Friday 1 April 2016


THIS is the victorious moment when tennis champ Andy Murray is made to laugh by Little Ant and Dec.
The cute pair try to cheer up the sporting Scot on the Saturday Night Takeaway finale and they manage to get him smiling in their own inimitable way.
Mini Dec says: "My dad says you are sad all the time and you need to cheer up a bit."
A down in the mouth Andy responds: "I'm not grumpy all the time."

Mini Ant then suggests: "I know what will make you happy. Playing football with your mates."
And Mini Dec chirps: "Why don't we tell you a joke?"
Ice cream is also proferred but it's only when the lads tell a rude joke about a bottom that Andy cracks a smile.
Beaming, he concedes: "Never heard that one before."

It's on tonight on STV/ITV at 7pm

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