Tuesday 25 August 2020


BBC Scotland Drivetime host John Beattie  was stopped in his car after someone reported him to the police - because they though he was drink driving. 
But John,62, revealed he had been driving from a lookalike bottle of alcohol free beer.
Former rugby union player John, who lives in Glasgow’s west end, had been in holiday in Islay and was making his way back to the city when he was stopped en route at Loch Lomonside by a police car.
The health conscious presenter who also hosts BBC Scotland telly news show The Nine told fans that he’d been seen by someone jumping into his car in Inveraray after being spotted drinking from a beer bottle alongside his fish and chips last night. 
He explained he was driving non alcoholic beer to the two officers who stopped his car but was breathalysed during the incident. 
Posting up pictures of himself getting breathalysed and questioned by the police John said: “After an amazing holiday on Islay. Someone in Inveraray told the police I’d been drinking beer at the harbour last night before jumping back in my car again. They pulled me over blue lights etc on Loch Lomondside..... The reading was zero. I was using up an alcohol free bottle with excellent fish and chips. The lads were ok with me taking the picture. So, back to work today.”

Followers online were quick to reply to John with Jim Newlands saying: “ No big deal having to do a breath test......better safe than sorry. I take it from your tweet you have assumed it was a malicious phone call?”
Indy Oilman added:” U now might feel 1% of what Alex Salmond felt , mind if we call u a drink driver for the rest of your life even if u got off ?”
In 2003 John was chairman of the Scottish government physical activity taskforce to improve the health of the nation through exercise and oversaw a review in 2008, 'Let's Make Scotland More Active'.
Two years ago he was involved in a road accident after being knocked off his bike by a driver who was blinded by sunlight. At the time John feared he had a broken rib and lamented that he should have had a camera on him to capture the accident.
The legal drink drive limit in Scotland is lower than anywhere else in the U.K.
The legal alcohol limit is 50g in every 109ml of blood, and the breath limit is 22mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

Friday 21 August 2020


STILL Game actress Shamshad Akhtar kept up her sense of humour in hospital after she was admitted following a bad fall. 
The seventy year old charity volunteer and campaigner who who played hidden shopkeeper Meena in the BBC comedy stuck her two fingers up to the camera after she was asked to pose wearing her NHS issued nightie and lying in her hospital bed. 
Shamshad, arrived to Glasgow from Lahore when she was 14 years old and taught herself English. 
She got her funny role on Still Game after surviving an abusive relationships and credits Craiglang with giving her a new beginning. 
She donated all of her Still Game wages to help good causes, such as Down’s syndrome after her grandson Mo was born with the condition, is believed to have been taken into hospital around August 9 following her accident. 
Her friend Ross Owen wrote: “Wishing our very dear friend Shamshad Ashraf a speedy recovery after her recent fall. Such a wonderful, kind and selfless lady. Hope you're back on your feet soon mrs xxx.“
Her daughter Anjum Ghani who spoke on her behalf on Facebook said: “Thank u to everyone for ure well wishes, shes still getting further tests done and ill pass all ure messages on to her xx”
Showing off the cards she’d been sent by family and friends, and posting up the picture of her mum swearing to the camera she later wrote: “Getting there slowly but surely. My mums still not able to reply back to her messages but will do so as soon as she is able to. She is responding well to treatment and is feeling much perkier, but still very weak. Thank u all once again.”
Well wishers from as far afield as Canada, New York, Ireland, the Isle of Lewis, and Motherwell sent their love. 
John Paul said: “Get up ya boot ,yir no getting pip. Get well soon shamshad xx love&peace.” And Anjum replied: “ John Paul 不不不不不 thatll make her smile.”
Fan Dave Paton refereed go her screen husband played by Sanjeev Kohli and joked: “Navid's away to pick up an overnight bag but is currently falling down the stairs, and will be in the adjacent bed shortly. Get well soon. X
Steven Nixon added: “I'd watch it if Tam comes in with flowers, won't no where they've come from. Get well Meena x

Sunday 16 August 2020


Pic from Garbage Twitter header 

GARBAGE singer Shirley Manson claims she’s had depression and anxiety through lockdown in a year that has been a real s***show but is excited about her bands 25th anniversary. 
The Edinburgh born singer also thanked everyone from her fans to her bus drivers, pressing plants and runners for looking after her during the course of her career. 
Shirley who is set to release a new album with Garbage in coming months said of lockdown: “Having the time of my life like everyone else. I really shouldn’t complain, but of course, I do. I read a thing today with Michelle Obama talking about low-grade depression and anxiety, and I’m like, “Well, at least I’m in good company.” 
Shirley reckons the Covid 19 Crisis has been like walking through ‘an endless landscape with no hope and no dreams.’
She added: “There is no form to my day whatsoever. We’re in the middle of mixing a Garbage record, so thank God for that. It’s the only thing keeping us sane. I’m cooking a lot, walking the dog a lot. I’m reading a lot, which has been fantastic. I haven’t read this much since I was in adolescence. So that’s been one of the amazing things, I think, about getting time like this. But it’s hard.“
In a chat with Rolling Stone magazine the singer said she was looking forward to ‘a bright future’ with her band. 
She added: “The sad thing is, we were looking at the most fun year we’ve had in quite some time. We’re restructuring our business and changing the way we release records from the way we have in the last eight years. We have a lot of touring lined up, which of course we can’t carry out. We have a new record being mixed as we speak that’s going to come out next year. We’ve got three more songs to go and then we’re done. And then we’ll concentrate on the artwork and start planning for next year. We were really excited. We were talking with our team this morning, and things are still looking hopeful.” 

Friday 14 August 2020


FINLEY Tapp was upset with girlfriend Paige Turley after she managed to wreck the new flooring of their swish new Manchester apartment. 
Paige accidentally ruined the new carpet after she used a pair of curling tongs and left them on the floor. 
Finley said of the burn marks they left on the light grey coloured carpet: “So Paige is not in my good books if I’m honest guys. It’s not good. She’s really really really... yeah guys for everyone asking it’s a burn from a curling iron.”
As Paige protested that it was ‘an accident‘ Finley asked followers if they could suggest any way to repair it.
He added: “So yeah any recommendations on how to get it out would be appreciated.”
Paige also revealed that the two had to get a fan to cool the air of their apartment after describing it as a greenhouse with floor of ceiling windows.

Paige recently revealed on a podcast that she and Finn have had some disagreements while living together. 
She told the Love Hate Club:  “With Finn when he’d get out the shower he’d leave his wet towel on the floor and get ready and that would drive me up the wall. I was like ‘the radiator is right there’. Just fold it up.” 
“I’ve got silver shampoo sent in and Finn with his dark hair was turning a greyish colour and I thought you cheeky b***** . There are so many other shampoos he could use.”
But she added: “He’s good at cooking cause I can’t really cook. He makes a mean Thai curry. I’m like that please don’t make it spicy and I sweat for two days after it but he’s a good cook.”
From Scotland with Love

Monday 10 August 2020


GLASGOW restaurant The Dhabba has come up with a special health boosting Turmeric and Ginger Six Spice Tea to celebrate afternoon tea week. 
The Merchant City nut free North Indian restaurant always tries to introduce innovative new ideas in its menu. 
And the tea which also contains cloves, black pepper, carom seeds, green cardamom, black cardamom and fennel seeds is said to help reduce inflammation, support your immune system, ease pain and reduce nausea. 
The spices which have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, can also aid digestion and leave your breath smelling fresh. 
The bright yellow-orange spice, known as turmeric, has seen a rise in consumer demand over the years – thanks to its scientifically-proven health benefits. Aryuvedic medicine has used turmeric for treatment of pain and inflammatory disorders and now a compound found in this versatile spice, known as curcumin, may also help to eliminate certain viruses according to a recent study published in the Journal of General Virology. 
Owner Navdeep Basi said: “Our tea has been developed to give people an extra boost at this time. We obviously don’t have a cure all for Covid but our Turmeric and Ginger Six Spice blend can give a wee boost to those who have been a bit under the weather or who want to be kind to their system. Since it’s afternoon tea week we thought it was the perfect time to introduce this to our menu and it can be teamed up with starters, main courses or desserts.”
The Dhabba’s Turmeric and Ginger Six Spice Blend is available for £3.95 from this week.
The Dhabba and its South Indian sister restaurant Dakhin is also participating in the governments Eat Out To Help out scheme offering diners up to ten pounds off their meal Monday to Wednesday throughout August.

Monday 3 August 2020


ACTOR Richard Madden has returned to Scotland following his lockdown in LA - and he teased fans with pictures of his countryside retreat, and fireworks - proving he was a real Rocketman.
The Bodyguard and Rocketman actor had been spending isolation in a lavish £20,000 a month LA property with Teen Wolf actor Froy Gutierrez. 
However he has now returned home to Scotland and was seen a few days ago posing in a face mask in front of a pick up truck with fans speculating he had broken down. 
It is believed that Richard is staying in the Blair Atholl area of Scotland, a village in Perthshire known for its rustic stone buildings and scenic landscape. 
Richard who teased fans on Instagram with a picture of himself in front of one of the stately homes and Landrover later showed off a huge rocket in its packet with the caption - what could go wrong? He later let it off at midnight.

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