Tuesday 1 March 2016


SANDI Thom is insisting on a natural birth for her first child with hubbie Matt Benson. The Punk Rocker star, who is due to give birth any minute, refused to be induced by doctors 
She told her online followers: "Still here!! Said no to induction. Baby will come when baby is ready!"
Sandi who is releasing her new album in just a few weeks time, took up running to ensure her body wouldn't get too out of shape with her pregnancy.
She has also prepared for the birth by taking up the unusual practice of  hypnobirthing.
Sandi who has been going through the process with  founder of KG hypnobirthing Katharine Graves.explained: " I can safely say it's the best thing I ever did. Not only do you learn everything you would have learned in an antenatal class but you're also equipped with some wonderful relaxation techniques to help guide you through your labour and a greater understanding of exactly what is going on inside your body at the time.
The process replaces words like contraction with words like wave and surge.
Sandi added: "Basically before I go to bed, Matt reads one of several relaxation visualisations whilst combining that with his touch. It may be that he strokes my hand, my forehead or my abdomen. I simply relax myself and let my subconscious mind soak in every word he says. 
Eventually over time I begin to associate this touch and these visualisations with pure relaxation so when I do go into labour it is the quickest and most effective way to send me into a deep relaxed state. Being in this state of mind will then trigger my body to go into the same state, as body always follows mind and if my body is relaxed, it is open and soft and my uterine muscles will open quicker and more effectively with less pain and discomfort."

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