Friday 31 July 2020


LULU wishes she had been authentic and honest when she was younger instead of trying to hide her real feelings. 
The 71 year old Scots singer who grew up in Glasgow’s  Dennistoun claims she was too scared to reveal anything about her personal feelings when she was younger. 
She also claimed she felt God-like because she felt the pressure to provide for her family. 
In a chat with BBC presenter Fearne Cotton on her Instagram, Lulu said: “You’re now at an age where things have changed. You’re so open and you’re so authentic. I don’t think I was brave enough in those days to open up and say the things I wanted, that were going on with me. I didn’t even know what was going on with me. It’s such a change from when I was young.“
Lulu went on to say that she often thought she ‘was God’ because she had to provide for her family. 
She explained: “There was a lot of fear about revealing things cause I was the eldest of four and wanted to take care of everybody and if I didn’t take care of everyone and it didn’t go well for me everyone else would kind of suffer. God, I thought I was God, quite clearly but not consciously, sub consciously. What you’re saying is kind of what I have come to later on in my life, not that I was inauthentic but I was fearful so now I’m really saying my truth and that’s what is so great about now.“
The singer also said she empathised with Fearne's recent comments about becoming bulimic after feeling fat when she compared her self to ‘tiny popstars’. 
She said: “You talked a lot about that food thing and how you would look at these little people you were interviewing and think that you weren’t as good as them and think they were so much thinner or better looking. A lot of that was my story. I was with the rockstars and every one of them, I would hang out with them and their girlfriends would be six foot tall stick thin models and I would think I was, you know I wasn’t, but I thought I was fat. I wasn’t. I had a little fat face, but I can see how many things were similar.“
The Shout singer admitted it had been tough mixing family life with her career but said she had been providing comfort via the phone to her grandchildren during lockdown. 
She said: “When I look back at me and my career, getting married, I have one son and I don’t even know how he turned out so well because it’s tough trying to juggle. 
She added: “During lockdown, my granddaughter called me because she was very sad. She said ‘Nana I’m very sad because I can’t see the friends I want to and Teddy (her little brother) has got it easier’. Anyway,  I made her laugh and it was better for a minute because I make up all sorts of conspiracy theories and tell her not to tell anyone. She laughs at me and I say ‘Don’t tell anyone I said that, because you know I’m crazy, but we don’t want everyone to know.’ It broke my heart.”

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