Friday 14 August 2020


FINLEY Tapp was upset with girlfriend Paige Turley after she managed to wreck the new flooring of their swish new Manchester apartment. 
Paige accidentally ruined the new carpet after she used a pair of curling tongs and left them on the floor. 
Finley said of the burn marks they left on the light grey coloured carpet: “So Paige is not in my good books if I’m honest guys. It’s not good. She’s really really really... yeah guys for everyone asking it’s a burn from a curling iron.”
As Paige protested that it was ‘an accident‘ Finley asked followers if they could suggest any way to repair it.
He added: “So yeah any recommendations on how to get it out would be appreciated.”
Paige also revealed that the two had to get a fan to cool the air of their apartment after describing it as a greenhouse with floor of ceiling windows.

Paige recently revealed on a podcast that she and Finn have had some disagreements while living together. 
She told the Love Hate Club:  “With Finn when he’d get out the shower he’d leave his wet towel on the floor and get ready and that would drive me up the wall. I was like ‘the radiator is right there’. Just fold it up.” 
“I’ve got silver shampoo sent in and Finn with his dark hair was turning a greyish colour and I thought you cheeky b***** . There are so many other shampoos he could use.”
But she added: “He’s good at cooking cause I can’t really cook. He makes a mean Thai curry. I’m like that please don’t make it spicy and I sweat for two days after it but he’s a good cook.”
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