Monday 25 December 2017


GLOW’S Brian Matthews was left in the doghouse again after buying his on off girlfriend Victoria Obahor a new pup for Christmas.
The reality star who was spotted at the famous Glasgow Barras over the festive season was keen to get Victoria something she really wanted from Santa.
Victoria had asked for a cute four legged friend and Brian decided to wind her up with a model of one instead.
Friends of Brian revealed: “Victoria has been nipping Brian’s ear about getting a cute puppy but he wasn’t about to commit to a dog - particularly when he and Victoria have such a volatile relationship.”
Brian apparently had called Victoria up to tell her he had got her what she wanted but when she saw the actual type of dog he bought her she was less than enamoured.
Brian briefly posted the moment on Snapchat and said: “Well I just bought Victoria a dog forChtistmas. She won’t be scared of this one. It’s a lovely dog.”
He later posted: “She’s been asking me for a dog for ages. She’s not happy with this one.”
The two had apparently fallen out again since his disappointing gift but Brian said last night: “Victoria got a nice big present from Santa’s sack so she wasn’t too disappointed for long.”
Victoria said: “I’m not very happy actually and Brian still has a lot of making up to do but it is the season of goodwill so I’ll try my best to forgive him. Brian’s worse than a dirty dog at the best of times anyway and needs more attention so maybe one mutt is enough for now. Saying that, there’s always Valentines.”
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