Wednesday 17 October 2018


London born singer Azim will be crying Freedom when he comes to Paisley on October 18.
Azim, who has recently been working with Scots songwriter and producer John McLaughlin  will play the  Bungalow music venue after releasing his new single Freedom on October 12.
Azim who offer up a mix of tracks based on conflict and tension can’t wait to play the Bungalow venue. 

  Having learned the acoustic guitar after Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens made his comeback he has always strived to reflect the reality of London life, encompassing religious or socio-political opposites, or the epic odyssey of a migrant father fleeing war
He said: “Theres so much to being much out there to draw upon, especially since we had Brexit and TrumpI dont want to hide from any of it.”
Azim, who cites his influences as Richard AshcroftNoel Gallagher and Jimmy Hendrixexplained: ”My song Freedom is a depiction of modern life in a big city. My music is my freedom and if people want to go their own way freedom belongs in their hands.”
“I know how important the word Freedom is in Scotland so I’d love people to come along to the night and embrace it.”

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