Thursday 28 April 2016


BRITAIN'S Got Talent's Bailey McConnell reckons splitting from his girlfriend has given him the motivation to write even better music.
The 17 year old talent has been writing new material for his album and was in Glasgow this week touring with The Brooks twins at the Classic Grand.
He said: " I've been writing in the studio and trying to play my song and make it sound amazing and get on stage in Glasgow and show my tracks."
He added: "I've been through a few things that have spurned me onto writing songs. I was at school and stuff and just split up with my girlfriend and that. I guess I'm single now. It was quite a while to be fair."
Of the new tracks, he said: "My music is deeper and darker and if I have to describe a genre I'd say it's like Zane, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran mixed up."
"You just need the motivation to do what you love especially when you can turn a tough experience into something crazy like a song or dance. I aspire to have that quality and like seeing it in others."

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