Sunday 18 December 2016


BEING handcuffed and locked in a room with five other people might be the stuff of nightmares- but for it was the essence of our dreams.
Not that we're into bondage orgies or anything too sinister, but the thrill seeker in us absolutely loved every minute of our hour long ordeal at Glasgow's Escape Reality.
Situated in the bowels of the Merchant city - across 4,000 square feet of the underground vaults of the city’s Merchant Square to be precise - the premium escape experience offers punters something a bit different from the usual pre-club activity.

Open from 12pm during the week and 10:30am weekends until 10:30pm the experience boasts several themed rooms, with varying levels of difficulty, to choose from.
Daredevils can attempt to escape from the tremendously tricky Alcatraz, face Jack the Ripper in Murder in Whitechapel, or work out the mind-boggling puzzles in the Jumanji-inspired Jungala. We ended up in the scary Enigmista room which in told is like the horror film Saw, with its blood stained walls and other delights and our hearts raced as we tried to solve a variety of puzzles to escape from a potential death (obviously they don't actually kill you).

It's scary stuff that makes your brain work that wee bit harder and once you've tried it you won't be able to stop returning. It's just as well they have around 60 different games for you and your pals to try...
They've also got a private bar if you need some Dutch courage before or after.

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