Thursday, 19 September 2019


Beverley Lyons 
ARIANA Grande was caught up in drama along with Billy Connolly after the fire alarm sounded at her Scots hotel. 
The US singer was staying at the stylish Blythswood hotel in Glasgow when the fire alarm sounded earlier today and she ended up being forced to evacuate her penthouse. 
Ariana, who was staying with her two dogs at the hotel inside the two and a half thousand pound suite, was less than enamoured after the alarm sounded. 
She later posted an Instagram video of her putting her middle finger up to the alarm on her ceiling as it flashed and sounded its noisy siren. 
Ariana asked the question ‘Why’ as it appeared to wake her up just after ten thirty am. 
Pitbull cross Myron and beagle chihuahua cross Toulouse even got their own room at the £2,500-a-night penthouse suite at the Blythswood where she was staying — which comes complete with a sunken-bath Jacuzzi, sauna and roof garden.
The pop princess who was using the back entrance of the hotel was not the only star staying at the city centre hotel when the incident happened. 
Sir Billy Connolly was also staying in one of the suites and was forced to come down from his room. 
One hotel guest Dr Martin Valentine wrote on Twitter: ”Meeting abandoned temporarily as fire alarm has gone off and the Blythswood hotel is emptied. On the plus side the Big Yin is here too check out his groovy shoes.”
Another hotel guest Deborah Maclachlan Dougall told the The disturbance only lasted around ten minutes. She laughed: “Everyone in the spa had to evacuate as well as the hotel guests. It was quite funny seeing Billy Connolly out with the rest of us. Only us would be standing wrapped up in just our robes and towels with Billy Connolly walking past us.”

From Scotland with Love 

From Scotland with Love

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Ariana Grande went walkabout in Glasgow on a rare day off ahead of sell out gig at the city’s Hydro. 
The US singer who has been on a hectic Sweetener tour of the U.K.  couldn’t wait to explore the bars and restaurants  of the city after arriving in the early hours of Monday morning

Ariana who had three blacked out silver people carriers to transport her and her party around the city ventured out shortly after six pm on Monday
After being dropped off at the city’s George Square,  had dinner in the Anchor Line bar and restaurant. 
The stylish New York eaterie boasts dishes like pumpkin and sage tortelloni and Malay vegetable curry which would have suited Arianas vegetarian palette. 

The singer then met up with some of her dancers at the nearby Cafe Andaluz across the road. 
She then met up with fans as she made her up the city’s shopping mecca of Buchanan Street. 
After taking some selfies, she even asked if she could look at the pictures she’d taken and added: “That is cute.”
She said: “I’m really enjoying seeing some of Glasgow and looking forward to the show.”
September marks a year since Arianas ex Mac Martin passed away from an accidental drug overdose. The singer has been suffering from anxiety on her tour nsd had cancelled all meet and greets but as she met her Scots fans they managed to make her smile during an emotionally stressful time. 
From Scotland with Love

Friday, 13 September 2019


Beverley Lyons
STILL Game’s Ford Kiernan has spoken for the first time about the agony and pain he endured before having to go under the surgeons knife following his last run of shows at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.
The comedian and actor who will star as Jack alongside Greg Hemphill’s Victor as well as actors including Jane McCarry, Paul Riley, and Sanjeev Kohli in Still Game Live: The Final Farewell stage show from September 27 until October 13, endured a complex back operation following his run of shows in 2017.
Asked about any luxuries he’d indulged in since having success with his comedy, Ford said: “The starriest thing that I’ve done is that I had two of my vertebrae removed and never waited on the National Health to give me a date for it. I went round the corner to the Nuffield and I got them to whip it out and that’s something I couldn’t have done if I hadn’t been working on the telly. It was my lower back, vertebrae five and six.”
Ford said the operation took place following his last sell out run of Still Game: Bon Voyage shows at the SSE Hydro in February 2017. And he revealed he couldn’t go on stage without receiving medical treatment before each performance.
He added: “And it was just after I finished the Hydro in 2017. I was getting a cortisone injection into my spine in 2017 before every single show.”
Showing off the scar at the base of his back he added: ”Put it this way, before I got into Chewing the Fat they’d say ‘You know who would be ideal for this?’ - Stretch Kiernan. I did the damage lifting barrels off the back of a van when I was twenty one.”
Greg laughed: “The truth of the matter is there was nothing wrong with Ford back then. It was just a Daniel Day Lewis thing. I was slouching and he was committed to be the wee one and took two vertebrae out and that is commitment.”
Ford and Greg will be saying farewell to their beloved TV and stage characters following their final bout of stage shows in Glasgow.
Greg said: ”It’s one of my favourite things going to the Hydro to do the show and it’s great fun and it feels like the end of the road. It took us six or seven months to write it, to make sure it was a fitting show, picking up where the tv show left off. It’s like getting to be a rockstar for fifteen nights and it’s pretty cool. We’re not doing the Eagles. It’s the end.”
Ford said: “People say ‘Is it the same show as before?’ but we’ve written a brand new show because it’s the finale with the big splash at the end. In the last TV episode Jack and Victor walked into the mist and they were gone. It’s all down to interpretation. If you think they are dead you might get a surprise either way. If we were designing a funeral for Jack and Victor it would be a pire.”
Greg said: “Don’t say we killed them. Maybe we differ on this. My feeling is they live their life full. I don’t think anyone would invite 150 thousand people into an arena to make them cry. I think you can’t kill them off. It would be too sad. Jack and Victor have always been about life and living it to the full.”
Following the run, both men say they want to spend more time with their families.
Greg said: ”I’m celebrating my twentieth wedding anniversary in a week and I remember buying my mum and dad a gift for theirs. It’s really freaking me out. Twenty five is silver, fifty is gold and forty is ruby. There’s other things we want to do together down the line, together and separately.”
Ford added: “We’ve got a body of actors here who are dynamite and phenomenal not just for comedy bit for everything which we are extremely lucky to have. I’d be surprised if we don’t bump into them in some professional capacity in the future.” 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


A ten course tasting menu is the stuff of dreams when you’re a foodie like me and I was thrilled to try out the 
brand new menu at 111 By Nico. 
With high style, and a unique sense of whimsy, the new ten-course tasting menu which launched on Friday September 6th will only be available every Friday and Saturday in the restaurant located at Cleveden Road in Glasgow's Kelvinside. 

Each dish was suitably different but combined well to make you feel full and satisfied at the end and not overly stuffed. 

Amongst my favourites were the duck liver parfait delivered in a golden egg presented on its own nest of straw and grass which was suitably moreish.

The sole was also a must try with orange instead of lemon delivering citrusy notes on a creamy shellfish bisque. It was light and frothy. 

I also enjoyed the white polenta which was akin to a mushroom risotto with a taste of truffle and aged parmesan. It was rich but the smaller portion size meant it wasn’t overbearing. 

The desserts were delicious and special mention goes to the gingerbread and cheese combo which was classily candied with nuts and fruits. 

Chef Nico Simeone said;

"At 111 by Nico it has always been important for us to offer an affordable dining experience without compromising on taste or portion size and the new ten-course tasting menu will take it one step further, elevate our TRUST offering and showcase some extra special food for guests to enjoy every Friday and Saturday."

Dishes on the ten-course menu include Potato Terrine - Black Garlic Emulsion, Ewes Cheese; Golden Egg - Duck Liver Parfait, Yellow Peach Comote, Brioche Espuma;

 Mackerel - Cucumber, Greengage, Elderflower, Dill & Buttermilk; Beef Tartare - Oyster Emulsion, Crisp Tongue, Pickled Shallot; White Polenta - Aged Parmesan, Chestnut Mushroom, Truffle; Sole - Orange, Braised Fennel, Shellfish Bisque; 

Lamb Flank - Tomato Compote, Olive, Ricotta, Artichoke Barigole; Turnworth - Spiced Ginger Bread, Golden Raisin, Candied Walnut; White Peach - Woodruff Cream, Almond, Peach Consommé and Strawberry - Yoghurt & Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Nico continues:

"We want to constantly push boundaries with our food concepts and we believe 111 by Nico is like a fine wine – it gets better with age. This new ten course menu is a perfect showcase for our chef's creations and of course, the challenge now is that we have to deliver for our guests".

The ten-course menu offering will sit alongside the restaurants much-loved TRUST tasting menu - an immersive experience where guests choose from a list of 12 ingredients. 

Never the same dinner twice, 111 by Nico's TRUST menu begins with an amuse bouche highlighting local ingredients, then guests enjoy individual courses such as pasta, lamb, asparagus or fish - the options are endless. The six course tasting menu ends on a sweet note with a decadent dessert and available at 111 by Nico every Tuesday - Thursday and all day Sunday. 

111 by Nico has cemented itself as a restaurant brand with an ever changing innovating dining experience, not scared to make changes and cut through the noise. The ten-course tasting menu is priced at £40 per person with a matching wine flight priced at £35 and available every Friday and Saturday only.  . 

Monday, 9 September 2019


JAI McDowall proved to be the Greatest Showman when he appeared on BGT The Champions at the weekend. 
And now we can reveal that the Ayrshire born singer underwent special training at the circus to build his confidence ahead of the show. 
As well as having knives thrown at him, and limboing under fire, Jai also took part in Zippos Globe of Death where he stood while two 125cc scrambler bikes circled his head. 
He said: “I was very nervous the first time I took part in BGT and the judges even remarked that my knees were knocking together as I performed. This time round I wanted to make sure that I’d be confident so I got some extra special training at the circus. 
He laughed: “I figured that nothing would be worse than staring death in the face.”
Jai wowed the audience with a moving performance of I’ll Never Love Again during the weekend’s talent contest and even received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. 

Simon apologised to the Scots star for writing him off eight years ago after he won the show and proclaimed: “So, 2011. I remember my issue at the time was I was struggling to find out where you fit into the market," Simon told Jai. 
"The fact that I never gave you support during or after the show and you have the guts to come back and prove a point to me: you've grown in stature and in confidence and that was an amazing performance.
"I owe you an apology for not giving you the support you needed at the time, but I also respect the fact you've come back and made me look like an idiot and you look fantastic.
"I could not be more thrilled so here's the standing ovation I should have given you."
Jai has been inundated with calls since the show and was even approached by Hollywood producers to star in a big movie. 
A spokesperson for the star said: "Jai is in talks about lots of future projects and there is s lot of interest in him taking on some acting roles, He has also received a request from Susan Boyleto join him on tour this March."

Tuesday, 3 September 2019


Beverley Lyons
GLASGOW’S Crowne Plaza hotel is celebrating its thirtieth birthday by offering one Glasgow punter the chance to set up a brand new business in its foyer for free.
The acclaimed hotel on Glasgow’s Clydeside will be celebrating 30 years since being erected in September 1989 and wanted to give something back to the community that has supported it throughout the years.
As well as marking the occasion with a big party next month, management wanted to make a more long lasting commitment to one hardworking Scot.
Manager Jason Dombrower, who took over running the hotel ten months ago, said the new business will take pride of place beside the hotel’s reception desk in the former gift shop.
And he’s looking for budding entrepreneurs to come up with an interesting idea for the space measuring 7.25m x 4m in exchange for the chance to make it a reality, rent free for twelve months.
Jason, 48, who is originally from Canada explained: “It’s important to celebrate our 30th birthday and reflect the creative thinking we have at the hotel. Since I came here ten months ago we’ve put an emphasis on service and teamwork to ensure our customer comes first.
“We have a small shop which is leaving us at the end of this month (August)  and we want to give away the space and utilities to a fledgling entrepreneur who may have an idea for a business and may not yet be able to pay rent.
“In the States in the 1920s, I read that landlords used to give space away to help support the local community.
“We’re looking for ideas of what people would like to do with the shop and we will select the winner through a Dragons Den style scenario at the end of next month.  “Maybe someone wants to run a cool barber shop or sell glorious Glasgow cupcakes or some other trendy or funky shop idea. Our overall goal is to take care of guests and team members and help a new entrepreneur to build a business for success.
If the individual then wants to stay on after twelve months we can make an arrangement from that point.”
The shop space will be a blank canvas and Jason and his staff only require potential operators to submit a helicopter view of the business idea and what it might look like.
The new business will be selected by a panel after September with a view to opening at the start of January.
Jason said: “Turning thirty is a real milestone for the hotel and the building has witnessed a huge amount of events and moments over the years. We have hosted everyone from royalty and rockstars to regular customers who appreciate our special atmosphere and accommodation.
Jason added: “The hotel changed physically since it was built as The Forum following the Glasgow Garden Festival and also since it was run as The Moat House.  We have recently refurbished some rooms as well as our leisure facilities and are constantly upgrading with plans to update our ballroom in 2020. Work is ongoing.”
Our location means we are a centrepiece of the Glasgow music scene and a hub of activity by Finnieston and the Clydeside.
Our anniversary plans will also include a special 80’s theme party to thank some of the people who have helped us over the years.”
Submissions of business ideas should be sent to by September 21 2019.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


CORRIE actress Helen Flanagan has revealed that eating curry causes her face to swell up.
The Celtic wag also claims that drinking cow’s milk could be to blame for her acne outbreaks.
Soap star Helen, 29, lifted the lid on her dietary woes online.
The glamorous celeb who shares two children with fiancee, Hoops winger Scott Sinclair, was commenting on the results of a food intolerance test that highlighted her sensitivities.
She said: “My results came back showing that I am intolerant to cows milk! I’ve always suspected I was but it’s nice to have it finally confirmed.
“I’ve suffered with acne on and off for years and always worried if cows milk aggravated my skin.
“I was interested to see I had an intolerance to kale and curry leaves\ powder my face is always puffy the day after I have been out for a curry.”
Helen also posted a picture of her full results from food intolerance company YorkTest Laboratories.
Her other main trigger foods are crustaceans including lobsters, prawns and crabs, cardamom and bay leaves.
Chia seeds, turmeric, lemongrass, spirulina, dandelion and burdock and chardonnay wine grapes were also flagged as causing her a reaction.
Earlier this week mum-of-two Helen – who has daughters Matilda, four, and one-year-old Delilah with Celtic star Sinclair – went into more details about her eating regime.
She said: "We all have different body shapes and we should all celebrate and love our bodies."
The Coronation Street star, who played Rosie Webster on the famous cobbles before taking maternity leave last year, said she starts the day with porridge and coconut milk, snacks on hummus and crackers and eats fish, pasta and rice for her evening meals.

Thursday, 29 August 2019


IT’S National Drink Beer Day this Saturday and to celebrate we’ve compiled a list of facts about one of our favourite drinks.

1. In ancient Egypt, beer was traditionally brewed by women. Beer soup was also a popular breakfast dish in medieval Britain and was often made with beer and cheese.

2. President Obama was the very first president to brew his own beer on White House grounds. The White House Honey Porter and White House Honey Ale were brewed using honey produced in beehives at the White House.

3.  For more than 5,000 years beer has been brewed in Scotland and there are currently more than 150 breweries in Scotland producing around 2,000 regular beers and thousands more special event beers.

4. This Saturday Dakhin South Indian restaurant in Candleriggs Glasgow which also celebrates its fifteenth birthday this month has partnered with Kingfisher beer to give a free pint with every main dish ordered from its menu. Just quote ‘15th birthday’ when you book a table.

5. In 2013, Germany built a 5km beer pipeline to the Veltins-Arena, a major football stadium in the city of Gelsenkirchen. There is a Thor Beer pipeline in Randers, Denmark and the Halve Maan Brewery opened one in Bruges, Belgium.

6. Beer has been around for so long that the moon even has a crater named Beer. Beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink and the third most popular drink – after water and tea.

7. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass. Obviously ‘the fear’ can come  from an beer glass too. The world's longest hangover lasted four weeks after a Scotsman consumed 60 pints of beer.

8.Stanford researchers found that beer bubbles create a gravity-defying loop. Bubbles head up in the center where frictional drag from the glass is less and moves down on the outside as the top gets crowded.

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
KAREN Gillan is in talks about a new secret project with Doctor Who and Sherlock writer producer and showrunner Steven Moffat.
Scots born Steven, who appeared at Edinburgh TV Festival this week, is currently working on Dracula for Netflix and Time Travellers Wife for HBO and recently met with Karen at his home down south.
He said: “It’s always great to see her. I’ve seen Karen quite often since she left Doctor Who. It’s great. She came round to the local pub and caused a mild sensation as people started to realise a film star had arrived.  I’d forgotten that would happen. Mostly we talked about if we had seen Matt recently. There’s a thing we’re talking about doing. It’s so secret I’m calling it ‘There might be a thing.’ I’ve got a weeping angel in my garden and when folk come round they like to take selfies with it. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of it with Karen - and Matt and Peter have been round too.”
Karen is currently in Italy where she has been sunning herself aboard private yachts in between projects.
Karen just finished filming Gunpowder Milkshake which sees her play a female assassin with Lena Headley, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett. 


Beverley Lyons
AMY MacDonald celebrated her birthday with a designer cake in the shape of a poo, toilet paper and a bottle of poo pourri.
The This Is Your Life singer turned 32 on Sunday (yesterday) and couldn’t wait to party with friends.
She showed off the cake she’d been given by one of her friends on her Instagram story, revealing the cheeky creation.
The confectionary was emblazoned with the words: “Holy S***, you’re getting old.”
She said: “If ever there was a cake that summed me up, everybody that knows me... it’s three different types of cake. The poo is peanut butter and chocolate. How good is that? I’m so excited.”

Cake designer Linda Daly who owns Daly Delight Cakes revealed: “The happiest of birthdays to my lovely friend Amy Macdonald. Next years cake will have to be extra special to top this. Apologies for the profanity this early on a Sunday.”
Amy was also presented with a golden Tennents can for her birthday.

Saturday, 24 August 2019


TV and radio presenter Mariella Frostrup says she loves whisky but feels the opposite about Scottish food.
Norwegian Scottish Mariella who currently hosts Radio 4 Open Book was in Edinburgh to interview Hugh Lawrie at the TV festival when she revealed: “My mums Scottish. My mum was born in Dumfries and Galloway. She now lives in Ayrshire and in fact I went to visit her before I came here. I love so many things about Scotland. The landscape is fantastic, the people great, so much -  I love Scotland. I didn’t mention that I loved the food did I, slightly on purpose. I like the whisky though.”
Mariella used to own a holiday home in Ayrshire nearby her mother. She used the 49 acre farm as a rural retreat away from London but decided to sell it a few years ago. 
She said at the time: “My
favourite thing is our house in Ayrshire. It’s the only place I can really
Mariella was also once married to Kirkcaldy born Richard Jobson

Friday, 23 August 2019


EWAN McGregor’s daughter Clara claims she is flattered when she gets called a trannie by online bullies.
The model and actress revealed on her Instagram that she has been called a tranny, faggot and a ‘freaking abomination’ by trolls on social media.
Clara shared some images of the intended insults, including one which read: “Of course you would have to be a proud devil to pretend to be a woman you’re not. Freaking abomination. I’m glad you can’t reproduce. But then again I’m sure you haven’t castrated yourself. You’re not a Clara you’re a Clarence.”
Clara copied one of her friends in with the reply: “HAHA. He knows my nickname. You’ve been calling me Clarence since day one!!!”
Another troll called her: “Tranny” with vomiting emojis before adding: “Shut up faggot”
Clara replied: “What’s with the emojis. That’s a huge compliment Thankyou. Those ladies know what they are doing.
She added: “Bi and proud!! Another compliment.”
Clara then said in a post: “Honestly I never respond to trolls like that. It’s usually a bad idea and I don’t want them to think for a second that I even give a small f about their rhetoric, bit this felt like a good example to share. While trying to bring me down with sexism and homophobia, he showed me that his insults could be re appropriated and seen through a positive lens. Being compared to Trans women is nothing short of a huge compliment. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but I will never take that comparison or the fact that I’m Bi as an insult.”
Clara announced she was bisexual alongside her sister Esther earlier this year after locking horns with the founder of Coachella over his alleged anti LGBT beliefs. 
Esther said at the time read: '#notokaycoachella. I'll take the time now to say – I'm bisexual.' Following the message, Clara replied: 'Love you boo. I'll hop on the train and say I'm bisexual too. Carry on!'

Thursday, 22 August 2019


Beverley Lyons 
FORMER Bake off presenter Sue Perkins claims she has been asked to go to Iran, Iraq and Saudi for telly work - but won’t go because she’s a gay woman. 
Sue was speaking at Edinburgh Book Festival when she revealed she refused to travel to the countries which would put her in personal danger. 
She said: “I’ve been offered of late some dangerous places to go to for tv.
“I don’t think there is anywhere that ethically I’d find difficult because I would challenge it.
“I’d have no problem in going into difficult regimes or places and posing questions.
But increasingly, and it’s an age thing, I’ve bewilderingly at this stage in life become quite fond of personal safety and I’ve always been very very reckless, very very cavalier.
I’ve been offered to go to Iran, Iraq, and Saudi, and I’ve said no because as a gay woman it would be, for me, too dangerous. I’d love to go because there are so many questions I have and people I’d like to meet.”
Sue who has written a book about her experiences in Cambodia called East of Croydon, also revealed her next telly travel show will see her travelling to Mexico. 
She added: “We’re going to Mexico - we’re not touching hugely on cartel land but there are some cartel issues and I belt and braces check I’m going to be safe, because what’s the point of me not being safe? What you as a viewer are looking at is a presenter who is stressed, not some interesting Mexican people.
My job is to show you interesting Mexican people.  
The presenter also revealed she considered adopting a Kolkatan child with her partner Naked attraction star Anna Richardson in 2017. 
The presenter, who has since sponsored Rakhi, who she met while making a show about street kids - and got Rakhi into boarding school so she is looked after for the rest of her life said: “It’s too dark for me to discuss here but it was one of the most profoundly painful things I’ve been through  in life. Had she been orphaned I used to have dreams of adopting her. Every night she would have been most welcome in my spare room.”

Thursday, 15 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
JOE Suggs and his Strictly dance partner Dianne Buswell have announced they have officially moved in together.
The loved up pair who began dating after falling for one another on last years Strictly show where they teamed up as dance partners, shared the news on Joe’s YouTube channel today.
Joe surprised Diane with a wrapped gift and a note which she read out To his followers.
She read: “I have officially invited you to live in my humble abode with me. What does that mean?”
After Joe admitted he knew she wouldn’t understand the wording she read out the next line ... which said: “Do you want to move in with me? Yes or No. circle your choice. All my love Joseph.”
A thrilled Diane announced: “Oh well that’s very cute. Can I phone a friend?”before Joe told her: “No you can’t.”

When she decided to circle no initially, Joe suggested jokingly she. Goth like to sling her hook.
The pair then were seen snuggling together as Diane opened his gift with Joe saying: “It’s a little moving in gift. We’re officially roommates.”
Joe presented Dianne with a 3D picture of them both dressed in cartoon style versions of their outfits in Blackpool.
Diane enthused: “That’s so cute. I’m going to keep this for the rest of my life.”
A thrilled Joe said: “Welcome to my house officially. That means now you’ve got to cook me dinner for least a month. Chapter 14 has begun. We’re off to consummate the moving in.”

The loved up duo will be touring next year following Dianne’s  appearances on the new series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
From Scotland with Love 

Friday, 9 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
LEWIS Capaldi wasn’t sure of where to look as he took part in a hilarious life drawing class with Capital radios Roman Kemp.
The Someone You Loved hitmaker admitted he was flustered as he came eye to eye with life model Michael’s bits and bobs during the session.
As six foot tall Michael walked in wearing just a towel round his modesty, Lewis who wore an artist’s black berry for the occasion, said : ”Alright mate, how’s it going?”
After he whipped it off, Lewis looked up from preparing his paint palette, shook his head and laughed nervously: “I can see why you are a lifedrawing model. I’m all flustered, just cause mine doesn’t look like that. There you go. Good for you mate, good for you I have to say. I’ll start with the face obviously.”
Asked by Roman what it felt like having a number one album, Lewis said: “I’d imagine it’s a very similar feeling to what I’d feel like if my penis was that size. I don’t know what I’ve f***ing drawn here to be honest.”

As Lewis tried to talk about his witty Instagram posts and time on the Late Show in America, he was distracted saying: “I just can’t stop looking at your....good for you. Good for you. God. It’s still quite chilly in here as well and it’s still...Sorry, Is everyone’s like that or is it just me, what was I saying?”
Lewis said he was thrilled about Star Wars legend Mark Hamill posting on Instagram about his ‘incredible’ voice, and added: “Luke Skywalker, Look Skycocker.”
Lewis also said he feared there might one day be a bad headline about him going for a wee somewhere.
He said: “I’ll go for a pee somewhere and it’ll turn out to be somewhere like in a graveyard or something. Someone will be like, Lewis Capaldi pees against grave, like Lewis Capaldi has no respect for the dead kind of thing. That’s only because I’ve got a small penis. If I had that they’d be like, Lewis Capaldi pays his respects to the dead.”

During his six minute chat with Roman for the Capital Breakfast show Lewis looked intensely at the model.
He said: ”This last bits taking quite a while.
You know as well as I do what bits I’m focusing on now. I don’t have to do any hair so thanks for that.”
As Roman prepared the final reveal of their life drawing pictures to a ‘Big Bake Off moment’ Lewis said: “I’ve definitely ignored any facial features cause you don’t really need them when you’ve got...Does yours look like that?I’m so sorry. God I feel so inadequate”
Roman revealed his sketch, featuring a small appendage and compared Lewis sketch to a cave painting,
Lewis laughed: “Imagine finding this in the Maian ruins. This is ridiculous you can’t do Michael like that. I think I’ve just focused on what we can all agree was a penis. The Dick n Dom in the Bungalow, the Ant n Dec, Thr Chas and Dave was distracting. I can’t really remember what’s happened. All I know is that I was sat with Roman Kemp and there was a guy with a penis in here and it was out for some reason.”
Lewis is set to appear  in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens on August 13 and 14 and heads to the States in September. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


HELEN Flanagan has revealed that her best pal celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham styles her from his phone. 
Helen couldn’t wait to get her jammies on and watch Love Island Reunion after putting on the style at Glasgow’s Glamsquad event on Sunday. 
The Corrie star and model was thrilled after her best friend Jay Birmingham presented a slot at the hair, make up and style show in Glasgow’s SWG3.
Helen said: “Jay is one of my best friends and he did absolutely amazing hosting Glamsquad which is one of the biggest events in Glasgow.
Jay said: “ There’s no other event of this kind that has so much talent on stage in one day. Helen and I met on Birmingham about seven years ago. Helen took me under her wing and I showed her the lights of Birmingham.”
Helen added: “Now Jay takes me under his wing.”
Jay joked: “I am Helens stylist, hairstylist, therapist, lifecoach.”
Helen said: “If I am ever stuck about what to wear I always WhatsApp Jay loads and and he send me the links.”

Helen and Jay attended the event alongside Alexis Stone, Polly Marchant, Reuben de Made and Tatti Lashes. 
Jay said: “People are going less glam now and going more natural, wearing their hair a bit messy, with tracksuit bottoms. People go to events on tracksuits now. I think times are changing now.”
The two besties were planning a comfy night in following their glam day at the venue. 
Jay laughed: “We’re going to the rathole now. I’m staying at Helen’s house and I’m having my own bedroom this time.”

Helen added: “We’re just going to chill because Jay will be exhausted after this event. We’re going to put on comfies and watch Love Island.

Monday, 5 August 2019


HELEN Flanagan has revealed that her best pal celebrity hairdressers Jay Birmingham styles her from his phone. 
Helen couldn’t wait to get her jammies on and watch Love Island Reunion after putting on the style at Glasgow’s Glamsquad event on Sunday. 
The Corrie star and model was thrilled after her best friend Jay Birmingham presented a slot at the hair, make up and style show in Glasgow’s SWG3.
Helen said: “Jay is one of my best friends and he did absolutely amazing hosting Glamsquad which is one of the biggest events in Glasgow.
Jay said: “ There’s no other event of this kind that has so much talent on stage in one day. Helen and I met on Birmingham about seven years ago. Helen took me under her wing and I showed her the lights of Birmingham.”
Helen added: “Now Jay takes me under his wing.”
Jay joked: “I am Helens stylist, hairstylist, therapist, lifecoach.”
Helen said: “If I am ever stuck about what to wear I always WhatsApp Jay loads and and he send me the links.”
Helen and Jay attended the event alongside Alexis Stone, Polly Marchant, Reuben de Made and Tatti Lashes.
Jay said: “People are going less glam now and going more natural, wearing their hair a bit messy, with tracksuit bottoms. People go to events on tracksuits now. I think times are changing now.”
The two besties were planning a comfy night in following their glam day at the venue.
Jay laughed: “We’re going to the rathole now. I’m staying at Helen’s house and I’m having my own bedroom this time.”
Helen added: “We’re just going to chill because Jay will be exhausted after this event. We’re going to put on comfies and watch Love Island.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant is launching a brand new tapas style Small Bowl menu. 
The North Indian venue in Glasgow’s Candleriggs is introducing Laghu Kund to its discerning customers from Sunday July 21. 
The menu is designed for groups of diners who want to sample a whole load of dishes or curious individuals who want to try out more than one dish.
Owner Navdeep Basi said: “Small plate menus offer a greater choice for customers and can lead to a more communal dining experience too. You can order one of two dishes with a drink or go all out with five or six bowls for full on dining. Everything on our menu is cooked freshly to order and we wanted people to be able to try some new dishes as well as old favourites. We had fun making a little promo video to go along with it although obviously our small bowls are a bit larger than the ones we made for the video.” 

On the new Laghu Kund (Small Bowl) menu you can try anything from Street Food dishes like Koliwada Jheenga with crispy king prawns, Hariyali Mokal with basil and lemon chicken and Dahi Bhalla lentil dumplings to Seafood like Rasedar Macchli Seabass fillet and Ajwaini Macchli Scottish monkfish. 
The restaurant also has a whole lamb section with delights like Laal Maas including red chillis, onions and poppy seeds and Paneer, Chicken and Vegetarian sections to the menu. 
Diners can then choose accompanying breads, rice, salads and pickles to complement their dishes. 
Bowls range in price from £3.45 to £9.95 and Dhabba’s kitchen is nut free with some gluten free options too.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


Beverley Lyons 
EIGHTIES Star Owen Paul cracked his ribs, sprained his wrist and lost his memory when he fell off the stage and plunged six feet head first onto the ground at a festival last weekend. 
And the My Favourite Waste of Time singer  who hit fame with the catchy song in 1986 claims that time slowed down as he fell to the ground with an almighty thud three songs into his performance at Tropicana Nights Eighties Festival in Southend. 
Glasgow born Owen, who is now out of hospital where he had scans, x rays and treatment following the incident said he was trying to stand on a speaker to get nearer the audience when he realised too late that it wasn’t supported by anything. 
He said: “Everything seemed to be in slow motion so I knew I was in trouble. .when I had expected to be be standing freely on a speaker. Then of course I hit the ground full in the face with an almighty thud..then the slow motion was gone. I used my superpowers lol.”
Remarkably, Owen who fractured two ribs during the fall continued singing his song Crowded House’s Weather With You as his manager and backing singer Lynne watched on in amazement. 

He said: ”It wasn’t sore at all in the thirty or so minutes during the rest of my show. I told my manager and backing vocalist on stage that I thought I had broken my ribs but that we should carry on. It wasn't until I was in the ambulance at the side of the stage that the pain arrived..such is adrenalin.”
“I actually have little or no recollection of anything afterwards until I saw the footage, but in reality it's probably the experience of thousands of gigs I've performed at since I was a teenager that made me react in such a way.”
Owen, who says he once fell of the stage in 1986  at the Manchester Apollo on his first UK tour and was grabbed at the time by the mainly teenage audience before security stepped in, was rushed straight to hospital by ambulance. 
Medics told him he could easily have broken his neck with the fall. 
He said: “I truly had no idea what had happened until I was shown the footage that the paramedics had seen which is why they were ready when I completed the show. I actually managed to sing another seven songs before I left the stage. My family thought it was quite funny and attention seeking until they saw what happened. .as my mum and the doctors said, I could easily have broken my neck and worse. Apparently I bounced off speakers a bit on the way down.I have no recollection of that. My bruised legs and back know I did though so I’m very lucky.”
Owen has found it excruciating to sing since the weekend but managed to fight through the pain to appear on stage again at Lets Rock Liverpool on Saturday. 
He said: “Clearly as my rib cage is right up against my lungs and diaphragm it’s  excruciating just to breathe never mind sing...but I will heal. I was lucky. Unfortunately I was due to perform at Hale Barns carnival the day after the fall, but I could neither speak sing, stand up sit down or anything without squealing lol true. .so we had to pull out. I have barely moved for days but have had visits from my children and friends etc..all that has cheered me up. I'm desperate to get all this out of the way so I can get on with completing my new Americana/country/folk album. I want to get back in the studio.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record 
From Scotland with Love - 

Monday, 29 July 2019


PAOLO Nutini has saved  the day by purchasing Lewis Capaldi’s now famous Chewbacca  mask after the top bidders pulled out. 

Paolo has donated £10,000 toTiny Changes and has plans to raffle the mask to raise even more funds for the incredible Tiny Changes charity. 

Paolo has now set up a ‘text to enter’ competition to give the Chewbacca mask away whilst raising more money for Tiny Changes

From 9am on Monday 29th July fans can be in with a chance of winning the Chewbacca mask worn and signed by Lewis Capaldi atTRNSMT

All they need to do is text TC to 84902Texts cost £1 and all money goes towards Tiny Changes. The competition will close at midnight on Monday 5th August 2019.

The original auction was set up by a TRNSMTfestival staff member who lent Lewis his Chewbacca mask for his now-legendary walk on stage at this year’s show.

After Noel Gallagher said that Lewis should 'enjoy his 15 minutes' of fame as well as calling him 'f***ing Chewbacca', Capaldi changed his social media profile picture and name to ‘Chewis Capaldi’.  

Then, live on the TRNSMT Main Stage on Sunday 14th July, he walked on to a tongue-in-cheek video montage wearing the Chewbacca mask. Taking it all on the chin and making everybody laugh while doing it, Lewis also gave a shout out to Noel by covering ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – changed to ‘Don’t Chewback in Anger’. Delighting thousands of fans with his set, the Scottish superstar put on a huge performance packed with hits from his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ including ‘Grace’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Bruises’, ‘Hold Me While You Wait’ and ‘Someone You Loved’.

Tiny Changes is a charity that support efforts to improve mental health in children and young people in Scotland, and was launched following the death of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison in May 2018. The charity takes its name from a lyric from the Frightened Rabbit song “Head Rolls Off” (“While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth”).

Paolo commented: "I really wanted to find a way to help out the Tiny Changes Charity. Not only am I a big fan of Frightened Rabbit but I was lucky enough to share the stage with them on various occasions - most memorably for me on Hogmanay in Edinburgh 2017.

“Scott was such a great and honest songwriter who was not afraid to convey what he was going through in such a beautiful and honest way. People could hear and read their troubles in his lyrics and be reminded that they were not alone in how they were feeling. That really is the power of music.

“When I found out what happened regarding the money raised for the kind donation from the team at DF Concerts and Lewis Capaldi, I felt like I could help. The idea is now to give people another chance to take it home and contribute to this very important cause. Big Love”

Scott’s family added: "Once again we’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who has gone above and beyond to make this happen. We’d like to thank DF concerts, Paolo Nutini and his team and of course Lewis Capaldi and his face. We hope you can all be a part of this wonderfully weird little story and get your name in the pot to win this mask. Many tiny changes can start the movement for massive changes."

A DF Concerts spokesperson said: “Despite the original bidders pulling out, an amazing amount has now been donated to the brilliant and important Tiny Changes charity. It’s fitting that fellow Scottish singer Paolo Nutini is the one who has saved the day and amazing that fans can now get the chance to enter a raffle to win this piece of memorabilia whilst donating to a fantastic cause.”

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


THESE are the first on set pictures in Glasgow of Alan McGee’s new Creation Stories movie about his life and signing of Britain’s biggest Rock band of all time Oasis.
The film which documents the story of how East Kilbride born former British Rail store clerk Alan, now 58, rose to fame as  Scotland’s most successful music mogul working with bands like Jesus and The Mary Chain and Primal Scream began shooting its famous scenes in Glasgow this week with Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner in the lead role of McGee. 
As well as filming at music venue King Tuts Wah Wah Hut where Alan first discovered Manchester lads Liam and Noel Gallagher in May 1993 after they demanded to be added to the line up alongside the band Alan was meant to be seeing, scenes also took place at Glasgow’s Necropolis graveyard and the city centre’s Hope Street. 
The biopic produced by Danny Boyle with a script by Irvine Welsh will follow the life of Alan and the highs and lows of a career that took him to 10 Downing Street as an ambassador for Cool Britannia but also saw him nearly die from a drugs overdose.
It will also tell of his bemusement at having US President Bill Clinton staying over at his home – and his encounter with disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile at the Chequers residence of the Prime Minister.
Far from portraying a sanitised version of his life, the new film depicts beatings McGee received from his father as well as his preoccupation with the occult.
In scenes shot in the Necropolis this week Ewen Bremner can be seen carrying a book of rituals after performing a ceremony in his cloak and hat at the graveyard. 
Alan has long had a fixation with occultist Alistair Crowley and said: ”It’s like religion to me. Everyone told me not to get into him. And then I went away and read the books and found he was a genius. I started doing magic and it started working for me. So I was like: F*ck, this is amazing.”
It also sees a young McGee played by former Waterloo actor Leo Flannigan strolling through the graveyard alongside his young wife to be played by Irish actress Seana Kerslake. 
Later scenes also see Ewen outside King Tuts embroiled in deep conversation following his discovery of Oasis. 
Jason Isaac's, Ed Byrne, Paul Kaye, Perry Benson and Suki Waterhouse also feature in the movie. 


Beverley Lyons 
SKIDS singer and actor Richard Jobson got the crowd at Rewind festival chanting  Boris Johnson Is A W****r.
The outspoken singer who had already had a go at Leo Sayer for blocking him from the top spot of the charts and even called him a little midget s*** last year for denying the band a number one album was in high spirits. 
As he performed Into The Valley, Masquerade, and Ever Fallen In Love at the nostalgia fest he couldn’t resist having a go at Boris. 
Talking of the possible prime minister to be, Richard said to  the crowd ‘Boris Johnson is a wanker and he’s not welcome in Scotland.” As the lively crowd cheered on, he baited them: “Altogether now. Boris Johnston Is A Wanker.”
The crowd of thirteen thousand revellers gave a rousing rendition of the chant.
Richard joined other stars from the eighties and nineties af Rewind in Perthshire’s Scone Palace including Toyah, Midge Ure, Hazel O Connor, Bjorn Again and Belinda Carlisle. 
Revellers dressed as Rubik Cubes, Wonderwomen, The Krankies and other eighties and nineties icons for the occasion. 

From Scotland with Love

Friday, 19 July 2019


Beverley Lyons
ANTON Danyluk’s mum Sherie Ann said she wanted to head butt her son after he kissed Anna during Love Island.
Anton has been seeing Belle Hassan in the series but the two had a fall out after he kissed Anna during a game of Kiss, Marry, Pie.
Sherie Ann who has just joined Instagram as ‘Anton’s mum who shaves his bum’ told Scottish TV: “I felt wow, Anton, out of order when he kissed Anna. It wasn’t kissing Anna because I believe the two of them are really really close. It was when he turned around and said that she was the best kisser. I don’t think he actually realised what he was saying  and I’ll tell you Belle, she handles him well. I was proud of her. A lot of people took it a different way of she was just too much on his face. Quite honestly kissing Anna - I would have gave Anton a Glasgow kiss.”
Sherie Ann also said that Antons bum hair is so long you could put rollers in it!
She laughed: “What’s wrong with my shaving his bum. I’ll say to him go and have a bath son and he’ll go in and he'll have a bath and he’ll come out and I’ll just shave his bum. That hair, you could put rollers in that hair.”
Sherie Ann who lives with Anton and his mum on a ranch where he las his keep fot business said Anton is at the age now where he needs to become a man.
She said: “I’ve been called a helicopter mum. I’m one of those mothers that when I see him going off the rails I fly down and just pick him back up. Now he’s at an age and stage, that I’ve got to let him go and be a man and do the things he wants to do now because Antons all about helping people. In the villa every morning he’s training everybody. He spends three hours of his day just making sure that everybody does their training. He naturally loves to see people doing the best that they can do and being the best that they can be.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Mail Online. 
From Scotland with Love - 


FORGET the rollercoasters...As I dangled from the ledge of the Blackpool Tower watching the tiny match box cars below I felt like a true daredevil. 
Ok, there might have been some ultra durable glass in between me and the 600 foot drop onto the people below but it made for a great picture.
The Tower wasn't the only thrill on my three day trip to the seaside resort.

There was the time I ate bugs at Madame Tussauds complete with wax effigies of Ant and Dec in the jungle in between posing with a variety of stars like Bruce Forsyth, Alan Carr, Susan Boyle, the cast of Corrie and The Queen.
And who could forget my face to face encounter with a shark and the chance to stroke a starfish at Blackpool Sea Life and the thrill of crashing into the waves at indoor seaside resort Sandcastle.

Ok so I might have woosed out of going on the Big One ( whiplash can sometimes be a handy excuse) and perhaps I didn't do the most exciting of water slides at Sandcastle but I definitely gave Blackpool my all - and I got it back, big time.
'Blackpool has it all' is Visit Blackpool's slogan and it would be hard to argue otherwise.
No, it doesn't have the designer shops of Miami or Paris (unless you count the cheeky replicas) but it has a unique character that you can't find elsewhere.
It's one of the cheeky picture postcards of old, the kiss me quick innocence of a bygone age, the simple pleasures that a stick of rock can bring.

There is no pretension in Blackpool. You take it as you find it and an open mind is necessary to make the most of your time there.
The weather, on a good day, can rival anything overseas and the seaside side will refresh even the most jaded of minds.
There are so many hotels, guest houses and B and Bs to choose from depending on your budget and your requirements. We opted for the South Shore Carousel hotel on the recommendation of a friend and it had everything we needed during our three day stay.
Although it is officially an AA rated three star it has 92 comfortable, clean and modern rooms with ensuite facilities, an English and continental breakfast (complete with vegetarian and gluten free options) and a well priced all day menu for families wanting to snack or dine throughout their stay.

Prices range from £60 -130 a night depending on the time of year and it is a popular venue for weddings.
As it's on the South Shore five minutes away from the Pleasure Beach and other colourful attractions it is frequented by a lot of families so is bustling at night.
We made the most of our time in Blackpool with the brilliant Blackpool Resort Pass which allowed us to visit major attractions over a seven day period.
There are two available types - the original resort pass for £55 which gives you up to six amazing attractions - the Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land, the Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D experience, the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Sea Life Blackpool and Madame Tussauds.
The £80 pass gives you all that as well as Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Water Park and Blackpool Model Village and Gardens. You can also pay extra for bolt ons like afternoon tea, Funny Girls and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
Blackpool has plenty going on this year and if you miss the summer season there's an air show this August, the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On Weekend from September 1-3, the World Fireworks Championship throughout selected dates in September and Nickelodeon's SLIMEFEST on October 21, 22 and 23.
For more info check out

Monday, 15 July 2019


Beverley Lyons
BRITAINS Got Talent winner Jai McDowall says he will back Susan Boyle on BGT The Champions - and wants to thank Simon Cowell in person for giving him his big break.
Ayrshire born Jai, who won the fifth series of the telly talent show in 2011, and is on a mammoth Les Musicals 60 date tour  with G4’s Jonathan Ansell, says he is team Susan all the way.
Jai, who will visit Glasgow this week as a guest of the Lord Provost for Mardi Gla celebrations, before returning on September 14 at the Kings Theatre said: “After Susan’s performance on America’s Got Talent I’m definitely backing Susan all the way to be the British champion. She’s the ultimate success story of BGT and the biggest star to come out of the show. I think if anyone deserves to be the champ it should be her.”
Jai would love to go down to London to watch Susan perform and if he had the opportunity, thank Simon Cowell in person for his big break eight years ago on the show.
He said: “I'd love to go down there and support Susan in the  audience and it would be the perfect opportunity to go shake Simons hand and thank him for the career I now have. Without Simon and BGT I wouldn’t have the lifestyle I’ve got. He’s been a real dreammaker for many contestants including me. I still get to do what I love doing.”
Jai was misquoted at the time of winning as saying that Simon was anti Scottish.
The reports caused Simon to hit back at the star at the time but a now older and wiser Jai says: “It was a complete misunderstanding. I’ve always had a real respect and admiration for Simon. I'd love an opportunity to look him in the eye and tell him how grateful I am.”
Jai’s career has seen him perform around the world and there is now interest in him from America.
He has kept in touch with Susan Boyle and said he would love like to sing with her in a supergroup. He said: “Lewis Capaldi said he wanted to make a supergroup with Susan Boyle and Leon Jackson, I want in..where do I sign!. Maybe there's a record there for comic relief."