Sunday 4 March 2018


Beverley Lyons
SCOTS presenter Gail Porter ended up being stranded in Glasgow after being unable to get back to London in the snow.
The former Top Of The Pops presenter has spent the last five days in Glasgow after being unable to get a train home to see her daughter Honey.
Gail, who went for a hot curry at the Dhabba in Glasgow’s merchant city, said: “I came up to Glasgow to do a wee job which was cancelled and haven’t been able to get back since Wednesday. I love Scotland and I would move back here in a moment.”
Gail revealed she’s spent every morning at 5am going into Central Station in Glasgow to see if she could get a train home.
She said: “I’ve been up at 5am every morning and waited at the station for five hours each day just to see if there was a train due. The staff at the station know me by name and told me that there was still no service. I have a return ticket and I need to use it.”
Gail’s hot water and heating had broken down in her London flat so she was grateful for hot showers at her Glasgow hotel.
She added: “I had to have cold showers so it was s but ifs shock to the system. I am enjoying that side of things here but it’s time to go home now.”