Friday 31 July 2020


LULU wishes she had been authentic and honest when she was younger instead of trying to hide her real feelings. 
The 71 year old Scots singer who grew up in Glasgow’s  Dennistoun claims she was too scared to reveal anything about her personal feelings when she was younger. 
She also claimed she felt God-like because she felt the pressure to provide for her family. 
In a chat with BBC presenter Fearne Cotton on her Instagram, Lulu said: “You’re now at an age where things have changed. You’re so open and you’re so authentic. I don’t think I was brave enough in those days to open up and say the things I wanted, that were going on with me. I didn’t even know what was going on with me. It’s such a change from when I was young.“
Lulu went on to say that she often thought she ‘was God’ because she had to provide for her family. 
She explained: “There was a lot of fear about revealing things cause I was the eldest of four and wanted to take care of everybody and if I didn’t take care of everyone and it didn’t go well for me everyone else would kind of suffer. God, I thought I was God, quite clearly but not consciously, sub consciously. What you’re saying is kind of what I have come to later on in my life, not that I was inauthentic but I was fearful so now I’m really saying my truth and that’s what is so great about now.“
The singer also said she empathised with Fearne's recent comments about becoming bulimic after feeling fat when she compared her self to ‘tiny popstars’. 
She said: “You talked a lot about that food thing and how you would look at these little people you were interviewing and think that you weren’t as good as them and think they were so much thinner or better looking. A lot of that was my story. I was with the rockstars and every one of them, I would hang out with them and their girlfriends would be six foot tall stick thin models and I would think I was, you know I wasn’t, but I thought I was fat. I wasn’t. I had a little fat face, but I can see how many things were similar.“
The Shout singer admitted it had been tough mixing family life with her career but said she had been providing comfort via the phone to her grandchildren during lockdown. 
She said: “When I look back at me and my career, getting married, I have one son and I don’t even know how he turned out so well because it’s tough trying to juggle. 
She added: “During lockdown, my granddaughter called me because she was very sad. She said ‘Nana I’m very sad because I can’t see the friends I want to and Teddy (her little brother) has got it easier’. Anyway,  I made her laugh and it was better for a minute because I make up all sorts of conspiracy theories and tell her not to tell anyone. She laughs at me and I say ‘Don’t tell anyone I said that, because you know I’m crazy, but we don’t want everyone to know.’ It broke my heart.”

Tuesday 28 July 2020


Beverley Lyons 
ROCHELLE and Marvin Humes ended up celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary by snuggling in their hotel room watching Pretty Woman in ‘rainy’ Glasgow after they had to make a BBC Scotland TV show here. 
The couple were unrecognisable as they wore masks to cross Bells Bridge and posed in front of the city’s Armadillo and squinty Bridge as they made their way back to their hotel from the BBC building where they’ve been recording episodes of The Hit List.  
Pregnant Rochelle had spent the day managing to bathe her weary feet in a bubbling foot spa in between shows. 
Wearing a mask printed with Rochelle’s face on it as he walked, Marvin joked: “Hi guys it’s Roche here on her anniversary.”
He added: “So usually we’d be somewhere like Ibiza on our anniversary celebrating but we are here taking a lovely stroll in the rain and wind, but this is it, this is it, isn’t it, it’s real, you know what I mean?”
Rochelle added: “Listen you’ve got to take the good with the bad babe - that’s marriage.”
Posting an Instagram picture of herself and Marvin eating mango and tangerines in the rain on the the bridge Rochelle later wrote: “What are we doing tonight for our Wedding Anniversary I hear you ask. We have just wrapped and are off to our room for snacks. Rock and Roll.”

Later on she posted a video of a shirtless Marvin lying in bed eating organic seaweed crisps and watching Pretty Woman on their laptop with the message: “This I why I love you.”
Marvin, who was clearly in a romantic mood also wrote: “Eight years ago today I married the woman of my dreams..we said I do in beautiful settings surrounded by our loved ones..I’m so proud of us for every year since that day..we have two beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way..I couldn’t wish for anything have given me everything I could ever want and more Rochelle Humes today is about our love and celebrating the vows we took and we meant every single complete me and I will love you forever..ok gushing post over lol..I can’t wait for tomorrow and everyday for the rest of our lives..Happy Anniversary Mrs soul mate.”

Wednesday 22 July 2020


TEXAS singer Sharleen Spiteri has admitted she is a proud mother after her daughter Misty Kyd was chosen to model for fashion house Miu Miu. 
Seventeen year old Misty,  whose father is magazine editor Ashley Heath, was picked by the stylish Italian clothing label to take part in their latest global campaign. 
Misty debuted with the brand, which is owned by Prada and has headquarters in France, at their Paris fashion week show in March just ahead of lockdown alongside models including Gigi Hadid. 
She is now signed with Viva models who have offices in Paris, London and Barcelona and count models Kirsty Hume and Stella Tennant on their board of faces as well as Charlotte Rampling and Juliette Binoche, amongst their celebrity talents.   
Her latest model pictures form part of the latest Miu Miu advertising campaign Close, a collection of visual studies on the theme of proximity, taken by photographer Liz Collins.
A thrilled Sharleen, who is a fan of the brand and attended the opening of their flagship store in London in 2012, shared the new images of Misty with her followers on Instagram saying: “How they grow up. Misty Kyd really proud mum @miumiu.”
The Glasgow born I Don’t Want A Lover singer received congratulatory messages from a plethora of famous friends including Mary McCartney and Sadie Frost who said: “So cute liccle Misty.”
Claudia Winkleman also told her: “So beautiful”.
Misty describes herself as enthusiastic, energetic, ambitious and a lover of music from the late 90s to early 2000’s on her model profile. She also says she’d like to own Christ In Limbo by Bosch and would like to be Boudicca if she could choose to be any historical figure. 
She is a fan of Harry Styles and posted a picture of the two of them hanging out in Camden Town at a gig saying “Recent with my man hazza”. 
Following her Miu Miu runway debut she said: “All I can say is wow. What a way to finish off Paris fashion week! Such an honour to debut with such an amazing show @miumiu ! Such a lovely team behind this show.”
She also put up a picture of herself backstage with clips in her hair saying: “If only I’d known a week later I’d be going into isolation.”

Tuesday 21 July 2020


PENNY Lancaster literally brought home the bacon to Rod Stewart after borrowing two miniature pigs from a friend. 
The model and Loose Woman panellist has recently been showing off her wild garden in the Essex home she shares with Rod and their two children. 
Penny, 49,  who has just returned from a holiday in Croatia with Rod was keen to see if micro pigs as they are known would fit in with the rest of their menagerie including their Labradoodle Blondie who she and Rod adopted from Battersea Dogs home, other Labradoodle Lily and two free range hens she was given by a friend in February ahead of lockdown. 
So Penny asked one of her friends if she could try them out to see how easily they would adapt to their lifestyle at the £4.65 million home. 
As she was pictured feeding one alongside her youngest son Aidan she told fans: “We have borrowed two miniature pigs for a trial date.”

After giving the ‘thirsty boys’ some drinking water and letting them forage in the garden, she decided it was time to let them inside the house.  
She invited one of the pigs to try out her living room where it appeared to enjoy a pile of Homes and Gardens magazines alongside a caption saying: “It’s a pigs life.”
Micro Pigs are incredibly intelligent and are considered the fourth most intelligent animal in the world. They are quick and willing to learn and are said to be less expensive to keep than cars or dogs. They are also considered to be hypoallergenic meaning they are less likely to cause animal related allergies.
Rocker Rod, 75, whose songs include First Cut Is The Deepest, and once sang about having it off with the farmer’s daughter in the track Almost Illegal, was nowhere to be seen during the trial but he is partial to a bacon sandwich so who knows if they will stay Forever Young. 
One things for sure, if they do decide to stay they will have to become Celtic fans like the rest of his pets. 

Four Rod songs that pigs might enjoy 
Hot Trotters (legs) 
Do Ya think I’m Sow-xy 
Some Swines Have All The Luck
I don’t want to Grunt/ Snout about it. 


RANGERS icon Ally McCoist gave singer Amy Macdonald his stamp of approval after she bought a bright true blue £165,000 Lamborgini.
This Is The Life chatttopper Amy, who is a staunch Rangers fan, couldn’t wait to show off her brand new purchase for fans as she made her way to the recording studio to lay down tracks for her forthcoming album. 
And the singer, who is married to Partick Thistle player Richard Foster who also used to play for Rangers and fellow blues St Johnstone, received a special message from Coisty after she posted a picture of it on Instagram. 
He wrote: “Beautiful car and superb choice of colour.”
Fans agreed it was the perfect colour and Amy then admitted she’d entrusted Richard Foster to pick up her new baby - because she was too busy in the studio. 
She said: “My new car has arrived. For people who are not into cars you don’t get it I understand but for people, and I know I have got loads of followers who love cars and are pure petrolheads this is for you. My new car a beautiful beautiful Lamborgini Urius has arrived and I’m in the studio all well. I’ve got to do the work to pay for the rewards. I am trusting my husband to go and pick my car up. I have lost the plot.”

Friday 17 July 2020


LOVE Island winner Paige Turley has revealed that telly bosses had to cover up her bruises when she posed in a bikini for the show - at the same time as her famous ex Lewis Capaldi released a celebrity sing along video for his own song Bruises.  
The Fauldhouse born singer is flying high on the top ten on iTunes after releasing her first single on Thursday night - a dance cover of Artful Dodger’s track Movin Too Fast. 
She revealed that she was making her own bruises like ex Capaldi in December when she was heading to South Africa for Winter Love Island. 
She said: “Funny story - it was my works night out in December  and we ended up going to Subby after it. I was pished by the time I was heading in. So I fell and had a huge bruise on the side of my leg on my arse and I had my Love Island shoot three days later. They had to put make up on this massive bruise on the side of my arse.” 
Paige added: “I saw that about the Sub club maybe closing  - that’s a shame if it does shut.”
During a chat to promote her new song Paige also revealed why she and Finn moved to a Manchester rather than London to share a house together. 
She said: “Finn is from Milton Keynes so it was either London or Manchester just for work stuff but I think London was just a bit too far. And the prices in London and stuff are just shocking comparison to Scotland. Manchester is like a mini London with all the bars and a lot of the fashion brands are Manchester based. To be fair Callum who was in the villa with us sold us the dream.”
As well as making him watch Scottish viral videos and Still Game she has also been schooling Finn on the GBX dance show. 
She said: “I’ve been teaching Finn the ways of like GBX so come Friday you hear him.He’s loving it he’s like come on Georgie boy give us a shout out in his English accent.”

Thursday 16 July 2020


JAMES McAvoy and his glamorous partner Lisa Liberati have finally managed to move into a big new house in London following lockdown. 
Glasgow born James and Philly born Lisa jet between London and the States where Lisa also works as a social media manager for a Pennsylvanian estate agent app.
The couple have been in a relationship since 2017 when James met Lisa, then a production assistant, on the set of Split where he held a starring role. 
According to reports,  James who was married to actress Anne Marie Duff, mother to his child Brendan, was in the process of separating from her after an eleven year marriage. 
James spent lockdown with Lisa at his ‘small’ London apartment.
During isolation, James showed off Lisa’s cake and donut making skills on his Insta account.  
He has now revealed that the couple had all their belongings packed up in a spare room in April and have eventually managed to move to a bigger house in London now that lockdown is over. 
He said: “We are in London and it’s all good. We’ve just moved into a nice, slightly bigger house but we were in a tiny flat before. Round about April we built a makeshift studio in my spare bedroom. Our only spare bedroom which was full of moving stuff was rammed and just full of this James made recording studio.”
James and Lisa had were spotted strolling hand in hand and looking at London properties including a £3.5 million house in September last year. 
It is thought that the couple had intended to move around April in conjunction with James birthday celebrations but were held up due to government Covid restrictions. 
James gave a glimpse of his new property‘s high vaulted and embossed ceilings and white walls when he appeared on The Jimmy Fallon show. 

Sunday 12 July 2020


SIR Billy Connolly has posed with a new dog he has adopted through lockdown - and his wife Pamela Stevenson says the pampered pooch’s favourite place to hide is inside his shirt. 
Pamela posted up the latest picture of Glasgow born comedian Billy on Twitter with his latest fur baby as she let fans know that he was safe and well despite Coronavirus hitting all over the world. 
Billy, 77, who is at his home in Australia looked relaxed and healthy as he wore a black T-shirt and shade and showed off his tattooed arms in the sunshine. 
He lovingly held Rascal who is said to be a toy poodle or chipoo with an injured leg. 
Pamela wrote: “Billy’s brave new pal. That broken leg is not stopping him for a second...“
The picture of cuteness attracted so many comments from fans of the funny man. Many asked after his health following his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2013.
Pamela followed up by telling them: “Thanks for all your questions! Replies: Yes Billy is doing well and staying safe thank you!
No idea on the breed. Toy Poodle maybe Chipoo? - name is Rascal. Likes resting inside Billy’s teeshirt.”
Rascal, who was compared to a teddy bear by Pamela's followers, is the latest furry addition to Billy’s home. In a similar post in November, Billy was seen with another pooch in his arms and Pamela told followers online: “Billy just adopted a rescue pal! The savage beast is called Lincoln.”
The picture of Billy and his new puppy is the first since coronavirus lockdown and comes after the comedian reportedly said in March that he wasn’t concerned over Covid 19. 
He said at the time: “It’s very weird. It seems like it’s not really happening. I’m not concerned. Maybe I would if there were screeching up the street or people were grabbed and hustled away. I don’t know what is going on. Everybody seems bewildered. Even the experts seem bewildered on the telly.”

Thursday 9 July 2020


NOTHING beats a great music festival and theshowbizlion.con is gutted that TRNSMT Festival isn’t happening this year in its fully immersive form. 
We are thrilled to say that the innovative peeps behind the fest have come up with something that is music to our ears, 
On what should have been one of the biggest weekends in the UK’s festival calendar, TRNSMT Festival have announced a weekend of non-stop festival fun as fans mark the upcoming festival weekend. Determined to give TRNSMT fans a festival experience this weekend, ‘TRNSMT AT HOME’ will kick off on the TRNSMT Festival Facebook and YouTube pages at 5pm on Saturday 11th July featuring exclusively ‘made at home’ content from TRNSMT acts including Fontaines D.C, The LaFontaines, Joy Crookes, Dylan John Thomas, The Ninth Wave, Luke La Volpe,  Kawala, Charlotte, Spyres and more. Following this stream, BBC Scotland will air a TRNSMT Takeover on Saturday 11th July at 9pmfeaturing highlights from the festival’s star-studded history including Biffy Clyro, Lewis Capaldi andRadiohead.
After marking the 2020 festival weekend in style - whatever the weather! - fans can now look forward to TRNSMT 2021 with acts including Courteeners, Liam Gallagher, Lewis Capaldi, Ian Brown, Foals, Rita Ora, Sam Fender, Snow Patrol and more set to make sure the 2021 edition is worth waiting for.
TRNSMT 2021 tickets are on sale NOW via – WWW.TRNSMTFEST.COM
Fans can purchase via Tickmaster's payment plan deposit scheme, securing their 2021 ticket from just £33 (+fees) on their payment, followed by two more instalments. Visit Ticketmaster for more info. 
TRNSMT will be premiering a ‘TRNSMT AT HOME’ stream, hosted by presenter Laura Boyd. The stream will feature exclusive content from some of the most exciting artists set to perform at TRNSMT 2021 plus some TRNSMT alumniStreaming from 5pm on Saturday 11th July on Facebook and YouTube, fans can expect performances from the likes of Fontaines D.C, Vistas, The LaFontaines, Joy Crookes, Dylan John Thomas, The Ninth Wave, Luke La Volpe,  Kawala,  Rascalton, Aaron Smith, Another Sky, Voodoos, Tamzene,  Charlotte and Spyres. The chance to catch some of the best stars in the music scene, ‘TRNSMT AT HOME’ will feature some outstanding musical performances as a taster of the festival’s return to Glasgow Green in 2021.
The festival fun doesn’t stop there - TRNSMT Takeover on BBC Scotland, hosted by presenter and DJ Edith Bowman, will feature highlights from some of the most iconic performances from previous years, on what would have been Saturday night at TRNSMT 2020Edith will present a three-hour long highlight show from TRNSMT’s star-studded history as fans tune in for performances from all three years of the festival, including Biffy Clyro, Lewis Capaldi and Radiohead. Keeping festival spirits high in the comfort of their very own home, fans can tune in from 9pm on Saturday 11th July to BBC Scotland and iPlayer for the very best of TRNSMT.
Entertaining the nation on what is normally one of the biggest weekends in the UK’s festival calendar, TRNSMT has something for everyone this weekend and fans should stay tuned to the festival’s social channels for even more activity #TRNSMTATHOME
The full list of acts announced for TRNSMT 2021 are:

Friday 9th July features Courteeners, Ian Brown, Sam Fender, Blossoms, Yxng Bane, Inhaler, House Gospel Choir and Sports Team on the Main Stage while Little Simz, Joy Crookes, The Lathums, The Regrettes, Red Rum Club andShambolics play the King Tut’s Stage. Playing the River Stage are The Ninth Wave, Voodoos, Gallus, Another Sky, The Mysterines, and One Nine.

Taking to the Main Stage on Saturday 10th July is Liam Gallagher, Foals, Keane, AJ Tracey, Twin Atlantic, Beabadoobee, Picture This and Vistas, and on the King Tut’s Stage is Jimmy Eat World, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Dylan John Thomas, The Murder Capital, Georgia, Miraa May and Mike McKenzie. On the River Stage; Orla Gartland, Rascalton, Pip Blom, The Hara, Vukovi, Spyres, and St Martiins.

Bringing the festival to a close on Sunday 11thJuly, the Main Stage line-up includes Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol, Rita Ora, Amy Macdonald, Declan McKenna, Jay1 and Sea Girls, while the King Tut’s Stage will feature Loyle Carner, Joesef, Ash, Ryan McMullan, Ms Banks, Kawala, Lyra and Tamzene. Playing the River Stage are Saint PHNX, Chloe Moriondo, Aaron Smith, Charlotte, David Keenan, Luke La Volpeand Sara ‘N’ Junbug.
Tickets for the 2021 festival are available to buy from WWW.TRNSMTFEST.COM.