Tuesday 6 December 2016


HE might be an unlikely sex symbol but Still Game's Tam Mullen has appeared on dating site Plenty Of Fish.
The Criaglang pensioner might be attached to librarian Francis but that hasn't apparently stopped him advertising his wares online.
We're not sure if the cheeky punter who put up his pic on their profile has had much success in the pulling stakes yet but at 70 Tam who is a hospital DJ isn't exactly the ideal date material as his miserly ways mean you'll be the one paying for the drinks.
One time he even pretended he had bad arthritis which prevented him getting his hand into his pocket.
As a pal of Jack, Victor and of course Winston he has a solid group of pals but don't expect big night out - he likes to spend time in the pub and the bookies.
Actor Mark Cox who plays the character claims he had nothing to do with the dating profile but he joked: "Smashing-Get him Pumped!"

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