Tuesday, 5 March 2019


SCOTS Squad’s Officer Karen might have tackled a few big cases in her time, but she’s never got her teeth into  something like this! 
Actress Karen Bartke was dining in Glasgow’s Dakhin restaurant when she was presented with the three foot in diameter whopper made from rice, lentil, a bit of sugar and salt. 
The massive gluten free dosas as they are known in South India can be filled with mashed potatoes, chicken, lamb, seafood or even ice cream, or other treats for those who like a bit more sugar.

Karen revealed that her character Officer Karen would be particularly chuffed as she is gluten intolerant. 

Keen said: “It is the biggest pancake I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m quite afraid of it because it is just vast. I’m not sure I have a frying pan big enough to make it. Ironically officer Karen is gluten intolerant so this is the ideal pancake for me as Officer Karen. 
We established that in a really early one because Bobby came in and wanted to give me Whoopsy’s and I said I couldn’t take them because I was gluten intolerant. This is the ideal restaurant for Officer Karen because she can’t have gluten. Looking through it is like looking through the Clyde Tunnel. 

Karen is about to star in There's Something About Mary Queen of Scots tackling one of the country's most well-known and loved figures at the Flying Duck on March 15. 

It’s part of the Comedy festival but she’s open to other roles and looks up to Olivia Coleman as an actor she’d love to enmulate. She said: “I’d kill to do something like Broadchurch.”

Karen says she’s often given roles because of the dark circles under her eyes.

She laughed: “I make a really convincing shift worker because of my dark circles. In the make up and hair at Coronation Street where I was playing a Doctor I said to the lady that under my eyes was the black hole of concealer because it sinks in instantly and she told me ‘That’s good, we like that in our doctors.’ 
I look like I’ve not slept. I need to get a fire service job and an ambulance job and maybe a social worker just to do all your major shift services.” 

In the meantime talented Karen is looking forward to series five of Scots Squad and said: “It is due to go out on the new BBC Scotland channel and then I think BBC 1 Scotland. I’m really proud of the show. It’s got a lovely heart and real empathy for the police’s function.”

Friday, 1 March 2019


It’s National Pie Week from March 4 -March 10 and it’s a date that is very important to  us Scots. After all, who doesn’t love a pie? 
We’ve got eight fun facts you never knew about your favourite treat to tantalise your tastebuds in the run up to the big week. 
From the Killie Pie to Desperate Dan’s Cow Pie we’ve got it covered. 

Did you know? 

1. The Forfar bridie is the cause of much controversy. The origin of the name ‘bridie’ has caused tongues to wag.  Saddler’s Bakery claims the pie was named after Maggie Bridie, who distributed the pies to local farmer’s markets ’ while other claim the pie was named due to being a culinary treat saved for special occasions such as weddings (hence bridies), which explains the horse-shoe shape for good luck. 

 2. Pie has been around since Egyptian Times. The definition of a pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. This means lots of things qualify as pies including mixed fruit pies in North America served with a dollop of ice cream known as Pie a la mode because ice cream was trendy at the time.

3. All around the world there are competitions for unusual pies including the annual Strange Pie Contest in California and the World Championship Scottish Pie Awards In November.  In California they came up with   'Pickle and Peanut Butter pie', and 'The Club pie' (that's French fries, bacon, and mayonnaise), and the 'Candied Peppers and Chocolate pie'.

4. In North India they even eat pies! There is a traditional slow cooking technique called the Dum Puhkt (careful how you pronounce that) which started in the royal kitchens of the Awadh region in India and the words “dum” and “pukht” mean to breathe and to cook, respectively. This technique involves placing the food in a heavy-bottomed brass or clay pot called a handi, sealing it tightly with dough and cooking it over a low flame. Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant in the Merchant City even has a special section dedicated to this gastronomic dish. 

5. Scotch pies are also known as mutton pies, and used to be frowned upon by the Scottish church who viewed them as luxurious, decadent English-style food in the Middle Ages.  Ironically they proved to be the ideal food for working men and women who bought them from pie-men or pie-wives in the city streets centuries later. The space on top of the pie, created by the raised crust, would sometimes be filled with gravy, beans or mashed potato.

6. In Roman times the pie's pastry shell was designed to be used as a baking dish, storage container, and a way to serve the filling. Records show that Romans would use meats, oysters, mussels and fish as the filling and a mixture of flour, oil and water to keep it all in place. Unlike these days where we munch everything, the pastry was often tough and inedible and designed to be put in the bin.

7. In 16th century England "surprise pies" featured live animals inside. The animals would jump out at posh dinner parties and included frogs, squirrels, foxes and, even "four-and-twenty blackbirds." At one dinner attended by Charles I, they say a huge pie was placed on the table and when the crust was removed, a dwarf jumped out from the pie! Don’t think he was eaten.

8. Two of Shakespeare’s characters met their death through a Pie! Out of  74 scripted deaths throughout his 38 plays there were plenty of stabbings, poisonings and beheadings. In Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare's first tragedy), Titus Andronicus wreaks revenge on Queen Tamora and her family for their evil deeds by baking her sons into a pie and serving it to her.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019


 Beverley Lyons
RICHARD Madden ended up paying for his own ticket to see a film he narrated at the Glasgow Film Festival.
The Bodyguard and Game of Thrones star turned up unannounced at the Glasgow Film Theatre for the world premiere of Harry Birrell: Films of Love And War and surprised punters in the audience.
Richard, who told filmgoers in the audience he was in town for some work, had narrated the documentary about amateur camera man Harry Birrell who was born in Paisley in the 1920s.
The documentary was put together from hundreds of hours of amateur footage and is one man’s view of the twentieth century.
Instead of taking a complimentary ticket which was available at the film office, he insisted on paying his £11 for the pleasure of listening to himself.
Richard then sat with films producer and Harry’s granddaughter Corina Birrell and met up with co producer John Archer and Director Matt Pinder at the end.
A GFT film goer said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw Richard queue for a ticket and then take a seat in the cinema. It was really bizarre. He looked so handsome in his black too and jacket.  He was keen to be pretty low key and he seemed to have a great rapport with Carina Birrell and the crew. It was around three thirty pm and most people didn’t realise they had a real award winning star in their midst.”
Golden Globe and NTA award winner Richard is currently being tipped as the new James Bond as previews of his new movie project Rocketman are released.
The actor plays John Reid Elton Johns former lover and manager in the movie which is due for release at the end of May. Allison Gardner Co-director Glasgow Film Festival, said:  “We are delighted that Richard made the effort to support the film at its debut screenings at Glasgow Film Festival. Richard leant his voice to wonderful documentary and it was a joy to have him the audience'

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CORRIE’S Helen Flanagan has been busy preparing for her big day with Celtic winger Scott Sinclair by visiting the Scottish Wedding Show - and picking out cakes and entertainment.
 The glamorous mum of two took her baby daughter Delilah Ruby with her to the runway show as she watched the latest fashions and organised some of the finer details of her wedding with her make up gal Kirsty Martin.
Helen who ended up breastfeeding Delilah during the show, has said she will marry in summer - after taking time to get rid of a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm in order she could wear her dream dress.
She said at the time “I’m super girlie and I’ve dreamt about my wedding since I was young, so I’ve already been wedding dress shopping! I found my dream dress, but it’s sleeveless and I have a tattoo on my arm that I got when I was much younger. I always cover it up, but if I want to wear this dress then I won’t be able to, so I’m going to have to have the tattoo lasered off.”
She spent the day talking to different stall holders at the bash in Glasgow’s SEC. 
and she told followers online: “Had a lovely day at the Scottish Wedding Show.”
Amongst the stalls Helen visited was bespoke wedding cake designer Marie Clare Cake Design whose previous creations include a life size tea set made entirely of sugar as well as owl shaped cakes  and sugary planters. The company makes a point of meeting with couples to create exactly what they want. 
Helen posed for a pic at the stand and owner Marie Clare Heffernan Martin, a baking columnist for our sister paper the Sunday Mail, sent a message to Helen following their meeting saying: “Lovely to chat with you Helen Flanagan. So pleased you like my cake.  S*** just got real.”
Helen who plans to centre much of the activity around her two beautiful children, also managed to chat with Pamela from Arty Party Crafts who provide activities for bored kids at weddings and said: “Thanks for stopping by to discuss children’s entertainment with Arty Party Crafts wedding function and entertainment. It was lovely to meet you and your beautiful daughter.”  
The model and actress also checked out the trendy Blue Parrots event group who have everything from Oscar themed statues, Friends couches and Alice in Wonderland props to interactive games said: “Thanks for stopping by to chat to us today Helen. You looked beautiful. Hope you had a great day.”
Helen also had a chat with flute, violin and piano trio Amarone music who told her she was such a beautiful mama and even more stunning in real life. They added: “Hope you got some inspo for the wedding.”
Fans were thrilled to see Helen at the event and breastfeeding her baby in public. 
Irene Cullen told her: “So great to see you normalising breastfeeding in public. It will help nervous mums do it.”

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From Scotland with Love Theshowbizlion.com

From Scotland with Love Theshowbizlion.com

Monday, 25 February 2019


Watch as Fernando Ricksen gets his new tattoo. 
The Rangers legend, 42, got the tat inked from his bed at St Andrews Hospice in Airdrie this morning and it was filmed by YouTube page Rangers Fans Channel. 
The video features Glow Star Brian Matthews who now also has a famous tattoo   of a Celtic badge on his thigh after his girlfriend sought revenge for his cheating wats. 
In it, fan Kirsty Lindsay, who works at Kenny’s House of Pain Tattoos in Hamilton, can be seen giving Fernando the painful lion tattoo on his neck over a two hour period. 
The tattoo manager, 33, said: “Fernando did amazingly. We thought it would take longer but was quicker than we thought. 
It was one of the sorest places. People find it quite painful to get it done on their neck. For him to sit for two hours and be in pain is amazing. This is the second time I’ve tattooed Fernando. The first time he fell asleep. 
Kirsty added: “He just emailed me a few weeks ago and we were planning it and set a date for today because he wanted it done for some time. It’s not a response to the other tattoo. We’ve been planning it since December. He got it done as his star sign is a Leo.”
“It’s a difficult area to tattoo and we had to make sure he was as comfortable as possible.
“It was lovely to get the chance to do it, thought. It was a real honour and it’s something I’ll remember for a long time.”


Beverley Lyons
Ariana Grande has asked fans going to her Glasgow gig to bring all their belongings in clear plastic bags.
The Thank U, Next singer will appear at the city’s SSE Hydro in September 17 and has made the move in the wake of the Manchester arena bombing which saw twenty two people being killed.
Scots have been asked to use a see through bag no bigger than 12 inches by six inches by 12inches like a one gallon resealable freezer bag - ziplock or similar. The bags must be made of plastic, clear vinyl or pvc and no cameras or recording devices aside from a phone camera are permitted.
The star is also offering her own brand of clear plastic bum bags in her site for eight dollars and U.K. fans have asked her to make them available here ahead of the tour.
Ariana told her fans: “We’re sending out emails soon encouraging you to order a clear bag to bring your things into the venues as security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict.
They’re super cheap and simple but having them ahead of time will for sure help things go as smooth as possible so if you see this in your emails please don’t ignore it!
My team n i appreciate it very much! p.s. any clear bags within a certain size (all info will be in the [email]) are totally fine to bring if you already have your own, i just wanted to make sure you saw these and knew about all this ahead of time so everything can go as smoothly and safely as possible.”

Sunday, 24 February 2019


COFFEE lovers will be in their element now that Scotland’s TriBeCa restaurants are offering bottomless cups of the elixir. 
The Glasgow and Edinburgh based American diner is about to announce a brand new menu incorporating its famed burger and pancakes - and we’ve managed to get a bit of inside info ahead of its launch.
Diners at the four Glasgow restaurants - Dumbarton Road in Partick, Park Road in Woodlands, Fenwick Road in Giffnock and Bell Street in the Merchant City  as well as the one in the capital’s London St, will be able to enjoy limitless cuppas  Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 11:30am and 2:30pm-5:30pm.
The bottomless coffee and a bagel offer gives you unlimited filter coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese or butter for 4.95 and is available now.
The new menu will also be available across all TriBeCa within the next two weeks.
We recently told how new owners stepped in to save the restaurant chain from liquidation - and they have plans to expand the American-style diner further with fifteen planned over the next two years.

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Thursday, 21 February 2019


CELTIC boss Brendan Rogers became a university lecturer for the day after urging students to learn a foreign language.
And students couldn’t believe it when he started chatting away to university professors in Spanish, French and Italian in the lecture theatre at the private event.
Northern Irish football gaffer Brendan was the very first speaker at the Living Languages event hosted by Senior Language Teaching Fellow Cedric Moreau.
And he even welcomed children from St John Ogilvie High School in Hamilton and Holyrood Secondary in Glasgow to the chat about his love of linguistics.
Brendan spoke of his love of learning and revealed to students that an "inspirational" teacher/coach Jim spurred him on to be the best coach he could be.
He told them: "Do the extra work, put the time in".
Brendan, who recently translated a written message in the official football programme to Spanish fans for the Celtic Valencia game, also said it was important to use languages in work life
Student Jack Batty admitted afterwards: “I’m still shook at Brendan Rodgers chatting away to my uni lecturers in Spanish, French and Italian. What a man.”
Hollyrood French and Spanish teacher Mr Mcilkenny added: “I had a great Monday night hearing from Brendan Rodgers about the importance of learning languages. It was a tremendous experience for our four S2 pupils from Holyrood Secondary who attended and got to hear about language learning first hand from an inspirational and high-profile guest speaker
Brendan has told of his loved of language in the past.
He had tried his best to communicate with players in their native or shared language and explained: “I always think if you speak to someone in their second language, you speak to their head. If you speak in their first, you speak to their heart. I've always tried to let players see that.”

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Boyzone were thrilled to meet one of their first Scots charity patients on Glasgow - twenty five years after they first helped her make her dreams come true.

Shelley Cunningham first met the boys in Scotland at the SECC In 1994 during their first big tour of Scotland.

Shelley then aged 12 was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She also had septicaemia and a form of meningitis.

The visit was organised by her dad, now the famous Les Hoey MBE who is behind Scotland’s Dreammaker charity and who was desperate to help his daughter meet her idols.

At the time no other charity would help fourteen year old Shelley to fulfil her dream.

Les who is currently looking for Kiltwalk volunteers said: “I made three phone calls and no one would help me. They said they were too big a band, so I had to do all the groundwork myself. Eventually I managed to get in touch with Mark Plunkett who was the tour manager at the time and he told me he would organise it on the day of the concert.”

Shelley had spent nearly two years in Yorkhill Hospital, after a bone marrow transplant following her diagnosis in 1992  and pop group Boyzone were new to the scene.

When Les saw how happy this made Shelley, he was inspired to give other children with life threatening illnesses the same joy, and so the DreamMaker Foundation was born.

Shelley said: “The first time I met Boyzonethey were all so nervous. They asked me how I was because they could see I was skinny from all the treatment.

It built my confidence up and made me think positively after the meeting. It was incredible to meet them again twenty five years later.

Ronan remembered our first meeting and Shane said to me I’d grown up since the last time. We had a great laugh backstage and it was so lovely to chat after all these years.

I talked to other families who were there and met some kids who were going through the same illness that I had. As one parent said it was good to see the positive instead of the negative things.”


BUSTED rolled into Glasgow yesterday for a not so secret trip ahead of their tour date at the SSE Hydro on March 23.
The lads managed to fit in a wee visit to King Tuts Wah Wah Hut where they even hid a copy of vinyl for one fan to find once they’d gone - (it’s now been found to save you a trip) The lads also popped into the BBC where they have guested on Mrs Browns Boys alongside Paddy McGuinness who was also here for a flying visit. I’m so glad they are back and that I never caused any damage to them when I went paintballing with them inside the Radisson Hotel years ago. I just missed Matt Willis eye at one point. I guess I almost busted Busted.

OUTLANDER and Burnistoun star Richard Rankin is slightly worried about his next trip Stateside.
The fun actor is due to appear in Portland Oregan at the Wizard World convention on February 22-24.
He’s been to fan conventions before but this one has a twist.
As well as going on a whisky tasting session with Outlander fans, Richard also has an axe throwing session lined up.
He joked: “Mixing axe throwing and whisky is always a good idea. No one ever died doing this.”

I’m feeling musical after attending Glasgow’s Clyde college for the end of year music showcase.
It was great to watch promising musicians of the future including vocalist Keira Marks, xylophonist Erin Dalrymple and saxophonist Matthew Ruddy.  It’s put me in the mood for some of my own vocal lessons and I’m about to get some from the brilliant Robert Wishart who has trained up numerous Jim Diamond Award winners as well as helped Freddie Mercury tribute Gary Mullen fix issues he had with his voice.
Watch out for my next performance... out of the shower. 

Saturday, 16 February 2019


Musician Example managed to play through the pain of a knee injury while he was in Glasgow - but he’s had to cancel other gigs.
I caught up with the brill singer, songwriter and producer ahead of his SWG3 gig at his city centre hotel.
He told me he’s written songs here in the past and may be inspired to do it again.
He told fans he’d need to be in Australia where his supermodel wife stays from February 17 until March 4.
He also told one fan to get rid of her boyfriend after she told him he’d dislocated his knee and couldn’t walk to go to his concert.
Surely there some irony in that.

Musician and author Scott Cowie has just penned his latest book and invited Val Cleminson, of the Sensational Alex HarveyBand to perform on his launch night.
Things You Won’t Believe About Music is launched at the Blue Arrow on March 5. The book is also illustrated by fellow musician Martin Kelly.
I’ve had a sneaky peak and did you know Music makes plants grow faster, Prince played 27 instruments on his debut album and Music was once an Olympic sport.

Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd thrilled fans of Greys Anatomy Stateside. The former hobbit donned a kilt, bagpipes and Scottish accent for his time on the show with Kevin Mckidd who was also directing. Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame was also on the show. Billy said it was a real treat to be on the series.
American fans are now clamouring for the star to appear in more shows over there. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


FRANZ Ferdinand’s bass player Bob Hardy has just published a very personal account and unusual of his touring experiences.
Bob, who has always been an artist in addition to his musical talents, managed to take pictures of the hotel rooms he stayed in during his time with the Scots band.
He’s now got them published in the latest issue of Performance Research.
He said of the quirky project: “I provide a sample of a larger project termed World Tour. The images, in their accumulation, provide a record of the interior spaces – the hotel rooms – that I have moved through in my position as a bassist in the band Franz Ferdinand. The images detail, in their own unobtrusive way, my attempt to re-appropriate and dwell in spaces that are not my own.”

Greg Hemphill and Janice Forsyth were amongst the first in the queue for the newly reopened Fopp music store in Byres Road.
Both had campigned for its opening alongside Alex Kapranos and Tam Dean Burn.
Janice, who I last met at the Scottish Music Awards bought lots of goodies including DVD’s of Funny Life, Funny Girl,  The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp and the Billy Wilder collection.
I love it when people put money where their mouth is.

Helen Flanagan was a special guest of Fake Bake at their latest hotel party.
The Corrie star took time out of being a busy mum to indulge in a host of goodies at the bash including a hot tub filled with balloons.
The event in aid of Galentines - Valentines for gal pals saw guests showered with bottles of tan eraser, tanning water and other glowing products.
Helen even managed to take home a gift for her wee one Matilda in the shape of a froggy balloon.
She said: “Matilda will be delighted. She’s princess and frog obsessed.”

Friday, 8 February 2019


Beverley Lyons
SIMON Cowell has invited two Scots cancer teens and their families as VIPs during the live finals of Britain’s Got Talent after they presented him with a teddy bear and Tunnocks Teacakes for his son Eric.
The music mogul and reality show judge was in Manchester and held up the show recording with Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Williams when he met Sara Miller, 15 and Molly Cuddihy, 16.
The two girls and their mums had been invited down to watch the auditions of the shows by the Les Hoey MBE Dreammaker Foundation.
Sara who has suffered from non Hodgkins lymphoma and has had five phases of chemotherapy since 2017 said: “It was amazing and everyone was lovely, especially Simon who couldn’t have been nicer. I took him a teddy bear and said he should give it to Eric and he said Eric would love that and he would give it to him that night. He was a wee bit smaller than I expected but was amazing and asked us to come to the live shows. David Walliams is so funny too, hysterical. Me and my dad and brother love him and he was interested to hear about our conditions.”
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Williams also welcomed Sara and Molly.
Molly, 16 from Gourock who was diagnosed woth Ewings Sarcoma and finds it hard to walk now said: “It was incredible. Simon was so friendly and not the cold personality you see on TV. He was quite taken aback we thought of Eric and he loved the Teacakes too and kept them beside him for the auditions.  They were all really lovely and really interested to talk to us even though we met them during the actual show. They said they would restart after our meeting. Ant and Dec even gave me a high five on the way down.

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Thursday, 7 February 2019


SCOTS singers Caitlyn Vanbeck and Gregor Hunter Coleman have offered themselves up for a hot double date with lonely singletons this Valentines Day. 

The talented twosome who have performed on our screens through X Factor and beyond teamed up with Scots online beauty company Washmestyleme.com and Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant to give two lucky winners a priceless night to remember. 

And two separate winners  will be treated to a bundle of K|Night, Betty Jo and Pain In The Sass perfume and aftershave gifts and toiletries alongside a full three course meal with drinks. 

As well as dining with the singing stars each winner will be given a love book about Indian Goddess of Love Kamadeva, and a bunker pack of pressies from the Washmestyleme.com website created by 22 year old Scots beauty entrepreneur Alana Taylor. 

Caitlyn from Edinburgh who has had hundreds of millions of hits online and once shared a flirty exchange with Justin Bieber said: “When it comes to dating I’ve not yet met Mr Right so this night could be perfect in every way. As well as smelling nice we’re all going to leave our dates with very full bellies.”

Glasgow’s Gregor Hunter Coleman, who counts Nicola Sturgeon amongst his admirers,  says he’s had a whole host of bad dates - including one where his ‘ex girlfriend ended up serving him and his date on a night out - leading to a very unfortable atmosphere’, can’t wait to play host with the most and wine and dine his winning date on Valentines week. 

He said: “It’ll be a fun night and I’m more than happy to serenade my date on the evening. I can’t wait to see what Lady Luck brings my way.”

Both Caitlyn and Gregor want to hear about peoples worst dating stories and two winners who impress with their tales of woe will be picked for a Valentines date with them. 

Entrants must be over 18, able to take their prize in Glasgow between February 13-17 and willing candidates should send their worst date story and name, age and address to alana@washmestyleme.co.uk by February 11.

As part of Valentines Day, toiletry company Washmestyleme.com have reduced the price of their aftershave and perfume box sets by up to a third. The Dhabba In Candleriggs is also offering the first thirty couples who book on Valentines Day a copy of the book of God of Desire Kamadeva. 

Sunday, 27 January 2019


SCOTS heartthrobs Gerard Butler, and Sam Heughan put on their kilts for a real celebration of the Bard In LA. 
Even Take That’s Gary Barlow turned up to the tartan fuelled evening hosted by Sir Tom Hunter and his wife Marion at the swish bash in Fairmont Miramar co hosted by Bafta LA and The Kilt Walk charity. 
Outlander star Sam Heughan got laughs as he addressed the Haggis while Gerard Butler showed off his fine physique in true Scots style. Gary opted for a suit instead of a 21st Century kilt. 
Guests enjoyed Cock A Leekie Soup, Venison Stew, MacSweens Haggis and Steelhead Trout Saltimbocca, Mashed Neeps and Tatties and Cranachan with Fruit and Cheese and Shortbread.  
Balvenie Whisky and Lanson champagne was poured while red rose petals were stuck on crystal candelabras and tartan and thistles added some extra decor to the occasion. 
A piper welcomed guests and Ross King said: “The boys are back together. Thankyou Sam Heughan for the best haggis address ever.”

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Thursday, 24 January 2019


BOYZONE’S Keith Duffy is hopping to catch up with his Scots rugby pals Thom and Max Evans when the lads play here at the weekend.
Boyzone will be playing their fairwell gig tomorrow night at the SSE Hydro and Keith told me last time we spoke that he and the Evans lads are the best of pals.
He said: “The Evans brothers come to all our gigs. They either stand side of stage of go out front - whatever they want.”
Keith and the lads says they won’t be going crazy after they Hydro gig.
He laughed: “Those days are gone now and we’ve all had our moment of glory. We don’t like hangovers anymore so play golf now and enjoy glass of wine parties.”
HARRY Potter, Sense and Sensibility and Gosford Park composer Patrick Doyle got everyone sobbing as he made it a real family affair at his Glasgow concert. Not only did he bring his two daughters Nuala and Abigail  to accompany him on Sigh No More. He also managed to play a treasured sixty year old recording of his own father Patrick singing at a family gathering. He told the audience it had been his dads ambition to sing with  a live orchestra but he sadly passed away last year. His wish finally came true at Celtic Connections and it was a true homecoming. I definitely lost a few fake lashes on the night.
Glasgow Film Festival goers are up for a real rough and ready night at this year’s event.
The 12 day long fest from February 20 to March 3 will see seven world premieres, 102 UK premieres and 49 Scottish premieres. Guests including Sir Michael Palin, Carol Morley, Matt Bomer, Carlos Acosta, Josh O’Connor, Alice Lowe, Simon Amstell and music video director Lance Bangs.
One of the highlights will be a showing of Fight Club in a mystery destination in North Glasgow featuring real fighting.
I’m told the battles will be coordinated by Scots fight expert Janet Lawson who was a member of the stunt team for Season 6 of the TV series Vikings and plays Mrs Hinzmann in the Scottish Christmas Zombie Musical Anna and the Apocalypse.
She knows her stuff and some locals might think it’s the real thing.

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Monday, 21 January 2019


HOT Scot Richard Madden admitted he and his family were fans of Paisley’s Vienna’s nightclub on a night out in the States.
Bodyguard star Richard has been seen at the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes in the last week where he picked up an award for Best Actor.
The Elderslie born talent met up with Scots club owner Tony Cochrane ahead of the event and even introduced Tony to his mum and dad to reminisce about Paisley.
Tony told me: “I met Richard along with his mum and dad who were both wearing a wee bit of tartan at Critics Choice Awards. We got chatting and I told him I had clubs in Paisley and around Scotland. When he found out I owned Vienna’s he called his mum and dad over and they talked about how well they knew it. Richard was so excited to talk about Scotland and his roots. ”
You can take the boy out of Elderslie but... you know the rest.
David Tennant is so tickled pink by his brand new gadget at home, he thinks it’s better than a sonic screwdriver.
The Broadchurch and  Doctor Who star who is soon to star in Good Omens on the Beeb told fans at a US convention that he has just acquired a special hot water tap.
The tap allows David to make a cup of tea without boiling the kettle.
He said: “It is the best thing that has ever happened to us. That is a thing of great joy. You don’t have to boil a kettle ever again. The boiling water just comes out of the tap”
Simple things.

I don’t now what I’ve let myself in for but I popped along to Fitness Frontier at Glasgow’s Clydeside for my first ever session with a personal trainer.
Chris Johnston has trained everyone from The Weakest Links Anne Robinson to River City’s Tom Urie and the Miss Scotland girls. Now he’s training me. He told me to take along a banana and bottle of water to the first session and I ended up needing them both. I thought I was semi fit but after one minute of skipping (which turned out to be twenty seconds of getting puffed out) I’ve realised I’m not exactly Rocky. Watch this space.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019


DINERS at the newly opened Bertie’s fish and chippy in Edinburgh had to look twice when they saw George Michaelimpersonator Rob Lamberti singing his greatest hits on stage.
Rob, who comes to Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall in May along with members of George’s actual band and The Royal Philharmonic orchestra, performed everything from Faith to Last Christmas in a set that wowed not only the VIP diners but loads on social media.
Young Fathers Ally Massaquoi was boogieing away with me and Caitlyn Vanbeck as we joined Hearts and Hibs players to eat deep fried mars bars at the bash.
Rob, who was employed by Sony to be George’s double on a number of occasions, and also counted the real singer as a big fan, told me he actually always wanted to be a Marti Pellow soundalike, but was told by others he was more suited to George. He didn’t realise Wet Wet Wet were recently looking for a new singer until it was too late. Obviously he was wishing he was lucky...
JUDY Murray ended up getting a hard time on line after her bag melted in the Australian heat.
The temperatures over in Oz are so hot at the moment that one man managed to cook a steak in his car in an online video that has now gone viral.
Judy too, suffered from the boiling conditions, as she showed off a picture of her bag disintegrating in the sun.
One fan commented: “Cheap gear Judy, buy nice or buy twice,” while another added: “You didn’t buy it at the Barras in Glasgow did you??
Judy laughed: “This would never happen in Dunblane.”
Comedian and presenter Des Clarke believes in synchronicity after he helped to feed homeless people through a random act of kindness.
The Capital Scotland and BBC Breaking the News presenter had visited a pal at Morton’s rolls this week and had been given a crate of them to give out to his work colleagues back at the office.
Des said: “The guy kindly offered me some crispy rolls to take away. I expected half a dozen. He gave me 100 and told me to give them out at work, but 100 was too many to shift. So I called Glasgow City Mission. Before I could explain, I heard some chat in the background.
What’s that?
“It’s the chef. He’s doing the big lunch for the homeless. He’s supposed to be making bacon rolls. But he’s run out of rolls.”
Really? How many does he need?
“About 100.”
As Des says himself, Life really is amazing.

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Sunday, 13 January 2019


Glasgow will be welcoming some new food trends this year including seaweeds, oat milk and seed butters.
While donuts and avocados were all the trend in 2018 we are planning to go back to basics for the next twelve months according to food experts around the globe.

Seaweed is bigger than ever - Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, edible seaweed also lends a nutritious taste to mealtime. Kelp and dulse flakes, seaweed pestos and crisps are the in snack to have at any respectable dinner party.

Paleo and Vegan food or Pegan as it is known will also be popular. It’s continuation of clean eating with plenty of veg and fruits, high quality fats and food including fish, and meat that hasn’t been treated with pesticides antibiotics or hormones.

Vegan dishes are already rearing their head  with eateries like Glasgow’s Dhabba North Indian restaurant launching a bespoke Vegan menus for customers who care.
Diners can enjoy delights including Gol Gappa - crispy puffed bread with sported potato, chickpeas and cumin and Bhendi Do Payazi with okra, red onion, ginger and chillies and Daal Makhani, a rich concoction of black lentils, kidney beans and split chickpeas.
Breads and salads are also on the separate menu.
Latest figures show that 3.5 million people now identify as vegan, 20% of under-35s have tried veganism, and 25% of our evening meals are now meat-free.
Vegan wines are also going to be big sellers.

French patisseries
Doughnuts are being replace by eye catching desserts and cakes as we go for more French fancies: mille feuille, flans patissier, madeleines, religieuses. Desserts are becoming as stylish as the people eating them which could be interesting in Glasgow.

Celery Juice
Celery Juice is also being praised for its ability to help remove toxins from your body and stabilize blood pressure levels. It’s not the only drink that will be hitting the healthmark this year with Oatmilk also being the latest non-dairy alternative to hit the aisles. Dairy-free options, will continue to attract sales but caution should be Fakebake to ensure that additives and artificial flavours aren’t boosting the flavour too much.

Seed Butters.                                             Exotic butters will remain a staple but this time round people are opting for seed butters as an alternative to peanut, almond and cashew. Look out for lots of sunflower seed butter and tahini, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine for centuries in restaurants as well as pumpkin, and watermelon seed butters, which share the same good fat profile of nut butters. They are a good alternative for those with nut allergies.

Vegetable ice creams.                                      In a world which is becoming more aesthetically pleasing we will also contradict ourselves with the veg we buy. Imperfect vegetables are on this years hotlist and misshapen fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste, will inspire us to create more crisps and sauces made from rescued food. There will even be ice creams made of vegetables coming to a freezer shelf near you.

And while Gin was the most have drink of 2019, we will see a definite shift to Rum as Millenials choose barrel-aged, small-batch craft rums, fine rums from traditional Caribbean makers and now, British rums. Dark, golden, string or sweet, there is plenty of choice.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Scotland boss Alex McLeish reckons Laurel and Hardy have a lot to do with the success of the old Aberdeen team managed by Sir Alex Ferguson. 
Radio Clyde’s Ewen Cameron who was at the premiere with me earlier this week at the Showcase cinema in Baillieston revealed that Alex got a part in the film as an extra after he bumped into director Jon S Baird at an airport.
Now Eck, as he’s affectionately known, has revealed he has a supporting role in the film (in the background reading a paper as seen here) and added: “Ronald Villiers eat your heart out. I was in the Laurel and Hardy fab club for many years when I was younger. In fact going back to Sir Alex Ferguson’s days we’d meet for pre match meals before the team talk and watch a twenty minute Laurel and Hardy film before it. The whole squad was glued to it. Going back maybe it was the secret of our success.”
Alex joined the club with Andy Gray of City Lights and panto game and got a Sons of The Desert monthly magazine every month.”

The film is a real corker and I’d recommend it highly to anyone young or old,  whether you’re an avid fan of the duo or not. 

Stan and Ollies story is a Brokeback Mountain style narrative where the relationship between the two men is told through their adventure. 

Scots will be delighted to see the Hollywood legends on their tour of the U.K. including the old Empire Theatre in Glasgow. The film is in full colour and it’s incredible to see how much of the clever comedy has lasted through the years. 

Special mention must go to Scottish born Ross Owen who advised on the film and helped to make Steve Coogan and John C Reillys characters come to life. It’s really one of those films you need to watch more than once. 

Meantime ... Stan Laurel’s mother’s grave is about to become the centre of attention in 2019 - and his great granddaughter is planning a visit to Scotland to ensure his memory is kept alive.
Ross Owen who advised on the film told me at the Showcase in Baillieston that he’s  been in regular touch with Cassidy Cook - Stan’s great granddaughter.
He told me: “Stans first ever stage performance was in Glasgow at the Panoptican and he used to live here when he was fifteen or sixteen. His mother Madge died when he was in Scotland and she’s buried in Cathcart cemetery and been there for years but they don’t have a headstone and it’s a bit unkempt. I was telling Cassidy this two weeks ago and she’s going to come over and we are going to put a headstone up and she’s going to do this properly. She’s coming to visit the Panopticon this year.”

And...STILL Game’s Jane McCarrie, Sanjeev Kohli and Gavin Mitchell turned out to the Scottish premiere of Stan and Ollie - and ended up crying.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of the brilliant movie about the comedy legends.
It’s really a must watch and the physical comedy is timeless.
All three of the actors were huge fans of the talents. Jane who used to be a drama teacher said she has always loved the duo and even used to teach her students about them in secondary. She said: “In first year the first thing I would make the kids do would be to watch Laurel and Hardy. Most of them had never heard of them and would go ‘Oh no black and white films’. By the end of term they were all converted to big Laurel and Hardy Films.”