Friday 27 May 2016


MICHELLE McManus got together with her old panto mates The Krankies, ex Celtic striker Frank McAvennie and former Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram for a new Euro 2016 TV advert.
The former Pop Idol winner who has just got engaged was asked by Paddy Power to sing old football anthem Vindaloo in the new 60-second video promo which pokes fun at Scotland for not being in this summer’s tournament.

It urges the Scots to put their thumb-twiddling time to good use by “betting on England."
During the ad which will be shown tonight in the Champions League final, the odd squad march through the Highlands drizzle, chanting defiance and proclaiming the fact that they don't care that Scotland isn't there, because they'll be betting on England to lose.

Michelle said: “When Paddy Power asked me if I wanted to trudge through the highlands, singing in the rain, with The Krankies and the Loch Ness Monster I just couldn't say no! I’m a massive football fan and seeing as us Scots aren’t at the Euros this summer it was the perfect way to show the world we can still have a laugh about it. I can't wait for the competition to kick off next month."

Paddy Power added: “Working with some of Scotland’s finest talent was a dream come true and we’re just hoping they don’t get their kilts in a twist over it. In all seriousness our aim was to give the tartan army something to cheer about this summer, and betting on England to lose seemed like a great idea.”

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