Sunday 12 July 2020


SIR Billy Connolly has posed with a new dog he has adopted through lockdown - and his wife Pamela Stevenson says the pampered pooch’s favourite place to hide is inside his shirt. 
Pamela posted up the latest picture of Glasgow born comedian Billy on Twitter with his latest fur baby as she let fans know that he was safe and well despite Coronavirus hitting all over the world. 
Billy, 77, who is at his home in Australia looked relaxed and healthy as he wore a black T-shirt and shade and showed off his tattooed arms in the sunshine. 
He lovingly held Rascal who is said to be a toy poodle or chipoo with an injured leg. 
Pamela wrote: “Billy’s brave new pal. That broken leg is not stopping him for a second...“
The picture of cuteness attracted so many comments from fans of the funny man. Many asked after his health following his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2013.
Pamela followed up by telling them: “Thanks for all your questions! Replies: Yes Billy is doing well and staying safe thank you!
No idea on the breed. Toy Poodle maybe Chipoo? - name is Rascal. Likes resting inside Billy’s teeshirt.”
Rascal, who was compared to a teddy bear by Pamela's followers, is the latest furry addition to Billy’s home. In a similar post in November, Billy was seen with another pooch in his arms and Pamela told followers online: “Billy just adopted a rescue pal! The savage beast is called Lincoln.”
The picture of Billy and his new puppy is the first since coronavirus lockdown and comes after the comedian reportedly said in March that he wasn’t concerned over Covid 19. 
He said at the time: “It’s very weird. It seems like it’s not really happening. I’m not concerned. Maybe I would if there were screeching up the street or people were grabbed and hustled away. I don’t know what is going on. Everybody seems bewildered. Even the experts seem bewildered on the telly.”

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