Tuesday 21 June 2016


SINGER Ben Haenow paid tribute to the late Donna Mortimer Ballantyne after he appeared at a fundraiser in her honour.
The former X Factor winner was a special guest at the Thistle Hotel and helped raise a whopping £164,000 to help the Kilbryde Hospice in memory of the late Bothwell born businesswoman, who died aged 39 after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma.
Donna raised funds to help the build of Kilbride hospice before her death, and her family, who own Lynnet Leisure, parent company of well-known Glasgow restaurants and clubs 29, Rogano and One Up, continue to work in her name.
Ben, who performed for VIPs on the night including new Rangers manager Mark Warburton and some of Celtic's finest, said of Donna: "This lady did such a lot of amazing things for charity and helped with charities in the West of Scotland and she helped to raise money to build Kilbryde hospice and continues to do lots even after she sadly passed away.

He added: "My granddad passed away not too long ago and was in a hospice. It does happen and the importance of this thing is that it does touch somebody at some point in their lives. At some time we know someone who has been affected from it and it's a great thing to help with it and raise money for any kind of charity.
"I've visited a few hospices, some purely for children which is quite a tough thing to see but to see the quality these hospices give people towards the end of their lives and the support they for to everyone around is a great thing and a really important network."
Ben is due to appear at Hamilton racecourse this Thursday and admitted he loves visiting Scotland
He said: "I've been in Glasgow many a times before and the crowds are cool. We were here for the X Factor tour for two days and we went out on one of the nights. But I can't give too much away about it. We're doing a lot of things just now and have a lot of gigs set up for the summer. I'm in talks about recording a new EP too."

- From Scotland with love from theshowbizlion.com