Saturday 12 March 2016


WITH a name like Wet Wet Wet, you'd expect a little bit of er dampness, and there were definitely some tears (what else?) at a gig that was classed as the band's homecoming in Glasgow's SSE Hydro.
Clydebank's Marti Pellow, Graeme Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Graeme Duffin and Neil Mitchell gave the crowd exactly what they wanted and looked like they received as much back in return as they entertained on the ultimate Saturday night.
 Marti may have suffered a sweet little mystery of an illness just days before but there was no sign of fatigue in his voice as he showcased his smooth vocals during a gig that enthralled every one of the crowd.
In parts it was like a massaoke as the audience members sang their favourite parts of each and every hit, but then we all felt like we were part of 'our' band.
Fans clamoured to be invited up on stage by Marti himself and everyone spent the run up to the gig sending in selfies so they'd be the chosen ones for the onstage competition.
Markus Feehily warmed up with a brilliant set which showed off his powerhouse vocals and Marti brought it all to a climax.
The lads had played Glasgow Green in 2013 but the Hydro brought everyone together with songs like Wishing I Was Lucky,  Julia Says and Sweet Little Mystery.
The crowd including Scotland boss Gordon Strachan chanted loudly on the chorus of Goodnight Girl and as an at times emotional looking Marti sang a mash up of Angel Eyes, Temptation, and with A Little Help From My Friends,  they continued to impress as he held his mike out for them all to sing.
After She's All On My  Mind, Marti let us enjoy some of his banter with tales of shooting documentaries at 'Loch Lomondo'  and getting too drunk the night before.
He joked he barely kept down his roll and sausage for a rendition of Roll Um Easy. The band also had a good laugh about the Versace suits they used to wear with a relaxed Marti adding: "Why did you not stop me and say 'Marti, don't wear the crushed velvety number tonight?'"
They might have at one point looked like 'rejects from the Chippendales' but they gave their audience a good laugh and they showed humility by thanking everyone who had helped them put the gig on.
Referencing the homecoming, Graeme Clark also thanked fans adding: "It's great to be back here and understood for a change."
By the time Love Is All Around was performed you could feel it oozing from every single pore.

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