Thursday 30 March 2017


DEACON Blue fans caused a revolt in a Glasgow cinema when ushers repeatedly told them to sit down during a film about the band.
The Scots group were airing the world premiere of their Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands documentary at Glasgow Film Theatre when some people in the audience tried to get up and dance.
As one woman got on her feet to the song Wages Day in the warehouse cinema, strict ushers attempted to get her to sit down only to be met with a wave of loud boos before the rest of the crowd got up from their seats in defiance in time for the anthem Dignity.
The cinema ended up like a mini version of the legendary Barrowlands venue without the spilled pints.
Following the showing, a thrilled Ricky Ross who admitted he was initially sceptical about the event said: "Seeing the audience reaction in the cinema was amazing. I remember years ago going to see Gandhi at the Odeon down the road and I'd never been to a film where they clapped at half time and at the end.
A friend of mine said at the time:'You were obviously never at the pictures on a Saturday morning. It was like that every Saturday when they were at the Western.".
Singer Lorraine Macintosh who is also married to Ricky added: "l've just watched Deacon Blue in concert for the first time. It was a very bizarre experience sitting there and during half of it, well most of it, I was looking at it through my finger's then I realised we're actually at a Deacon Blue gig tonight. I loved it. I'm not sure if I'd pay for it but I loved it."
Drummer Dougie Vipond added: "You've probably noticed Jim Prime isn't here. We could make something up but the truth is actually better. His mum is looking after his dog tonight so he had to get back and take his dog for a walk.
He added: "I think it was really important for us to play a gig in the Barrowlands because we finished in 1994 with a gig in the Barrowlands so it was a hugely emotional evening for all of us. It was a great night but I remember being in the dressing room beforehand in floods of tears so to go back it was hugely important."

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