Friday 21 September 2018


TOWIE’S Lauren Pope spent her evening at Scotlands Hair and Beauty Awards at Glasgow’s Hilton hotel with an inspirational cancer patient. 
Former beauty queen Melissa McNaughton, 29, is now a hair stylist at her own Mac Hair salon in Glasgow. 
But just weeks ago Melissa was diagnosed with leukaemia and is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 
Melissa who undoubtedly is still in shock about her diagnosis said: “Lauren and I have known one another for years and I’ve worked with her hair extensions before. We’ve become friends over time and our relationship is very natural.”
Lauren who was a guest of SHABA organiser Joanne Reid and Hair Rehab London who she works with invited Melissa to the event as her guest. 
We’ll be seeing more of Melissa as she takes part in the Carry On Prancing charity dance contest with Gok Wan. 
Lauren who was being wooed by a variety of eager Scots men on the night  told me: “The hair stuff takes over my life twenty four seven so that’s what I’m mainly doing. Also I’m filming TOWIE at the moment and everything’s very busy but it’s how I like it.
TOWIE is good And real life but I have a very different group of friends I spend most of my time with when I’m not filming so I like to keep that separate and have a bit of normality. You can go through the filming have the dramas and go back to reality I guess.”


Shania Twain might have had dinner at Bucks chicken restaurant but she admitted to me that she didn’t eat any birds on the night. 
Shania checked into her city centre hotel around about seven pm along with her five guitars and crew. 
She had snuck through a side door at her hotel and I actually thought initially that she’d gone to bed - maybe cause she was still on transatlantic time. 
But then, a little tipster told me she’d gone for some dinner at Bucks Bar and was still there. 
I ran and after a wee bit of waiting around I spoke to her as she walked outside with her crew. 
She was a lovely gal, so down to earth. 
She told me she’d just been in Glasgow two hours and that she hadn’t had a chance to explore but was looking forward to spending the next four days here. 
When I asked her how her chicken dinner was and admitted I thought she was veggie she laughed. “Yes most of us are vegetarian but there was still plenty for us to enjoy.”
 I have it on good authority that the much impressed Shania enjoyed vegan option The Umami Tsunami - crispy tofu with a miso mushroom sauce, and salad in honey lime dressing. 
The singer also drank a couple glasses Sauvignon Blanc and her pals enjoyed some pints of Drygate Gladeye IPA each.
The rest of the party also indulged in Thai Style Hot Wings and Halloumi  Nuggets with 25 ingredient BBQ dip. 
A spokesperson for the bar said later: “Funny thing is that she was served by our Canadian waitress Sadie. As Shania was leaving Sadie turned round to he manager and said ‘that woman looks a bit like Shania Twain. No one in the place recognised her.”
After Shania posted up a picture of her toilet trip with the signs reading Cocks for men and Hens for women’s some cheeky fans wondered if she’d change the name of her famous song to “Cock, I feel like a Hen.”
Seeing her standing outside the loos another joked: “Looks like she made it.”