Wednesday 5 May 2021


SCOTS band The Ronains received a touching message of encouragement from Hollywood star Peaky Blinders and Guardians of The Galaxy actor Tommy Flanagan during mental health awareness week. 

Tommy who also played an alcoholic with mental health issues in hit crime drama Sons of Anarchy, has been following the Clydebank band for the past year and has championed their work. 

The Braveheart actor sent bass player Jim, singer Debbie, drummer Linzi and guitarist LP a message of support after they let him hear their brand new single, a powerful cover of Flower of Scotland which they are releasing on Friday May 21.

The track is available for 79p on preorder now from iTunes and Amazon and the band are hopeful it will chart. 

Tommy,  who has been filming the new series of Peaky Blinders in Chicago, as well as new series of Tower sent the band a message after bass player Jim told him he was finding the music business difficult during lockdown.

Tommy wrote: “Life’s highs will be overshadowed by the sometimes overwhelming lows. But the clock keeps ticking. 

“Time will reveal the why the who the wtf. If what you’re doing brings you love and joy end of, you win!

“Do not give up! Adjust and reset when required. ‘Hard work and heartache’ life of an artist. Enjoy the highs when they come.

“Few people want to see you succeed, no matter what they say.
Beware of that s***e!
You guys got tons of talent. Keep doing the work. You’re going to get to wherever ‘there’ is.
Best TF.”

Bass player Jim Reid said: “Tommy is one of my favourite actors and I've watched him in everything from Braveheart and Guardians of The Galaxy to Sons of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders.  I’m a huge fan. It’s a deep message he sent us. I’d told Tommy that I was finding lockdown hard as a musician and he wrote this incredible letter of encouragement."

The band have been playing their version of Flower of Scotland at live gigs for a while but decided to record and release it to reflect the recent achievement in Scottish sport.

Jim said: “We recorded a powerful rocky verson of Flower of Scotland because we wanted to celebrate the success of the national football team and reaching the World Cup qualifiers for the first time in 26 years. 

“The Scottish rugby team have done well and boxer Josh Taylor is fighting in Las Vegas for our country too.

We are proud of our Scottish roots and this song means everything to us.”

Singer Debbie, whose soaring vocals feature in the song, added: 'It's quite terrifying taking on such a huge, Iconic song, but if you don't reach for the sky you'll never be amongst the stars.”

The song is available for Pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes by clicking on the 2 links below.

AMAZON ➡️ - 79p

ITUNES ➡️ 69p

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