Tuesday 13 February 2018


Beverley Lyons
Could this be Scotland’s biggest gluten free pancake? 
Dakhin South Indian restaurant in Glasgow’s Candleriggs will be making loads of the special South Indian crepes this pancake day.
 Known as dosas, they are made from rice, lentil, a little bit of sugar and salt so are gluten free.
They can be filled with mashed potatoes, chicken, lamb, seafood or even ice cream, or other treats for those who like a bit more sugar. 
And although staff reckon they’ll be serving up hundreds this pancake day, the special crepes are available all year round. 
At two to three feet in diameter have you ever seen anything this big? 
Rakesh Kandari from Dakhin said: “Dosas are a very popular dish in South India and only take a few minutes to make. They are maybe a bit big for people to make at home but they are ideal for hungry customers who want something more than the average plateful.”

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