Wednesday 27 June 2018


Katy Perry might be glamorous but she ended up having to scoop up the mess left behind by her pet pooch on the runway as she left Glasgow by private jet .
Katy was departing from Glasgow Airport on her private plane when her poodle Nugget decided to leave Scotland a wee present as she boarded the plane but she decided to pick it up in case it wasn’t appreciated.
Katy was the first big celebrity to enjoy a stay at the newly revamped Blythswood Penthouse - and she even took Nugget there with her.
I’ve taken my own adopted Basset hound Bertie there before and he is treated like a king. He enjoys their scones but they even make special biscuits for doggies who stay there - and have doggy pillows.
Katy checked into the hotel in the wee small hours of Friday morning after arriving in Glasgow straight from Manchester.
Last time she was here she brought her own pillow with her to help her sleep in a new envrionment.
The penthouse with its own roof terrace has two bedrooms and a large living room complete with a hot tub and sauna as I saw at a party earlier this month.
Prices start from £2,500 a night.
Katy walked from there to Taco Bell with some of her crew and was picked up by people carrier at the corner of Sauchiehall Street. Her cars had to drive the wrong way down the street to pick her up after traffic was diverted from the fire.
I met Katy and her tour support Disney Star Hailee Steinfeld who sings the infectious anthem Starving after she and her party hired a private room at the Odeon Cinema to watch a horror movie. It was around one am.
She posed up for pictures and met thrilled Glasgow school girl Ailee Carroll, 16, from Anniesland on her way out.
She’s lost a lot of weight since the last time we met and that’s in part due to her assistant who makes sure she gets a good workout on tour. As you might have seen in some stories she cycled by the Clydeside and actually went by bike from the Blythswood where she was seen saddling up by one of my friends John Brown. 

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