Tuesday 15 November 2016


JUSTIN Bieber's dog Esther has become an even bigger favourite with Scots fans after she posted that she was 'missing Scotland' on her own Instagram account.
Esther the pup accompanied Justin on his visit to Scotland and was seen roamin in the gloamin as he spent time at his Perthshire residence.
Esther is a smaller black and brown Yorkshire terrier who is Justin's newest puppy.
She has more than 730,000 followers online on her account estherthecutie and has only posted 83 times since April 2015.
Last night around eleven pm, just after Justin came off stage in Germany, the cute little doggy who tends to reflect what Justin thinks admitted she would love to return to Scotland.
As she posted up a pic of herself with her famous daddy taken at the walls of Kinross House she wrote: "Missing Scotland."
Fans have gone wild following her latest comment.
Samya said: "And we miss you Justin, come back."
Natalie Rosie added: "Scotland misses you!!."
And Scottishbelieber1994 said: "Your more than welcome to come back Esther."

Excerpts of this article appeared in The Sun

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