Monday 21 January 2019


HOT Scot Richard Madden admitted he and his family were fans of Paisley’s Vienna’s nightclub on a night out in the States.
Bodyguard star Richard has been seen at the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes in the last week where he picked up an award for Best Actor.
The Elderslie born talent met up with Scots club owner Tony Cochrane ahead of the event and even introduced Tony to his mum and dad to reminisce about Paisley.
Tony told me: “I met Richard along with his mum and dad who were both wearing a wee bit of tartan at Critics Choice Awards. We got chatting and I told him I had clubs in Paisley and around Scotland. When he found out I owned Vienna’s he called his mum and dad over and they talked about how well they knew it. Richard was so excited to talk about Scotland and his roots. ”
You can take the boy out of Elderslie but... you know the rest.
David Tennant is so tickled pink by his brand new gadget at home, he thinks it’s better than a sonic screwdriver.
The Broadchurch and  Doctor Who star who is soon to star in Good Omens on the Beeb told fans at a US convention that he has just acquired a special hot water tap.
The tap allows David to make a cup of tea without boiling the kettle.
He said: “It is the best thing that has ever happened to us. That is a thing of great joy. You don’t have to boil a kettle ever again. The boiling water just comes out of the tap”
Simple things.

I don’t now what I’ve let myself in for but I popped along to Fitness Frontier at Glasgow’s Clydeside for my first ever session with a personal trainer.
Chris Johnston has trained everyone from The Weakest Links Anne Robinson to River City’s Tom Urie and the Miss Scotland girls. Now he’s training me. He told me to take along a banana and bottle of water to the first session and I ended up needing them both. I thought I was semi fit but after one minute of skipping (which turned out to be twenty seconds of getting puffed out) I’ve realised I’m not exactly Rocky. Watch this space.

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