Tuesday 9 June 2020


SCOTS actor John  Barrowman ended up having to go to hospital with his mum after she had a bad fall at home during isolation. 
The 53 year old Tochwood and Doctor Who actor from Mount Vernon now lives in Palm Springs with his actor husband Scott Gill.    
The two men ended up in accident and emergency after John’s mum Marion who also lives in Palm Springs at a £500,000 home gifted to her by John with her husband John senior had to be rushed there for treatment. 
John said of his mum who celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary two weeks ago: “My mother had a fall resulting in a fractured pelvis. We had to deal with it today so our social distancing went out the window but we wore masks and lots of sanitizer and alcohol spray. 

“We took her to the hospital. We got her x rayed and obviously we didn’t go in with her. My dad went in with her because only one person was allowed but the doctors who did her hip operation said she’s just going to need bed rest for a couple of weeks and then she is going to be able to get up again. She was in a lot of pain.
He added: “Mum is resting now and comfortable and my dad has put on his chef’s hat and his nurses outfit. It’s a sight to see but they are both doing well. We made sure of it.

He urged fans to send messages to her on his Instagram adding: “If you want to leave them a message go ahead and I will make sure they see it. It would really boost her spirits.”
After Trisha Goddard, Emily Attack and Keith Lemon sent their well wishes, John admitted: “I’m shattered.” And that he was going to have a really big cocktail.