Monday 14 March 2016


LORRAINE Kelly reckons there is no point to exercise unless you love it - though she's not sure if football is ticking all her boxes right now.
The morning telly queen has slimmed down and toned up recently thanks to zumba classes and she believes everyone should keep fit in a way they enjoy.
 Lorraine who was a host at the recent Sunday Post Broons awards in Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel said: "I have lost weight and toned up doing zumba and found an amazing instructor Maxine Jones who helps me. I go to two classes a week and love it . You have to find exercise you love otherwise there is no point and you will not do it."
 Lorraine might be based in London every week but she admits she comes back to Scotland most weekends now - sometimes to watch her beloved Scots footie team play.
She said: "I'm just doing the show and enjoying myself and just love it. I always come home at the weekends, almost every weekend, usually to see Dundee United which at the moment is not doing great but will get better. The only way is up when you're at the bottom".

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