Monday 26 June 2017


CHEATING Glow star Brian Matthews was left literally teetering on a knife edge after his on off girlfriend Victoria Obahor got her revenge on his wicked ways with a horrific circus stunt.

Unwitting Brian had been invited down to Zippos circus tent at Glasgows Victoria Park by his fed up missus who suggested he might like to try out some clowning for the day.

But Brian's fun day out soon turned into his scariest experience yet when Victoria admitted she'd arranged for the love rat to have burning knives thrown at him.

The former footballer and Kavalii nightclub owner didn't want to appear like a coward so went through with the daring stunt while knife thrower Toni Novotony happily took some pot shots at him on her behalf.

Before he took to the wheel Victoria gave him a 'last kiss' as a woeful looking Brian said: "Mum, dad, I love you all."

Asked if he had any final confessions he wanted to make he added: "No I don't have long enough."

Toni from the Czech Republic and his wife Nikol spun a sick looking Brian round on a wheel while a giggling Victoria watched on.

After the nerve wracking stunt, womaniser Brian who was pictured in bed with lottery winner Jane Park just two months ago vowed he'd think twice about cheating on Victoria.

The normally suave lothario was decidedly flustered as he was helped down from the wheel. He said : "I'm dizzy. That was scary. I don't know how you can do that every night. Those burning. knives were close, a bit too close. I felt every knife. I don't know if I was sweating or if it was the heat from them. I need to sit down. You definitely got your own back with that. I'm shaking. I'll never be a lad again now."

Victoria who has previously shaved off Brian's treasured beard after his indiscretions, said: "I've got my own back now for all the stuff you've done to me. I think were quits now. Sorry."

Knife thrower Toni who used his grandfathers knives for the stunt admitted he had been nervous afterwards. He said: "Brian was really nervous. I could feel it. I was also nervous because it was a different person than my wife. He was taller too."

In an added twist Victoria caught the eye of one of the Lucius Troupe who perform inside the Globe of Death on motorbikes.

Feeling guilty for what she did to Brian she agreed to go inside the globe while two riders whizzed around inside it. She said afterwards: "I set Brian up but was roped into the Globe of Death too. It was a near death experience too but thankfully we have both survived."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Sun.

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