Wednesday 18 January 2017


JAMES Cosmo was almost named the most well endowed star in the Celebrity Big Brother house after the girls started debating who had the biggest willy.
After Chloe asked which guy in the house might be carrying the biggest weapon, as the girls gossiped in the bedroom, Stacy said: "You know who I think might be stacking and he might be a little on the downlow about it? He might be married but for some reason I think James has got a little something going on."
As the camera focused on James Cosmo who was oblivious to the chat and doing the washing up, a surprised Chloe replied: "A big one? James who looks like Santa?"
Stacy replied in hysterics: "No, not that James, the other James."
The girls breathed a collective sigh of relief as they giggled away.
The talented Scotsman who was Lord Commander Mormont in Game Of Thrones was in a playful mood as he clambered over Coleen Nolan in the bed and jokingly suggested the first Big Brother threesome with James Jordan who also lay there.
As James Jordan was later evicted Cosmo also joked: "I can swerve better than Ronaldo."

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