Friday 9 June 2017


TEXAS singer Sharleen Spiteri reckons says she could sort her wedding in two minutes after Paul McCartney's daughters Stella and Mary offered to help her out.
And the Scots born star who is performing for BBC Music Day with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra at Glasgow's Barrowlands tonight made it clear she would not be wearing a flouncy 'meringue' style dress to her for forthcoming nuptials with celebrity chef Bryn Williams.
Sharleen who reckons now is 'exactly the right time and the right man for me' said: "We're going to get married and people keep saying have you put a date in? The best laugh is that my mates have put a date in. My girlfriends have decided. They say 'we've put a date in for your wedding, and I say, 'Go and tell Bryn that. He'll be happy.'
She added: "The great thing about being married at this age is that literally you're so connected. Everybody is saying they'll do different parts of the wedding. Literally, one of my mates is the best florist in the world and I've got Stella ( McCartney) saying 'I'm doing you a dress.' She's in on that. Mary (McCartney) is taking photographs and I should be ok for sorting out entertainment and Bryan can do the catering.
"We've got the total midlife set of getting married at this age so I'd advise people this is a good time to get married when everybody has got all big jobs where they can pull every favour in book. I could literally sort this in two minutes. As long as I'm there with all my friends and family and have a good old day with good food, good wine and some great company, that's all you need."
Asked if she would be wearing converses under her dress or opt for a meringue like number she laughed: "I do have heels. When you see me in a dress have I ever done a meringue? It's not my bag and Stella doesn't make meringues. Meringues to eat maybe."
Sharleen also talked of her love of the Barrowlands venue where she has orated over the years.
She said: "It still has that magic. I always remember seeing this area backstage because of the history of the bands that have stood and sat here, sitting having a drink chatting away. Buildings hold history and I feel really special here. I put Barrowlands up there with Abbey Road for great gigs and records there.
She said: "Whenever I see musicians speaking politics I think what a w***er. I feel it's not my position to push it onto everyone else."
Sharleen also said she's miffed she'll miss the Scotland England game because it clashes with her performance at aisle of Whyte,.
She said: "I'll be on stage exactly at that f***ing point. I thought is this a p*** take? We're doing Isle of White on Saturday and the kick off is at five pm and we are on stage at five thirty so it's a sick joke. Seriously, either play before it or we're F***d if we play after it because if Scotland win we'll be happy and they won't be and if Scotland loses we won't be. It's one of those ones.

Excerpts from this article have since appeared in The Daily Mail, The Daily Record and the Daily Express.

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