Monday 25 November 2019


Beverley Lyons 
FORMER Celtic player Bobby Petta is on track to be number one after carving out a new career for himself as a house DJ. 
Dutch star Bobby, who was with the Glasgow club for five years until 2004, was well known for his fancy footwork but decided to pursue his other passion of DJing two years ago. 
Two months ago he went into the Groove City Radio studios to produce his own tracks. 
Bobby said: ”I released a track with Saint Luke and it was top 100 and has now gone to number four in the Traxsource Jackin’ house charts. To be honest it’s really weird, but it’s doing well so we’ll see.”

Bobby claims he’s always loved music but never got the chance to pursue his hobby when he joined the Hoops in 1999. 
Bobby who recently celebrated Republic Bort Halle’s 20th anniversary with Hospitality legend Colin Barr said: “I always actually liked DJing when I was at Ipswich but when I came here it was different. It was only two years ago that I went back to it and I like doing it but I want to produce too. I’ve got some good people around me and it’s a new journey in my life and I love it. It’s a process, it’s a journey and I love it.”
This month he released his funky disco house track Feel Good with Glasgow producer Saint Luke which is now at number four. 
Bobby, who recently played at charity night in honour of Fernando Ricksen at Club 69,  said: “The track is called Feel Good and it’s a jackin’ house number, funky disco house. It is deep and underground and I like melodic techno too. It changes all the time. I got together with Saint Luke, a producer from Scotland who knows his stuff. I’ve got it in my head and he translates it for me. It’s hard when you’re doing everything yourself so he’s the one that can translate what I want from my head. It’s a good combination.
“The fact that it is at number four in the charts means I am on the right track and it is only my second attempt. I know what it takes and it’s just learning every time as I go on. I just play what I like to play. For me it’s all feel.”
Bobby says he’s not quite at the level of Calvin Harris but he admits he’s competitive when it comes to making tracks. 
He said: “I’m very competitive. I say this with football, I put in the hours and enjoy it. It’s not like work. For mental health, it is my outlet and it keeps me happy. That’s what I do, I do what I love. Whenever I’m behind the decks I’m doing it because I love it. It’s not work. It’s enjoyment. Like football and the fans, music connects people.

If I’m being honest, I’d like to go to Ibiza, like Jackmaster from Glasgow. That’s just an ambition and a half. I’d like to go to the Sub Club on Glasgow or Circo Loco in Ibiza, that’s my vibe. 
A Vegas residency would be nice but do you know how many good people that are out there? 
In this industry there are really quality people like my manager Jay Gunning from Attic Room Sessions. I’m humble and take it as it comes.”
So far, he’s kept his own name but he admits he might change it for the dance world. 
He laughed: “Whilst we are here in Glasgow and called Bobby Petta, but I like to step away from the football thing. It’s hard. I’d like to be judged on the music I play.
Football has given me a lot, but this for me is not physically demanding. I can play music as long as I want and it’s fun and if You can make a living out of it that’s good too. For me it’s more the journey and experiencing everything and meeting various people who are very good a bit like football.”

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