Sunday 19 November 2017


TRAINSPOTTING screenwriter John Hodge says he and the team behind the latest T2 movie fancy making a sequel about the kids of the main characters.

John who just this week picked up a Scottish BAFTA award for best feature, and director fiction as well as Ewen Bremners award for Best actor said:

“There has got to be some progress. We thought there could be a sequel with the offspring, young Begbie, young Spud, Simon’s son that he’s never seen, all getting back together. We’d call it something like Son of Begbie.”

John, who also wrote Shallow Grave, said it would be a challenge and pretty stressful to go back to the characters but one that could bring lots of fun adding: “It was very stressful working the story out in a way that sort of feels true to the character so that it’s not just more of the same. It was lovely getting back into the characters.

Once you’re back inside Begbie’s head he does all the writing for you. I was watching the scene where he is interviewed by the parol officer and the lawyer and I remember looking at it and thinking ‘I don’t even remember that.’

The story was difficult but the scenes were dead easy. Then you think, what would it be like if Begbie has a son and you think ‘That would be fun’.”

In T2, psychopath Begbie’s son is played by seventeen year old Hamilton actor Scot Greenan who said it was a dream come true to work with Danny Boyle and the crew.

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh suggested earlier this year that the saga might not be over yet, saying: “I think there’s probably room for one more kind of Trainspotting -themed film. You never know what’s going to happen with these things.”

John currently says he’s working on several TV and Film projects and throwing mud at a wall to see what sticks.

He said: “I’m trying to write a script for television and one that would be filmed in Scotland but I’m not sure what’s happening with that now. It’s stalled a bit. I wrote a play that we did in London about five years ago, a historical one that we wrote about Stalin and I was going to talk to Armando Iannucci who has just released a film about Stalin about that. I am also rewriting a science fiction film. Anything that seems like a good story.

Political stuff is thrilling and interesting and you just try and follow your interest. You throw all of the scripts out there and most of them never see the light of day.”

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