Sunday 31 July 2016


MARC Almond has hit back at the haters who claim he 'murdered Bowie' after he performed two of the legend's songs at the BBC Proms.
The Soft Cell singer who bumped into at Rewind festival in Perthshire's  Scone  Palace just last weekend, defended himself after some claimed he sang out of tune and forgot his words on David Bowie's Starman and Life On Mars.
He said: "Well if you're given two untouchable iconic classics to sing with totally new arrangements, you have to expect the flak. Stumbling over one word due to sound and nerves in LOM becomes forgetting all the words and singing COMPLETELY out of tune! Love Twitter."
He added: "I'd rather listen to Musical experts than some musically ignorant obsessed Bowie Fan and people who just have a problem with me period."
"Apparently I'm not a true Bowie fan and have no respect for him or his songs and let down the whole event. Oh please Give me strength.
That's why Tony Visconti Bowies friend and Producer asks me to sing at his Bowie shows."
The unusual versions of the songs he sang were arranged by Scottish Album of The Year winner Anna Meredith.

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  1. I have the greatest respect for Marc Almond. I have loved his Soft Cell and many solo/collaborations but that said his performance simply did not work. We, the fans choose to purchase and listen to Bowie because of what we HEAR and ENJOY not because we want some alternative 'take' , 'interpretation' or off key vocals. More thought should have been given to the fans expectations.

  2. I like both Bowie and Almond. I wonder if I can share some of their songs via data room services ? I know that I can use them for business but don't know what with personal use.