Sunday 31 July 2022


SCOTS rockers The Ronains received a Russian death threat after issuing the artwork for their latest single Lunatics.  
The band beat Noel Gallagher to the top of the Uk Rock charts with their last single - a Corries approved version of Flower of Scotland. 
Their  latest single was mastered by John Davis of Metropolis studios, who has worked with The Killers, Dua Lipa, U2, Idles, Led Zeppelin, Inhaler and Noel Gallagher 
The track was recorded and produced by Brendan moon and Liam McCluskey @morsecode studio who’ve managed Paolo Nutini, Gun, The view and more.
The song Lunatics  questions how society labels those with mental health issues, had decided to use images of Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, North Korean Kim Jong-Un and other world leaders to question what real insanity might look like. 
They suggested Putin and his peers might be better suited to an asylum than others with mental health issues - and couldn’t believe it when they received a death threat from a Russian Facebook user. 
The message they received privately said: “Watch your drinks you Ukrainian British f***, we know what you look like and will track you. Russia forever”
Jim Ronain of the band which also has members Debi, Linzi, and Ciaran,  said: “We always like to question the norm and have a bit of a laugh at other people’s expense so we put out the artwork to accompany our single for its pre sale release ahead of August 5, but we couldn’t believe it when we got a message in Russian from someone who took our message way too seriously.
“It’s actually really scary, particularly because they said they know what we look like. With us gigging and touring they could access us at any time really and we are concerned because we do like a drink, and don’t always think about what we are gulping down.”
He added: “We actually have filed a police report on the matter because it is considered a serious threat.”
The Ronains, who count Peaky Blinders Tommy Flanagan amongst their famous fans, and worked with  received a further blow when  the artwork for the song which has been mastered by U2 and Oasis producer John Davis,  got banned from all outlet stores, Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, FB, Instagram and iTunes to name a few.
It’s not the first time the band have attracted controversy with their music. 
Guitarist Jim was handcuffed and fined £90 after he leapt inside an empty cop car to stick his band’s CD No Courage Without Fear EP a blast while coppers were in a filling station shop getting grub.
Their debut album Love, Drugs & on the Dole was also based on the true story of controversial local character Lizzy Coyne and her life of debauchery.

Tuesday 26 July 2022


JEREMY Vine presenter Storm Huntley has posed with her singer husband Kerr Okan and newborn son Otis in their first family selfie. 
Storm, who married The LaFontaine’s frontman Kerr in September 2021, announced the birth of Otis on July 12 and up until now had only shared a picture of herself with her two week old son. 
However she has now revealed that Otis had his first outing today when he went for a stroll in his pram in the park and that she and husband Kerr and their dog Boo went with him.
She posted up a picture of Otis in his car seat during his first outing in the car saying he was ‘loving it’ and later  another piece of footage of him in his pram as she pushed it in the grounds of their local park. 
Posing with Kerr and Otis in another picture she added: “Our first selfie…we may need to work on this.”

Storm, who has described her first trimester as a horror,  first announced that she was pregnant in January, with a picture of herself and Kerr peering into an oven where a bun was being cooked. 
A week ago she admitted being a mum was a learning curve and asked followers on her social media: “Exactly one week of being a Mum.
Just wondering if anyone knows when I can expect the manual to arrive?”

Wednesday 20 July 2022


July is The Samaritan’s Talk To Us Month and 24th July is Samaritans Awareness Day…to remind everyone that their Volunteers are there to take your calls 24/7.

Depression is a serious issue and some people who are suffering from depression aren’t even aware that is what they are suffering from. 

Did you know you could be suffering from depression without feeling sad?
 Depression can take hold gradually, and  increasingly dominate your perspective - and your life.

Symptoms of depression can take a variety of forms and not all are immediately obvious to the people suffering from them or to their loved ones. 

Here are five signs of depression to look out for and seven ways you can try to deal with them. 

1. Persistent depressed (low) mood. 

It's natural to feel down from time to time and everyone feels low or down at times or upset by many different situations in life that might occur. However when your low mood starts to affect things you might once have enjoyed or persists for a longer time than usual it can be a sign of depression. 
Maybe you have begun to lose interest in things you once enjoyed and maybe you’ve started to be withdrawn and are missing workouts or catch ups with friends because of your low mood. 

2. Feelings of worthlessness. ...

You may be experiencing a feeling of desperation and hopelessness. When your self esteeem is low you may feel useless, worthless and insignificant, and believe you have nothing valuable to offer the world
When you feel like this you can feel worthless and start thinking and talking about yourself negatively. 

3. Feeling anxious constantly 

Many people with symptoms of depression have feelings of anxiety. Of course it’s natural to have moments of excitement or have bouts of nervous energy. However, are you feeling overly anxious about things? Think about how long your anxiety lasts and how often you feel anxious as well as why you might be feeling anxious. Extra stress at work or in a relationship can cause anxiety but if it is ongoing and you have general anxiety without knowing the root, sometimes it is a sign of depression. 

4.  Constant fatigue 

Are you Feeling constantly tired? 
Feeling fatigued and too tired physically, mentally and emotionally can be a common sign of depression. 
Your energy levels may feel low and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by activity and the prospect of keeping focused. A type of brain fog can hit you and you can feel drained by normal activities. Your sleep might also be affected by a general unease caused by depression. 

5. Always smiling, but not feeling it

Masking your feelings and pretending to have a great life can also be a sign of depression. Sometimes the bigger the smile, the bigger the depression it hides.  An overly positive attitude, or a perfect life on social media and always being the one to make light of things can sometimes be masking your real feelings as to what is going on. We often dismiss our own sadness or change the subject when we are in denial about how we feel.. People who say, “Yeah, I’ve been really down lately … but I’m fine. Honestly. How are you?” sometimes need a helping hand. 

Depression is a complex disorder and can affect your sleep, your interaction with people and your enthusiasm at work or school. It can impact on your energy levels, your appetite and your general health, making you feel like you are always ill, have digestive problems  or are in chronic pain. It can take the shine off of life and remove your lust for things you normally love. 

Depression in all its forms can be treated with medication and psychotherapy, and it’s best to contact your doctor or a medical expert to seek advice about the next steps you can take. 

However you can also try to make some simple lifestyle modifications to try and help you and your loved ones on their journeys. 

Here’s seven other things you can do to help.  

1. Talking

 Talking with a friend or family member you think is depressed and spending time  with them can make all the difference can help and the Samaritans are available to speak to you whenever you need a friendly voice to help you through your most difficult times. Call them for free on 116 223 any time, any day.

2 Exercise

Exercise can be a helpful way to relieve some symptoms of depression because it increases brain chemicals called endorphins. Just a few minutes of mild exercise can boost your mood and it will help your heart health, and general well-being. Even a short walk every day, or ten minutes of Joe Wicks , or dancing is a great start to get things moving.

3. Turn Negative Thoughts around

It’s easy to get caught up in negative thinking and think, "I'm a failure," or  "No one likes me," or "Nothings ever going to change,"
These thoughts can  reinforce depressive feelings but you can try to turn them around with positive thinking.
Instead of thinking ‘I’m a Failure’ start asking, "How do I know that?"  Or think about your past successes, even moments when you do remember smiling. 
Sometimes we need to fake it before we make it and by thinking of good times and not believing the negative thoughts in your head we can begin to work our way out of a depression. 

4. Change up your diet
Processed junk foods that are sugary, salty, and high-fat might make you feel good at first but can cause spikes in blood sugar, weight gain, and make you bad tempered.
More wholesome options like fresh fruit, salads, lean meats, oily fish, and whole-grain bread can all help you feel better inside and raise your mood. 
Alcohol can also lower your mood so try swapping unhealthy drinks with healthier options. 
Drinking lots of Water is also essential for your body to function well.

5. Herbs and Spices and special teas 
There are natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, and spices that can help to improve your mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can buy these as supplements or can purchase a tea like VAHDAM® India tea which is now stocked in Holland and Barrett and contains herbs  like Ashwagandha, Turmeric and Ginger that can help to cleanse your body and boost your mood. Ashwagandha is an amazing  herb long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating various health conditions including depression. It contains adaptogenic compounds that are known for relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety and can help fight degenerative brain conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s. 
The spice Turmeric and its active ingredient cucumin  has been used for centuries in India and China to treat conditions like skin diseases, infections, and stress and some research has found that the bright yellow spice might also help ease symptoms of depression. 
Ginger is also meant to help reduce anxiety by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.

6. Sleep
When you are depressed and anxious it’s hard to sleep  so you need to try and switch up your routine to get a more restful sleep throughout the night.
Switching off your phone and stopping scrolling an hour or so before you go to bed to rest your brain can help. 
Getting into a routine of going to bed at the same time every evening can also get you settled.
 A dark and quiet bedroom will help you to calm your brain and a room that is cool Weill help you to fall asleep quicker. Avoid caffeine and stimulants  for at least two hours before going to bed. Sleep can make a huge difference to your brain and body and help it to regenerate, repair, and renew. Try it for a few nights in a row and feel the difference.  

7. Laughter and charity
Laughter, they have always said, is the best medicine and  will increase dopamine levels in your brain.
Treat yourself to fun things like a night of comedy shows or movies. Watch fun thing online and have a giggle about funny things with friends or colleagues to try and boost your dopamine levels. Even just smiling releases positive chemicals to your brain.  
It will also make you feel better and distract you from yourself if you begin helping someone else.
When we are depressed  we become introverted and self absorbed so helping someone else with their lives can take us out of ourselves.  Looking after someone else’s pet, or helping an elderly neighbour or attending a local charity drive to help others can help to elevate our mood. 

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Saturday 16 July 2022


IMAGINE getting in the car and going on a wild Scottish road trip…

At we love a spontaneous adventure and with flights still in chaos, driving yourself to your destination seems like the ultimate in adventure. 

Research from one of the UK’s largest and most trusted car buying service providers has revealed a list of the best cars for a spontaneous wild camping road trip this summer, for travellers hoping to hop in their car and sleep on the road. The study scored 15 of the largest cars across the estate, SUV and MPV categories using three different metrics, to reveal which make and model is the best for  ‘wild camping’, and for completing some of the UK’s northernmost road trips. The Citroën Berlingo MPV topped the list, followed by the Land Rover Discovery, and Skoda Superb Estate.

The Citroen Berlingo MPV has been crowned the UK’s best car to wild camp in during summer road trips, after one of the UK’s most trusted car buying services scored 15 of the most popular estates, SUVs, and MPVs for ‘sleeping on the road’ suitabilities. Each car was ranked on; boot/bed space when the rear seats folded down, average fuel consumption, and the total payload (weight) each car is able to carry.

The brand behind the research,, has released the list, alongside an interactive map of the best wild camping spots in Scotland, to remind cash-strapped Brits that their car might be perfect for a spontaneous camping trip this summer, minus the camping gear.

Scotland, famous for its epic North Coast 500 & South Coast 300 driving routes, is the only country in the United Kingdom that allows wild camping, making it the perfect destination for holiday makers looking for a cheap but scenic escape.

Researchers from the brand identified; sleeping space, fuel economy, and total carry load as three vital factors for people to consider when selecting a wild camping vehicle, to ensure a comfortable, efficient and cost-effective trip.

They then scored each car on three metrics; boot space with the rear seats folded down, average fuel consumption, and the total payload each car is able to carry, in order to give each car a unique ‘tour score’ out of 45.

The top ten cars for camping in, and their unique tour score, are:

Citroën Berlingo - 44

Land Rover Discovery - 30

Skoda Superb Estate - 29

Mercedes GLE - 28

BMW 5 Series Estate - 27

Skoda Kodiaq - 26

Peugeot 5008 - 26

Skoda Karoq - 23

Dacia Duster - 20

Mercedes E Class Estate - 19

A full list of the most suitable cars, and a map of the best routes in Scotland for wild camping, can be found here

Across the top three vehicles, the brand also considered how much it would cost to complete some of Scotland’s most iconic road trips.

In a Citroën Berlingo, it would cost; £85.92 to complete the North Coast 500, £51.55 to complete the South West Coastal 300, and £42.96 to travel the North East 250. In the Land Rover Discovery, which has an average MPG of 21, it would cost; £204.57, £122.74, and £102.29 to drive these iconic routes, more than double the cost of taking a Berlingo. In the Skoda Superb Estate, it would cost; £107.40, £64.29, and £53.58 to finish these road trips, respectively.

The Citroën Berlingo MPV topped the list for boot/bed space, boasting 3,000 litres of room when the rear seats are folded down, as well as coming in second place for fuel efficiency and maximum payload, with an average MPG of 50 and a total payload ranking of 896 kilograms.

Despite finishing second from last for fuel economy, the Land Rover Discovery was the second best car overall. It boasted an impressive total boot space of 2,406 litres, and came in third for payload, with a total carry weight of 808 kilograms.

Skoda is the most successful brand across these three metrics, with three of their models in the top ten.

Nicholas Zapolski, Founder of ChooseMyCar, said,

“At ChooseMyCar our mission has always been to help drivers across the UK find the perfect car for them, whatever their needs or situation. That’s why we decided to make a list of the best cars for a spontaneous, cost-effective getaway - we wanted to show people that, regardless of the weather, or if you’ve got accommodation booked, you can always use your trusty car as a makeshift home. 

“We looked at the biggest types of cars to ensure people would have enough leg room to be comfortable. I’ve got to say I was surprised to see the Berlingo at the top, as I’d assumed the long wheelbase of an estate would lend itself to camping the most - but it's clear to see why it makes the perfect wild camping vehicle .”

Friday 8 July 2022


 TRNSMT Festival welcomed back 50,000 fans on day one and Paolo Nutini made a long awaited comeback at the festival in Glasgow Green.  

The opening day of Scotland’s biggest music festival was packed with outstanding performances from the moment the gates opened until the sun set, with the likes of PaoloSam FenderBeabadoobeeElla HendersonLuke La Volpe and even more, all making it an exciting day for a sold-out crowd.  

With a weekend of celebrations ahead which will see over 70 acts perform across 3 stages, fans' excitement and enthusiasm at returning to the festival was palpable as the city-centre site played host to the best in live music. After the culinary triumph of last year, cinch presents TRNSMT 2022, partnered once again with Big Feed offering fans everything from dirty vegan burgers at Typhoon Ten, to Bao Buns over at Street Bao Buns, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and indulge. The vibrant atmosphere continued at the Boogie Bar where the crowd could check out DJ sets from K4cieand Beth, or for a more chilled out experience, fans headed to the Wellbeing Area, where they could take a break and recharge. 

Making his triumphant live return and TRNSMT debut no less, Paisley’s own Paolo Nutini performed to a sold-out audience, experiencing first-hand the magic only a Glasgow crowd can bring as he performed classic hits including‘Funk My Life Up’ and ‘Candy’ as well as new single ‘Through The Echoes.’ Renowned for his brooding swagger and smoky vocals, the Paisley singer gave his all to the cinch presents TRNSMT crowd, with Nutini sayingGlasgow you’re looking good, you’re looking very good in fact, you’re looking great.” Up next was ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’ mashed up with a cover of the angsty classic ‘Teenage Kicks’ followed by fan favourite ‘New Shoes’ - the crowd went wild for it. With a bittersweet cover of ‘Caledonia’ he had the audience in tears but ready for more. After a hiatus from music, it’s as if he never left, closing the first day on what is set to be the biggest TRNSMT yet.

The Main Stage crowd experienced what is sure to be one of the more emotional moments of the three-day event as North Shields' ownSam Fender performed the breakout hit of last summer ‘Seventeen Going Under’, with backing vocals provided by 50,000 ecstatic festival fans. As the chant began to wind down, Fender played the opening note to ‘Angel In Lothian’ reminding everyone he’s only played it four times in the past - a real treat for those TRNSMT fans lucky enough to witness it. As the song continued he said, “I spent about half my life growing up in the borders of Scotland, so this song is about that.” As the rain came down, he thanked fans for sticking around. 

The Bootleg Beatles kicked the day off in nostalgic fashion, donning matching black suits, they performed ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and anthem ‘Hey Jude’ to a mesmerised crowd. Disco heavyweights Nile Rodgers & CHIC made their sensational return to Glasgow, “Are you ready to party?” He ponders before a surreal exhibition of club nostalgia takes hold, performing legendary tracks ‘I Want Your Love’, ‘Le Freak’ and David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’.  Tom Grennan and The Lathums followed, with the latter achieving a UK No1 last year for their debut album ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’. Walking on stage to crowd chants of “Here we f****** go!”, the Manchester stars teased the audience saying, “you might know this next little song?” before playing fan favourite track ‘I See Your Ghost’. Ella Henderson, had the crowd dancing from the get-go, introducing herself to the crowd as ABBA’s iconic ‘Dancing Queen’ boomed, before jumping into a glorious pop rock infused set, which included her hit song ‘Ghost’ and a snippet of Gerry Cinammon’s ‘Belter’. No stranger to Scotland Ella said, “I gotta say I’ve got Scottish in me, my dad is Scottish and I love Scotland” before belting out new track ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’.

Friday’s King Tut’s Stage line-up saw a host of award winners and nominees performing, from a Brits Rising Star Award nominee inBeabadoobee, to a Scottish Jazz Award recipient with Kitti. Kitti opened today’s River Stage, backed by her 5 piece band - it was a set dedicated to female empowerment with the songstress dedicating new track ‘How Long’ to all women in the audience, she said,  “Imma’ do this song on my own, this ones for all you ladies!”. With quiet confidence, Beabadoobee made her return to Glasgow - headlining the King Tut’s Stage, with her unique fusion of contemporary low-fi beats and vintage Britpop sound, it made for a Friday highlight. London based rap artist M Huncho captivated audiences with his brand of edgy, thought-provoking lyrics and beats, along with local legends SAINT PHNX who played to a hometown crowd. “We are SAINT PHNX from Glasgow and we’re so happy to be among you sexy people!”. Fresh off their preshow party last night at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut - the duo shine on stage, loving what they do. “Glasgow, it’s good to be home!”, Callum Beattie screamed to a buzzing audience as he guzzled his beer, pumping his fist in the air he shouted “come on!” before performing ‘Daddy’s Eyes’. Walking out in a baby blue ensemble which included a sharp suit and tinted glasses to boot, Luke La Volpechannelled rock kings of the past from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley, bringing a coy swagger to the King Tut’s Stage - ecstatic at the response from the crowd, Luke said, “I didn’t expect so many of ya” before playing track ‘Dead Man’s Blues’. Brooke Combe followed, with Brooke sauntering on stage shouting “What’s happening Glasgow!”, she received a warm welcome from the cinch presents TRNSMT crowd, the Edinburgh singer has had an incredible year and it all culminated in a white hot performance on the legendary King Tut’s Stage. 

Over on the River Stage, fans could catch the best up-and-coming artists, one day destined for the main stage. An energetic crowd saw The Skinner Brothers, coming alive at the question of frontman Zachary Skinner, “Are you ready to get it f****** moving?!”. Alongside Stone, Finn Askew, Dead Pony, The Roly Mo and Etta Marcus, there was no shortage of show stopping performances. Terra Kin, sashayed onto the stage in a flowing silk maxi dress, telling the crowd, “The sun is out and hopefully it’s here to stay”.

The next two days will see Main Stage headliners The Strokes and Lewis Capaldientertain crowds at sold-out Glasgow Green, with sets from FoalsWolf AliceNina Nesbitt and many more. 


GLASGOW’S The Dhabba restaurant has come up with a special rum cocktail to help revellers at TRNSMT festival this weekend. 
July is rum month with Saturday July 9, world rum day and the North Indian restaurant has created the RUM TUM TUM cocktail with VAHDAM® India Turmeric and Ginger tea, honey and rum to help revive those who might be flagging after the music weekender. 
The tasty concoction combines the peppery citrus bite of ginger and turmeric which are loaded with anti oxidants, and anti inflammatory properties.
 A drizzle of honey also adds digestive properties, can coat a sore throat and gives the drink a welcoming sweetness alongside the heart strengthening rum that will kick start you into next week. 
Rum has always been a sought after drink in Scotland and from the 18th and 19th century was a popular beverage in Glasgow. 
Water, sugar, lemons and limes were initially added to rum to make up the “Glasgow Punch”. 
In Candleriggs Merchant City which  is home to The Dhabba North Indian restaurant and it’s sister restaurant Dakhin,  Peter Gemmill, John Cauldwell, Frederick Hamilton and Robert Cumming began refining sugar in 1667 in their Wester Sugar House and eleven years later  started to distil rum. 
The nearby Tontine building also was home to the sugar exchange while 138 Gallowgate was the address of the Easter Sugar House in 1669. Eleven years later in 1680, it began rum production and was the sole distiller for a decade. 
All around Glasgow rum production became a huge industry with Stockwell Street housing the South Sugar House in 1700. 
Navdeep Basi from The Dhabba said: “We wanted to celebrate world Rum day with an original offering and our RUM TUM TUM cocktail sees us mix the finest ingredients with Oprah Winfrey’s favourite VAHDAM® India tea which we have just introduced to the restaurant. Our restaurant’s homes in Candleriggs are closely associated to Rum and we reckon its the perfect pick me up for TRNSMT weekend.”

RUM Tum Tum cocktail 

Boil the kettle and add our turmeric and ginger tea bag to a cup.  Add 1/2 cup of raw organic honey and let it cool. Give it a shake with a generous dash of white rum and add a slice of lemon in a glass of your choice. 

Vahdam ginger turmeric tea
Honey syrup 
Cane sugar
White rum