm in love. With all of them. This one, Martin in particular especially.”