Thursday 28 November 2019


Beverley Lyons 
WET Wet Wet have confirmed they are going back into the studio next year to record new songs, but the band admit they have some obstacles to overcome.
The Scottish hitmakers who have sold over 16 million records recently replaced front man Marti Pellow with Liberty X singer Kevin Simm.
Having toured in the last few months, the Sweet Little Mystery band have now confirmed that they are keen to get into the studio and make new tracks – their first misic release since 2013.
Graeme Clarke said: “We want to make new music and I think we all need a kick. It’s important because it’s always been a priority and that’s where I come from. It’s always been about trying to get new music and in this day and age it’s all radically changed. 
I can’t really see us going out on a tour and saying ‘Before we  play any hits, we’re going to play a new album man.’ We wouldn’t get away with that. We have to find a way of doing like what we used to do, of bleeding in new tracks. So for me, I think what’s going to happen is we will write a couple of tunes and will put it out maybe as an extended player an EP. Then maybe we can bring one or two into the set. That would be a way forward.
You know Neil and I have been venturing down. We’ve all been playing. Other musical jobs are up, so now we just need to set a bit of time and just go in and play.”

Graeme said the band will need to balance the old with the new. 
He explained:”If I came in with a 17-year-old get up and said ‘Hey guys how do I look man? It’s going to be pretty daft –that would be silly.‘ You know what I mean. I think in terms of musically we have to be true to the band and be true to who we are and what we are and who we are playing to. That plays a part. It’s exciting to write songs and I’m  excited about writing new music. You want to hear the hits and that’s unfortunately where we are in the musical world. And we can do a bit of that as well and hopefully sneak in a couple of tracks.”
Tommy Cunningham added: “Everyone has got different taste but I think the bottom line is it’s got to have a melody and it has to have structure. It has to make you smile and it has to lift you emotionally. Wet Wet Wet are about emotion so it shouldn’t be too hard a challenge. It shouldn’t be.”
Kevin is also keen to get a taste of Wet Wet Wet album sales. He joked: “I’ve not been party to these 16 million albums sales so at least 300 would be good.”
Neil said: “It’s exciting as well because we’ve got Kevin and we come from a different angle now. It’s something to really  forward to.” 

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